Shiva In Kaaba ?

Muslims Worship Shiv Lingam At Mecca Masjid Al Haraam Says Islamic Site,

Prophets Uncle wrote Siva Sthuthi, A Prayer On Lord Shiva,

Sapthapathi of the Marriage ceremony of the Hindus and Navagrahas in Arabia,

Aravasthan is Arabia and some more articles.


Now let us see what a a surreptitiously taken video and an article in a web site run by Pakistani Defense Think Tank say.

Video is below.

One can see an Idol resembling Shiv Linga there.

And watch the Video, and look at the clock for the time of opening the Room.

5.20 to 5.45!

Shivas Pradosha Time!

Widow Remarriage Right To Property Rig and Atharva Veda Verses.

I am pilloried by secular Historians as Being Right, while the traditionalists challenge me for being Liberal and not presenting Vedas in the proper light.

Sri Vaishnavam Date First BC,10000 BC? Ghosundi Inscription

And if we take into account of Lemuria,which is dated around 230 Million years ago and MU civilization abutting Lemuria and Tamil was very much in evidence,we can date these groups to have originated around 200 million years ago.