Kings List India By Puranas Validated

Indians believe the Timeline of India’s History as explained by William Jones and his followers, though their theory on the dates assigned to events and persons have been proved to be incorrect by many references and most importantly by archeology.


If one were to mistrust the Hindu scriptures, the Nastika System of jainism which denies the authorit of the Vedas, has provided informationwhich tallies with the timeline and events portayed by the Puranas.


Secondly the Archeological finds dispprove the dates assined by William Jones and others and show that the events and people had happened/lived much before the dates indicated by them


Our history textbooks tell us that Magadha (not Ayodhya) was one of India’s first kingdoms and that Buddha and Mahavira were contemporaries who lived in/ around Magadha around 600 BCE. However, when we visit the sites of India’s so-called earliest centres of civilization (e.g., Sarnath where the Buddha preached his first sermon), we see evidence from the Jain tradition that its earlier Tirthankaras8 were already living in that city hundreds of years ago.9 On top of this, the Jains appear to share the same hoary past as the Hindus do, with their first Tirthankara (Rishabhadeva) believed to be the king of Ayodhya more than 20 generations before Mahavira.

In addition to the Jain tradition, the history preserved in our native chronicles – the Puranas – appears to have some support from archaeology as well. Although most of the sites described in the Puranas are now populated and hence cannot be excavated, the few non-inhabited sites (e.g., Dwaraka) exhibit evidence of ancient civilizations. This begs the question as to whether we should truly discard the traditions preserved in India’s native chronicles or take the trouble to re-examine them in a new light. This essay presents the chronology of India as preserved by its native historians and tests the validity of this chronology when compared to independent accounts of ancient India.


The accepted chronology of ancient India is based on William Jones’s identification of Sandrocottus with Chandragupta Maurya, the first king of the Mauryan empire. This identification serves as the basis for determining the era of Buddha, the dates of the subsequent kings of Magadha and of other kingdoms of India. According to this chronology, Chandragupta Maurya ascended the throne of Magadha around 315 BCE. However, the Puranas as well as Megasthenes’s account of the milieu he lived in present a compelling case for debunking this identification and associating Sandrocottus with Chandragupta I, the founder of the Imperial Guptas. According to the Puranas, Chandragupta Maurya was crowned in 1538 BCE, Ashoka was crowned in 1489 BCE, and Chandragupta I ascended the throne of Pataliputra around 315 BCE in time to be the monarch referred to as Sandrocottus when Megasthenes arrived in Pataliputra in 302 BCE. This essay presents the evidence for this Puranic chronology and aims to resolve other conundrums in Indian history, such as the age of Vikramaditya and Adi Sankara, with this revised timeline.”


Then one has the astronomical data.


This authenticates the Puranic Data.


The problem with the astronomical data is that celestial events occur repeatedly at a fixed intervals and as such the difficulty lies in matching a particular astronomical event with the events described by our Puranas.


Then one has Kalpas, a Kalpa being one day f Lord Brahma, the Creator and He creates 14 Manvantaras.


This crestes additional dificulties to identify the Manvanatara, Kalpa and a particular event.


This one can resove by referring to the Sankalpa being used by the Hindus for every religious  event.


Please read my post Geo Tagging, Sankalpa.


I became curious to check all these because i has found a refernce stating that Satyavrata Manu , the ancestor of Lord Rama migrate from the South to North because of a Tsunami.


He went to Ayodhya and founded the Dynasty called Ikshvaku.


There are five floods recoreded in Indian legends, both in Sanskrit and Tamil.


This we can resolve by matching this information with references found in other texts and by archeology.


The following verified information spurred me to search and arrive at a Kings List of India according to Puranas ans Tamil Classics.


1.Lord Rama’s Date of Birth, Marriage,Exile, Ramayana War.

2.Mahabharata War.

3.Agasthya’s crossing over to South through the Vindhyas.

4.Tamil Classics’s refernce to Tsunamis.

5.The ancestry of Tamil Cholas to Manu and of Pandyas antiquity.

