Pallavas From Turvasu Dushyant Puru Dynasty, Cholas Cousins

Kulya (Prince of Andhra and whose descendants were Pallavas and Tondai Kings), Chola (Founder of Chola Kingdom and Dynasty), Pandya (Founder of Pandya Kingdom and Dynasty), Kerala (Whose descendants were Cheras) - Because of these kings Dravida Country (Tamil and Sanskrit are the two eyes of this country) was developed.

Uparichara Thodiththol Chola Great grandfather Of Pandavas Founder Chedi Kingdom

The girl was named Matsyagandha which means "the one who smells of fish"; due to her upbringing, she retained this characteristic for a time. She was Satyavati, who later married Shantanu and who was the mother of Sage Veda Vyasa, and thus the great-grandmother of the Pandavas and Kauravas. The boy was named Matsya because he was born out of a fish; he founded the Matsya Kingdom. His descendant was Virata who founded the kingdom's capital Viratanagara. Vasu and Girika had five sons: Brihadratha (Maharatha), father of Jarasandha, the prince of Magadha Kingdom; Pratyagraha, the prince of the Chedi Kingdom, whose descendant was Shishupala; Kusamva (Manivahana); Mavella; and Yadu.  

Muchukunda Chozha Ruled From North Western India with Mandhata

Muchukunda , it may be theorised that he ruled the area ruled by Mandhata who is the first recorded Chakravarthi in Indian texts, Shodasha Rajika , Great Emperors 'Mandhata on assuming power organized a strong army and led a series of expedition against his neighbouring kingdoms. The rulers of Kashi and Maithila and his uncle Tansu, the ruler of Prathisthan accepted his suzerainty.

Radha Krishna Relationship References in Vedas Tantras

Before proceeding to detail about references to Radha and Krishna,it may be understood that Sruthi, Vedas talk of Nirguna Upasna,that is meditating on Reality as One Beyond Attributes.As human mind finds it difficult to focus on Nothing,when you say Nothing or Infinite or Beyond Attributes, to the Mind, it is incomprehensible,though we pretend to understand.So Vedas a provide a process for Realisation through Personal God, Iswara. Iswara means Personal God. Patanjali talks about Iswara Pranidhana as one of the important components of Yoga in his Yoga Sutra

Chozhas Were In North , permanently Settled in South In Dwapara Yug?

From the genealogy it transpires that the Earliest Chozha kings seem to have been present in the North of Vindhyas , annexed and ruled the areas of South. Sibi is referred to as Sivi in the North and he ruled from there.

Actor Donald Sutherlands Out of Body Experience

After I wrote an article on Life after death, one reader called up and told me she enjoyed the article and wanted to know if  I can be 100 % sure of my views on Life after death. I replied that to answer that honestly, I should die first and more importantly I should be able to communicate after my death and she should be able to receive it.

Zee TV Ridicules Modi Through Children Reprehensible

To say it is Freedom of Expression or Free Speech does not hold  water as children are not aware of what they say in the skit. Those who design the skit should be man enough to speak the points in person without hiding behind children.

Chola Emblems Tiger Head Flower First Used Chitraratha Treta Yuga

Ancient Tamil Kings used emblems in their reign. They had  Bow, Tiger and Fish for Chera, Chola and Pandya respectively. These were used as Stamps in Coins and royal messages. Signet Rings also carried these. All these have their histories.

River Kaveri Brought To Earth Chola King Close Of Treta Yuga

Kaveri is considered as holy as Ganga.It is considered so holy that the Chola kings built over 100 temples on it's banks. The first temple of Vishnu on the banks of Kaveri begins at Srirangapatna in Karnataka and the last Vishnu temple on the banks of Kaveri before Kaveri joins the sea at Poompuhar, is Srirangam.

Krishna Answers NonInterference During Gambling FreeWill

Yet Mahabharata happened despite Krishna' s presence in Mahabharat.He could have prevented Mahabharata war . He could have easily stopped the Gambling indulged by Yudhishtir and Duryodhana. He did not. Yet the same Krishna talks about Dharma,among other issues in the Bhagavad Gita.How is Dharma compatible with Gambling,which is regarded as one of the five great Sins?Could not Krishna have saved the Pandavas Kingdoms,the humiliation heaped on Draupadi at the Royal hall where she was stripped in Public , stopped the war by the single act of stopping the Gambling of Yudhishtir and Duryodhana?

Etheric Auric Bodies Energy Fields Explained

Matter,that is Atoms,vibrate, move.All atoms do not vibrate in the same Frequency just as the components light,VIBGYOR do not have the same Frequency. Higher the frequency, the Light becomes invisible at the higher band, Ultraviolet.Lower the frequency, they become Infra Red. Both are not visible to naked  eyes.

