Best Probiotic For Gut , Immunity Recepie Saar Theertham, Nutritionists

This water is called Saar Theertham, Essence of Rice and Water.This used to be consumed daily in Our homes daily.We eat the rice, which we have kept aside from the water with Pickles preferably,Tender mango,மாவடு. This is called Pazhaya Saatham,Old cooked Rice.

Gandhari Curse To Shakuni Afghanistan ?

Krishna pays a left handed compliment to Sakuni when Krishna went to Duryodhana's court, before Mahabharata war, to avert it.Krishna even calls Sakuni as Maama,Uncle, saying that they are partners in the scheme of things. Only that Sakuni did not realise that.

Mantra For Offering Food To Crows.

The offering of food to Crows , is not limited to Sraddha days. Food has to be offered to Crows daily. Food has to be offered to Deities daily. Freshly cooked food is to be offered. There are different views on whether one can offer the food offered to Deities, Naivedya, can be offered to Crows as Crows represent Pitrus

Kings List of India from Mahabharata till Gupta dynasty

Chandragupta Maurya 1500BC Megasthanes Chandragupta 302 BC William Jones Fraud

Chandragupt Maurya was not ambitious of conquering the other states of India and he did not receive foreign ambassadors because there were only trade relations of India with the foreign countries in those days (1500’s BC) not political relations. So his kingdom was much smaller as compared to the kingdom of Chandragupt Vijayaditya of Gupt dynasty. Chandragupt Vijayaditya, who was the son of Ghatotkach Gupt of Shreegupt Family, was made the

Will Bring Up New Indian National Literature For India for 200 Pounds Max Mueller

You have so thoroughly adopted the English disguise that it will not be easy for any one to suspect you of having written this ‘curious article.’ It especially delights me to see how ingeniously you contrive to say what you announce you do not wish to discuss, i.e. the purport of the theology. In short, we are all of opinion

First Pandya King During Ramayana Expert Horse rider Vadimbalambaninra Pandyan 5100 BC ?

In the Pandya lineage ,the four Pandyas  who ruled before, Sarangadwaja PandyaI have been able to trace, are Vadivalambaninra Pandyan,Palyaagasalai Mudhukudumipperuvazhthi, Nilanthiruvir Pandyan and Perumpeyar Vazhuthi

Four Pandya Kings Of Ramayana Names Date

Chola Muchukunda was an ancestor of Rama.We have references to Chera and Pandyas in Ramayana.We shall now attempt to trace the Pandya Kings who were present before Mahabharata , because we have traced Tamil Kings after the Kurukshetra battle of Mahabharata

Ancient Tamil Medicine Manuscripts Institute of Asian Studies Chennai

Ancient Tamil texts dealing with Medicine,herbs, preparation of special medicines, chanting to be done while preparing medicines, rare diseases and their treatment are housed at The Institute of Asian Studies,Chennai.Thesr documents are preserved in the Memory of the World Register in 1997.

Madurai Meenakshi Sarangadwaja Her Father Date 5100 CE ?

So ,as Malayadwaja Pandya alias Sarangadwaja Pandya had taken part in the Kurukshetra War of Mahabharata, then his and his daughter Meenakshi's date may be assigned at 5100 CE.

Chola Emblem Tiger found in Flags Rings

History of Tamil Chozha Kings List From 5100 CE Karikal Valavan

Udhiyan Cheralaathan date based on Mahabharata reference about his presence in the War, is around 5600 BC. Karikalan defeated him  at Battle of Venni. Therefore, Karikal Chozhan was a contemporary of Perunchotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan. Karikal Chola' s date ,therefy, is around 5600 BC.

History of South Indian Kings ,List Verified Dates From 5100 CE

This Tamil Kings list,apart from sourcing from the Traditional folk songs ,also includes the Tamil Kings mentioned and detailed in Tamil Sangam Literature. Pathittruppathu anthology is the main source among the Sangam literature

Eighty Varities Of Dravidian Tamil Among Indian Tribes

attempts to show a connection with the Indo-European tongues, Mitanni, Basque, Sumerian, or Korean. The most promising and plausible hypothesis is that of a linguistic relationship with the Uralic (Hungarian, Finnish) and Altaic (Turkish, Mongol) language groups

British Genocide of 1.8 Billion Indians Detailed Breakup.

Using Indian census data 1870-1950, assuming an Indian population of about 200 million in the period 1760-1870, and estimating by interpolation from available data an Indian avoidable death rate in (deaths per 1,000 of population) of 37 (1757-1920), 35 (1920-1930), 30 (1930-1940) and 24 (1940-1950), one can estimate Indian excess deaths of 592 million (1757-1837), 497 million (1837-1901) and 418 million (1901-1947), roughly 1.5 billion in total or 1.8 billion including the Native States

Jamboodweepa Is Navalan Theevu Sangam Literature Confirms Geography

So Tamil land was different from Aryavartha.Aryavatha was called Navalan Theevu,Jaboodweepa.These two were separated by Vindhya and Satpura mountains.South of it lay the Northern boundary of Tamils. Tamil Literature asserts this.And Northern territory was surrounded by oceans.