6.The feeding of the armies of Kauravas and Pandavas by a Tamil King, Udiyan Neduncheralaathan.

7.The artifacts and archeological finds of the remnants of Sanatana Dharma throuhout the world.


And the Bhagavata reference to Satyavrata Manu leaving th south for the North because of a Tsunami.


I have posted articles on all these issues,under Hinduism.



List of Kings.


India Kings List.jpg
List of Indian Kings according to Puranas after primay creation. Click to enlarge.


Kings,descendants of Vivasvat.jpg
List of kings in the Vaivasvata (descendants of Vivasvat) Manvantara as stated in the Vishnu Purana.Click to enlarge.


Indian Kings list upto Mahabharata War.jpg.
List upto Mahabharata War.List of kings in the Vaivasvata Manvantara until the Great War as stated in the Vishnu Purana.Click to enlarge
Kings List after Mahabharata War.jpg
List of Kings in Kali Yuga(present Yuga). List of kings in the Kaliyuga (after the Great War) as stated in the Vishnu Purana.Click to enlarge
Second List of Kings after Mahabharata War.jpg
List of kings in the Kaliyuga (after the Great War) as stated in the Vishnu Purana. The Vidisha list is from the Vayu Purana.Click to enlarge.


One may note that the Solar and Lunar dynasties married among themselves.

The list incldes the names of Bimbisara, father of Ashoka.

Reference and citations.


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  1. Prashanth Gudibande Avatar
    Prashanth Gudibande

    SIr, your articles are really interesting. The more I read, I want to know more. I am really fascinated by your works and bringing these facts in front of us. Hats off to you.

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    1. ramanan50 Avatar



  2. Madhu Avatar

    Sir, I bow down my head to the works done by you. I often follow you blog and Im lucky that I found someone who is showing the India’s paradise back in to light by finding out the historical roots with accurate artifacts!

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  3. Ganesan Avatar

    Very Great Effort taken. My Pranams.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Thanks. Regards


  4. Hari Goyal Avatar

    King Bhagirath brought Ganga on Earth but as per list he was born after Harishchandra (10 kings in between). So my question is which river Harishchandra was acting as Chandal (to collect toll to cremate deads)


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Shall write in detail.Regards


  5. Rathi Raj Avatar
    Rathi Raj

    I have tried to create list of kings as given in Mahabharata. There are two lists in separate Chapters, that differs from each other. For example, there are different sets of king-list from Ajamidha, they differ vastly thereafter. I have tried to mach these two, but they become confusing and creating different lines. As for Brahma onwards till Daksha Prajapti, they seem to match with yours.
    May I request you to find time in linking of king-lists as given in Mahabharata too?


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Can you send me your lists? I shall try,Regards


      1. Upadhyay Rathi Raj Avatar
        Upadhyay Rathi Raj

        You almost covered all here what I had taken out from the Mahabharata. Big thanks to you.
        I have a bit more detailed chart prepared by me. Would try to send you.
        I have tried to cover all names as found in MBh. I had to read the Epic in Sanskrit several times for it.


  6. Ben Jackson Avatar
    Ben Jackson

    sir, may I request you a vanshavali of brahmans.
    I realy want to know my past. I also am a Brahman of savarn gotra.
    please sir, I request you.
    and sir please let me know if will or will not help me.
    thank you, pranam.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Will write.Regards.


  7. Upadhyay Rathi Raj Avatar
    Upadhyay Rathi Raj

    I am an ardent researcher of true Ancient Indian History which has been distorted by Jones, Müller, Wilson and several others. I want your posts to play important part in the quest for correcting the Communists and pro-English histories being officially taught today.
    My son who did MA History from Hans Raj, Delhi, too agreed with me but was constrained by the syllabus.


    1. Rahul Sharma Avatar
      Rahul Sharma

      Sir – This is awesome. Can we connect on phone as I need some guidance on TIME/YUG ?


      1. ramanan50 Avatar

        Sure . You may contact me between 11 am and 1 pm and btw 5 and 9 pm IST. No. 9480591538.Regards.


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