Do Not Mention Islam Temple Destruction Muslim Rule Not To Attract Criticism

Muslim rule should never attract any criticism. Destruction of temples by Muslim rulers and invaders should not be mentioned.

Leaning Temple of Rateneshwar, Varanasi

One of the most extraordinary objects to be witnessed at Benares and which is generally one of great curiosity to the stranger, is a pagoda standing in the river, there is nothing to connect it with the shore. The whole foundation is submerged, and two of the towers have declined so much out of the perpendicular as to form an acute angle with liquid plain beneath them….It has been surmised

Tamil History Being Erased in Thanjavur Big Temple? Fact Check

A mischievous message is doing the rounds through a video that Hindi is imposed and Tamil history is being destroyed from the Thanjavur Big Temple inscriptions.It is a lie. Sarboji kings ruled the area in the later period of Cholas, they have donated to the temple and had left inscriptions of the details of donations. … Continue reading Tamil History Being Erased in Thanjavur Big Temple? Fact Check

How Tamil Kings Are Named Identified Epigraphs Inscriptions

In the case of Epigraphs and Inscriptions  , method is followed by the Kings is to record their names and also identify their Dynasty by their Titles, like Parakesari,Valavan,Sembiyan... in the case of Cholas; மாறவர்மன்(Maravarman), சடய வர்மன்(Satayavarman) got Pandyas; வானவரம்பன்(Vaana varambhan) ,இமய வரம்பன்( Imayavaramban) in the case of Chera.

365 Siva Linga 80 Towers 86 Ganesha in One Temple

If one were to look at the grandeur of Temples in South India, one would be awestruck on their antiquity ,the calmness they radiate, architectural design of the temples,aligning the temples with Cosmic Events, Astronomy,intricate carvings, sculptures seemingly without  microtools, selection of specific stones for the idols some of them radiating heat in winter pleasant breeze in  summer.....Add to this the number of sculptures in a temple, for instance Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple has over 33,000 Sculptures.These temples also served as centres for social activities

Nellai Vasanthan Beyond Science Enigma Of Ancient Tamil Wisdom

On being asked why he is divulging information about me unasked for, he informed that he is directed to do do so! To top this All he predicted that my relative shall come out of coma on a particular date. Doctors had declared that he wouldn't! My relative came out of coma as predicted. His case is now a Case Study and my closest friend and top neurologist of the world acknowledges this as a miracle.

First Pandya Kulasekara Indra First Capital Korki Before Madurai

First King was Kulasekara Pandya, his son Malayathdwaja Pandya.Malayathwaja Pandya's daughter was Meenakshi and she ruled Madurai and Her Consort was Sokkanatha also called Sundara.Veerapandyan ruled after Sundara/ Meenakshi, to be followed by Ugrapperuvazhuthi.He was followed by Abhisheka Pandya.

3 D Moving Siva Linga Painting Thiruvanaikka Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple

Chola Kings  are not to be left behind. One finds a similar 3D Siva Linga in Thiruvanaikka near Srirangam. This temple is one of the Panchabootha Sthalas. Here Siva is present as Water. You will find Siva Linga in water. This temple also has a unique practice of the Priest donning Saree , performing Siva Pooja at Noon daily.

Shankaracharya ‘Demon’, Madhwa Text. Sringeri Acharya on Advaita

I regret that I have to write on this. When people fail to understand the interpretation of Mahavakyas, result is Bigotry. I was barred from Madhwa FB group because I shared Kapalika Stuthi.  Unless people read All the Achayas and understand Vedas, there is no point in professing Spiritually.I am by faith an Advaitin, deeply involved in Sri Vaishnavam,Andal occupied the centre spot in my Pooja room and I worship Sri. Raghavendra,

Sunrise Sunset Temple Centre Earth Axis Tilt Design Madurai Meenakshi

Temples in India are not only a place for Spiritual development but they were also for social purposes like feeding the poor during Drought,Floods and for providing shelter during natural calamities.Not only this, these temples were architectural marvels but they were also built with advanced instruments of which we know not much, but these temples were also designed  with astronomy in mind.

Ozone Layer Painting in Meenakshi Amman Temple Verified

The reference by the court is unclear. The chakra that is mentioned has nothing connected to Ozone layer. The Learned judge should clarify. There is no reference to Ozone layer as such to my knowledge of Ithihasas,Purans and in ancient Tamil literature.

Koothanur Saraswati Temple By Tamil Poet Darshan Contact Details

Koothanur is the birthplace of the Tamil poet Ottakoothar. There is another reason for the name of this place which is Rajaraja Chola II gifted this village for koothan's poem because he is a great poet. So this village is called Koothan + oor = Koothanur. In India, Koothanur became an important tourist spot

Planted Jesuit Ideology Surreptitiously in School Text Book Jesuit Father , Mentor To Government

Watch the video by Reverend ‘Father’ Joe Arun, a Director for several different Loyola group of institutions, declaring that ,on being appointed to revise the text book of school from standard one to twelve,he had planted Jesuit ideology in First standard social science book.The Honorable Chief minister of Tamil Nadu was present.