Weapons used by Maratha Soldiers

Marathas Ancestors Kings, Maharattirar Of Kolhapur Sangam Literature

The ancestors of Marathas were spread in Dravida Desa,in Three Great Tamil Kings' armies as Special Protection Forces, called Kaikkolars,Suicide Squad to protect Kings ( Rajaraja Chola's Kaikkolars Unit was famous).They were also spread in Konkan,Tulu, Coimbatore area Orissa,Andhra( near Tirupat

Cho La Pass named Karikal Chola

Chola Pass Himalayas After Karikal Chola Gazette Notification 1885

Not only that,he created a Mountain Pass/ passed through a Himalayan Pass.This is recorded in Tamil Literature Silappadhikaram and Periya Puranam.While Silappadhikaram dates back to the period of Sangam Literature,Periya Puranam, a Religious Work that deals with the Lives Shiva Devotees, belongs to middle ages.

Pandyan Nedunchezhiyan Defeated Chandra Gupta Maurya 300 BC Madurai

The Mauryan forces ,along with Kosars,entered the area through Mangalore  Pass with their Chariot Forces and they used the Vadugas ( who are ruling areas near Tirupati).

Karikal chola astride Elephant.image.

Karikal Chozha North Indian Expedition Details

After subduing the south Karikala went on an expedition to the north and engraved his tiger emblem in the Himalayas. The king of the great Vajra whose sway extended as far as the roaring sea (in the east), gave him a pearl canopy as a tribute while the king of Magadha famous for his sword-play

Kingdoms of Ancient India

Rajendra Chola Conquered Pala Empire Bengal 1020 AD

He brought Ganga Water and had an Abhishek performed for Siva in Thiruloki temple on the  southern bank of River Kollidam.

Gangaikonda Chozhapuram temple built by Rajendra Chola.image

Sivacharyas Tamil Nadu Descendants of Bengali Brahmins

Sivacharyas were brought from Bengal by Rajendra Chola son of Rajaraja Chola,after his expedition to North India. He defeated most kings of North India and brought Ganga Water and performed Abhishek for Siva at  Thiruloki, Tamil Nadu

Rajendra Chola Epigraphs Thiruloki Temple Destroyed

Rajaraja Chola and Rajendra Chola having been ardent Followers of Hinduism. In their zeal, they have also destroyed critical evidence in the form of Epigraphs which have recorded the victory of Rajendra Chola(

Secular Civil Rights Fraud Teesta Book Issue

Teaching children ,if wrong, it is a crime that The book was meant/Used by for teachers.

Devimahatmiya illustration in British Museum. Image

650 Vedic Manuscripts 60000 Books Sanskrit Pali with British Museum.

But majority of the  works are abroad, mainly in museums. I had written  in earlier lost as to what are  available with USA  Library of Congress and Canada

Where To Look For Ancient Indian Texts US Canada

The Digitized copies  of The Rigveda Brahmanas: the Aitareya and Kausītaki Brāhmanas of the Rigveda are in American Libraries.

Pharoah with Vaishnava marks. Sculpture

Vaishnava Pharaoh Image Tampered Louvre Sculpture Page Missing. With Upaveeda is at Budapest

I am providing the communication below. It looks as though, not only the image had Vaishnava marks on the body, but it had Upaveeda, Janu as well! This image is the Featured image of this article.

Recovery of True Hinduism, Acharya Maulana

And look at the pathetic attempt by secular historians who quote Acharya Maulana! Who gave the gentleman the title of Acharya? It needs minimum twelve years to study Vedas under a Guru, that too, the disciple leaving home and staying with Guru. Reading some texts on Hinduism or of Hinduism does not make one an Acharya. Can one become a Maulana by reading Islamic Texts?

Muhammad In Vedas Non Sense Proof Vedic Text

And this was picked up by Islamic sites and Secular Indians who try to to justify everything that insults Sanatan Dharma went overdrive and have posted information on the web, justifying Zakir Naik.

Kaaba Siva Temple Sri Sri Ravishankar Zakir Naik My Rebuttal Series

But what it does is to subtly inform the readers that the whole issue of Kaaba,Shiva temple is a figment of imagination by 'Nationalists' and that it has no basis. But it does it in such a way it can always deny it did not mean it! Without going in to the evidence, it sweeps them aside and takes the statement of Zakir Naik, the psudeo Hindu Scriptures Authority and an Islamic Preacher that Muhammad was mentioned in Vedas. Not only that, it draws Sri Sri Ravishankar of The Art of Living into the controversy by saying that he had written a book on Kaaba being A Shiva Temple without any evidence and that he had admitted it in a Television Debate with Zakir Naik.

