Piles Jaundice Mental Illness Treatment Temple Hospital Rajaraja Cholan Grandson

Thirumukkoodal Appan,

What is special about Thirumukkodal Hospital is that it was located in the temple and inscriptions state details of donations given by the Chola King to run day today adminstration of the temple.Not only this. The inscriptions detail diseases treated and medicines provided there.

Forging Thirukkural By Christians ,How It was Executed

They unearthed the “originals” of all the photographs produced by Iyer as proof of his research – writings on strips of brown paper cut to resemble medieval palm frond writings, pasted on sheets of white paper.

7000 Year Old Nuclear Shelter In India

Sudhama and Lomasa Rishi Cave entrances.

Yes, these are surprising. Equally astonishing is the information that Atomic explosions had taken place in olden days, during Ramayana period.Despcription matching Post Atomic blast scenes are found when the effects of Brahmastra are described in Indian texts.Etic Von Daniken had described this in his book, the Chariots of Gods. He also propounded the theory that we were visited by Aliens and that our DNA was altered and reprogrammed by the Aliens

Meditation OM Chanting Causes Epilepsy or Cures? Research Study

.Mind is not to be controlled consciously as the more you try to control, the more it would go out of control.So , the technic is to cheat the Mind,as it were, by appearing to go along with it and direct it subtly towards Self Realisation.This may sound gibberish, which it is not

Gandhari Curse To Shakuni Afghanistan ?

Krishna pays a left handed compliment to Sakuni when Krishna went to Duryodhana’s court, before Mahabharata war, to avert it.Krishna even calls Sakuni as Maama,Uncle, saying that they are partners in the scheme of things. Only that Sakuni did not realise that.