Thirumeyachur Lalithambika Temple Contact Details

One can reach the temple from Kumbakonam, Myladuhurai.It is about half an hour from Myladuthurai and  about an hour and a half Kumbakonam. Thirukkadavur is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Thirumeyachur.You may stay in any of these towns where excellent facilities for stay are available. Thirumeyachur is a very small village and has no facilities to stay .Just wanted to add that the temple prakaram is not maintained properly and bushes are aplenty. Came to know that the temple servants are not financially well off and devotees may help the temple staff including Kurukkal and also provide Pooja Dravyas .

Siva Color Change Timings Directions Panchavarneswara Thirunallur

6 am to 8.24 am Copper. 8.25 am to 10.48 am Pink 10.49 to 1.12 pm  Molten Gold 1.13 to 3.36 pm. Emerald Green 3.37 pm to 6 pm. Indescribable Color .

Middle East Sumerian Harappa ,Tamils DNA Study Reveal

Contrary to what was found earlier,the first human migration was from Asia, specifically from South of Vindhya Mountains. The earliest DNA has been traced to Madurai,Tamil Nadu,India. There is more. One finds there is variety and yet at the same time a unity among the people of India. Nowhere in the world would you find a similar if not identical way of social behaviour among the people of this vast country,India,be it how they eat,the practices from birth to death, entertaining guests…

Porkaip Pandya in Sanskrit Inscription in Laos. Details

The inscription says' The King Kanaka Pandya,( mean the Pandya with Golden Arm) was as Righteous as Yudhishthira; Bhagirath in protecting his subjects,Arjuna( Vijaya) in conquering enemies;Indrdhyumna in performing Yagnyas; Protector of Everyone as Kind Sibi( ancestor of Sri. Rama);Follower of  Vedic dharma as Vishnu ; Dispenser of justice as Kanakapandya;As stable as Himalayas and  majestic as The Ocean

Six Hundred Artisans, Astronomer Lived In Thanjavur Temple Rajaraja Chola

than 600 people such as dancers, flutists, drummers, Vina players, conch players, canopy holders, water sprinklers, lamp keepers, laundry women, and so forth. These people worked for the temple for half a day, and spent the remaining time on farm work, on land which was lent gratis by Rajaraja I. The contract with the temple was carved on a stone. In exchange for using the farm land,

Now JesusYoga,Better Change Name Christianity to Hinduism

There is no limit to surprises from Christianity. Velankanni church Festival details. Jesus Yoga! Church modelled after Hindu temple There is Jesus SuprabhatChristians tried to forge ThirukkuralJesus AstotraJesus Sahasranama. Video belowChurches are built in Hindu temple style.Bhoomi Pooja conducted Hindu style for Church Building at Bangalore. Christian Festivals in Tamilnadu begin with Dwajarohana. Car festival.The … Continue reading Now JesusYoga,Better Change Name Christianity to Hinduism

Honours for Fixed Deposits Of North Indian Brahmins Veerarajendra Chola Avinasi Inscription

For such deposits as are kept with the government, the King bestowed special honors .The Avinasi temple inscription states that the Chola King Veera Rajendra Chola (1207 - 1256) bestowed special honors to Brahmins of North India for having deposited their wealth with the government.

Water Row Solution By Veera Rajendra Chola 1207 Perur Inscription

By practice, first lower riparian areas — known as kadaimadai — were given sufficient water for cultivation, after which areas till the upper riparian region — known as adimadai — were given water in succession,

Chola King Son of Bharatha Grandson of Dushyantha Evidence

In his family was born Dushyanta; his son was Bharata and his son was Chola after whose name the Solar race on this earth became known as Chola (v. 29) and who ruled the Chola country which was abundantly rich (v. 30).  Cholavarman’s son wa

First Tamil King of Kaliyuga Pernarkkilli 3102 BC

Coming to the rulers of the Kali age, the first king mentioned is Perunatkilli who was born in this same family and was highly learned (v. 41).  In his race[12] was born Kalikala who renovated the town Kanchi with gold and established his fame by constructing flood-embankments for the river Kaveri.

Tamil Lands Sanjaya Description Tallies Tamil Work Tholkaapiyam?

The desert region called Paalai in Tamil Literature is found in Seven then panai naadu, Seven  lands of  Normal and short Palmyra trees. Palmyra trees grow in and around Deserts. These Paalai lands were further classified into nearly Desert முன் பாலை and Desert பின் பாலை

Seshadri Swamigal My Family Experience Independently YouTube Verified

Whatever is always Is. ' This is Full, that is Full. Having taken full out of Full , Full remains Full. This is one of the famous lines from Upanishad. 'Om poornamitha poornath poorna....What is conveyed is the world, universe has been , is  ,and shall be.Whatever happens, happened and what shall happen shall be.This is concept of Eternity as applied to Events.