Nothing Besides Vedas Shun Logic Tamil Thirumandhiram

There is nothing that is  beyond Vedas for Righteousness. All that can be classified and followed as Dharm, அறம்  is found in Vedas. The Discerning shunned Logic, followed/ practiced Vedas Realised Self/ Attained Moksha, வீடு

Yoga Guru Parampara List Thirumoolar Thirumandhiram

Siva is considered to be the Adhi Yogi, First Yogi. He gave the world Vaasi Yoga. Vaasi Yoga is different from The Asthtanga Yoga of Patanjali in that while Vaasi Yoga directly reaches out to Consciousness, Asthtanga Yoga reaches out to Consciousness through the Modifications of Chitta. That is the cessation of thought processes.

Nadis earliest reference image

Veda References To Nadis

Though the concept of Prana is found in Vedic texts there also some references of Nadi in Ancient Vedic texts. Nadi references are found in Tamil texts of Siddhas, Thirumandhiram and Texts dealing with Saiva Siddhandha to cite a few.

Thirumoolar image.

How Breath Moves In Nostrils Timings

Though it appears that we breathe through both nostrils, if we observe our Breath, we will notice that quantity of Air/Breath that pass through is not the same for both nostrils, Left and Right. Sometimes, breath passes more through the left nostril and at other times through the right nostril. The Left nostril belongs to / (called as) Moon and Right to Sun. When one holds the Breath, Sushumna, that holding of Breath belongs to or called as Agni, Fire. We shall see in detail in the forthcoming articles.

Ganga Coming down to earth.image

Kayenavacha Mantra Equivalent Tamil Poem Siva

However much we try to convince ourselves that we perform because we choose actions,the truth is that we act, because we are impelled to act,either by instinct or reason.

Pranayama Inhaling Exhaling Time Taken Authentic Ratio Thirumoolar

I have provided the Essence big the poem . Inhaling or drawing of Breath is called Purakam, Retention by closing both Nostrils is Kumbakam and Exhaling is Rechakam.)

Religious Grants By Tamil Kings Seven Types

Tamil Kings, not only built innumerable Temples, but were very generous in offering Grants to Temples,Jain /Buddhist Monasteries,Brahmins. These are called as Irayili in Tamil. இறையிலி.

Matsya Purana Temple Design Amarkantak Temple Madhya Pradesh

Oldest temple in This design is found in Amarkantak temples in Madhya Pradesh. It is the birth place of River Narmada, Son and Johila

Arjuna’s Wife Manalur Pandyan Princess, Not Manipur Evidence

There is confusion regarding the marriage of Arjuna and Chitrangadha. During Arjuna pilgrimage to South, Arjuna met with Chitrangadha, A Pandyan Princess and married her. She was a Pandyan  princess and her father was Pandyan Mudatth Thirumaran. He ruled from Manalur, Tamil Nadu. By marrying her, Arjuna cleared the curse of Vasus.I am providing the details of The curse of Vasu towards the close of the article.

Madurai 155 Trillion Years Old? Puzzling Evidence.

Based on Tectonic shift, Archeology and related evidence Ihad ,earlier,arrived at  a figure of 230 million years for Lemuria of which Madurai was a part. It was Then Madurai then. Because of tectonic shift, it had moved to it's present location. The present information in this article is Mind blogging. It is easy to dispose it off as Non sense.

Meenakshi Temple Madurai with Temple Tank. Image

Madurai Meenakshi’s Father Sarangadwaja Killed By Aswathama Mahabharata

Piercing the bodies of the elephants and steeds and men with sharp shafts, that foremost of smiters overthrew and deprived them of life. Cutting off with his own shafts the diverse weapons hurled at him by many foremost of foes, Pandya slew his enemies (8:19). He was slain by the Kaurava hero Ashwatthama (8:20,46) His name was mentioned as Sarangadhwaja.

Krishna Killed Meenakshi’s Grandfather Kulasekara Pandya 3200 BC

Krishna slew king Kulasekhara Pandya by striking his breast against his, and moved down the Kalingas in battle (5:48).

Restore 14 Century Andal Idol Los Angeles Museum Request Information

Can someone in Los Angeles get more information on how the museum had come in possession of Andal Idol so that we can consider bringing it back?

Siva Parvathi Marriage Star CANOPUS Evidence

Siva Parvathi Marriage date determined based on Star Canopus.

Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple,South Tower.iame

How Temple Deities Were Saved From Muslim Armies ,Kal Thirai, Stone Screen

On receiving information that invading armies of Muslim Rulers were proceeding towards a city, our ancestors built a stone wall infront of the Deity in the Sanctum, placed a duplicate Idol in front of the Stone Screen,

Vedic Verse Produces Electricity I had a very interesting comment on my post on Electricity and  Vedas shared in Facebook.   The comment was to the effect that the information in  the Indian Texts are so allegorical and descriptive that it is very difficult to sift Data from  these.   True,   My reply was that I have, with … Continue reading Vedic Verse Produces Electricity

Gangaikonda Chozhapuram Temple Architectural Marvel