People Migrated To Harappa Teeth Isotope Study Proves

The new study illuminates the lives of individuals buried more than 4,000 years ago in those rare grave sites by providing a novel comparison of the dental enamel and chemical analyses of the water, fauna and rocks of the time, using isotope ratios of lead and strontium

Earth Age 432 * One Million Siddha Romasa Science Agrees

Romasa also has calculated the Age of Earth,Solar System and the Universe,Multiverse. I am providing below the details.His calculations tally with what modern physicists/ Astronomers say. And his calculations also concur with what Sanskrit texts say.Romasa's works are in Tamil and his system of Spirituality is that of Saiva Siddhantha) Advaitha of Tamils ( though it is incorrect to say South Advaita, I am saying it to convey the meaning.Those who know Adi Shankaracharya Advaita and Tamil Saiva Siddhantha would know what I am talking about)

Longest Palindrome 44 Lines Tamil Sambhandhar Poem Maalaimaatru

This Palindrome Poem is in the form of a pathikam of Eleven .Number of lines in this poem is 44. This is a Palindrome.That is, if you read it backwards, it would be the same as it would, forwards.Both make exquisite sense.And the poem is like a garland . You start from where you end. It is called Maalai Maatru. That is changing garland, yet part of one. The ceremony is followed in South Indian Hindu marriages

Fourteen Types Rains Tamil Classified Details.

Tamil Grammar and Literature have analysed Rains and classified them into Fourteen types .I do not want to comment anything more. I shall write more on what Tamil says on various aspects of life, world ,nature and it's analyses.

Tamil Sangam Rajendra Chola Epigraphs On Kaarthigai Deepam

This practice of lighting for Karthikai deepam has been in vogue from Tamil Sangam period.This is recorded ,among others,in Akananaanuru,Kalavazhi Naarpathu, Thevaram ( reference here is Kaarthigai in Kapaleswara temple Chennai).Seevaka Chintamani , one of the five epics in Tamil, speaks of this practice.Of note is that this work Seevaka Chintamani is oriented towards Jain Philosophy.

Hot Water Turns Cold as It reaches Idol’s Feet Lakshmi Venkateswara Gabbur

Many temples are astronomically aligned. Some are connected to celestial events.Some temples are aligned in the same longitude.Twelve Jyotirlinga temples form Fibanocchi Spiral.

Spider’s Web Sounds Music Study

We have Veda as Sapda pramana, that is a source of Knowledge, Sound meaning testimony. Sapda,Nadha precedes everything in the Universe. All things, Matter which comprise the Universe is in Perpetual Motion.And this is proved and attested by the Theory of Expanding Universe. The philosophical question whether Sound ) Vibration preceded Motion or

Halal Jaggery For Sabarimala. Details

Adminstration of Hindu temples must remember that it is not merely money that matters in running of temples,though it is necessary,but the sentiments and practices of the Temples and Hindu Agama are followed strictly.We have evidences of Hindu Temple lands being leased out to non Hindus,this is quite glaring in Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple.Halal practice must not be used for any ingredient used for Naivedya, not only for Sabarimala but for all Hindu Deities.This is against Sastras.

Piles Jaundice Mental Illness Treatment Temple Hospital Rajaraja Cholan Grandson

What is special about Thirumukkodal Hospital is that it was located in the temple and inscriptions state details of donations given by the Chola King to run day today adminstration of the temple.Not only this. The inscriptions detail diseases treated and medicines provided there.

Rajendra Chola Built Hospital Surgery Vedic School Thirumukkoodal Temple

Thirumukkoodal temple dedicated to Sri Vishnu  as Thirumukkoodal Appan,Sri Venkateswara is an example of how Chola and later Pallava Kings maintained Vedic School and hospital for the people.The hospital had Fifteen beds and surgeries were performed. People were treated for diseases and epigraphs list the diseases and cures. Specially treated Cow Urine was used to treat internal piles.

Producing Homa Fire Only By Mantra? Explanation.

To the best of my knowledge based on our ancient texts and procedures what is shown in Vedeos 1and 2 as Agni, Fire, being produced only by Mantras is not possible. The purported Mantra  being chanted  in the first video, is not Agni Suktha.Unable to decipher what it it is.This kind of dubious information brings disrepute to Sanatan Dharma.

Edwina Nehru Love Special Sweet, Will be Tactful Help- Mountbatten.

'She and Jawaharlal are so sweet together... Pammy and I are doing everything we can to be tactful and help....' So there existed a happy three-some based on firm understanding on all sides.