This Is Where I was Hit, Hurt Sri Krishna, Parthasarathi Temple Idol

Utsavar.They will fall where I was hit and hurt. Only I know how I was Hit and Hurt’

Sita Lake, Village in Khabarovsk Russia

The Sita River is a river in the Khabarovsk Territory . The sources of the river are swamps, located near the village of Sita,

Bonesetter Antiulcer, Wound Healer,Pain Reliever Pirandai

Indian texts suggest one eat what is available for the season and not to consume things that are not germane to the season,of course there

are exceptions.

Tamil Nadu Temple Odhuvars Salary Rs 175/ .Court Order To Increase Delayed Over Fifteen Years

The ‘odhuvars’ in temples joined the government service in 1980 with a pay-scale of Rs 175 and two cups of rice,

Temple Lands Tamil Nadu Five Lakh Acres , No Money For Pooja

The Atheistic Attitude of The Government.

Secular attitude towards only Hindu temples.

Appointment of Atheists and people belonging to other Faiths as Thakkars,Trustees and they are political appointees.

Mismanagement of Temple funds

Misappropriation of Temple Funds.

Neglect of temple traditions.

Why Temples Should be Freed From Government Control 1,Land Rents Court Washes Off Hands

A clarion call was issued by Sri. Jaggi Vasudev to free the temples from the clutches of the Government. @SadhguruJVI have requested the TN CM & Opposition Leader to declare their intent with regard to freeing Temples in state control. We cannot preside over decades of neglect & apathy. Amounts to spiritual suicide for Community.…… Continue reading Why Temples Should be Freed From Government Control 1,Land Rents Court Washes Off Hands

KGB Mole Indira Gandhi Received Suitcase Of Money Mitrokhin Document

Indira Gandhi ,code named V A N O Received Money From KGB

people who are guilty beyond doubt,based on documents,do not have shame,do not feel embarrassed at all and they are going about as though nothing has happened.They are brazenly defiant and are trying to strut back to power. Their Ace is Peoples’  memory being very short.

Pandyas Chandra Vamsa Royal Emblem Fish By Pururavas

Pururavas introduced the dynasty’s emblem – a pair of fish, and shared his throne and taxes with Indra.

Six Thousand Year Temple with Rama Chennai Parthasarathi Perumal

Poigai Azhwar is dated at 4205 BC. The Thiruvaklikkeni temple about which Peyazhwar sung, should therefore be older than Fifth Century BC.

1300 Year Old Ram Rajiv Lochan Temple Rajim Chattisgarh

The temple of Rama at Rajim, Chattisgarh ,Rajiv Lochan Temple belongs to 7th Century AD as evidenced in the temple inscriptions.

Oldest Rama Temple 5500 Years Old Rams Chapel Iraq

Amidst the ruins of Ur, he unearthed a Ram-chapel but totally missed its relevance in world history

1200 Year Rama Temple Madhurantakam Ancient Than Ayodhya Ram

I shall share information on an earlier Rama temple, which is atleast 3000 years old and it is in Iraq.

Older Than Ayodhya Rama Temple Ninth Century AD Kothanda Rama Temple Aditya Chola

he current date of Ayodhya Ram temple is around 12 century.This date is incorrect and it can be dated much earlier. Obfuscation about Ayodhya Ram temple date abounds. I shall be writing about the Ayodhya Ram temple and it’s antiquity

Makara Sankranti as Indira Vizha Tamil Epics Detail

It is worth noting that the 28 days correspond to 28 days of Margazhi month in Tamil and one extra day in Marghazhi was used in preparation for the Pongal,Indira Vizha Festiy.This is exactly the Makara Sankranti day,and this was celebrated by ancient Tamils with pom

Christ In Rig Veda Devatarchana Mantra? Nonsense


I had rebutted all this point by point with evidence.What shocked me today, on Christmas of 2020,an advertisement in the Deccan herald by a Christian missionary group, quoting Rig Vedic Devatharchana,as having  been foretold Christ and Christianity.

Shiva Kala Aradhana Pooja Kasi December 19 Live Rudrabhishek


A dedicated group from US is organising Pooja, Rudrabhishek at Kasi Viswanatha temple regularly.They also organise,as a part of it,programmes that bespeak of our culture and religion,in the form of performing arts and lectures by eminent people on Sanatan

Thirumurukaatruppadai Background

Thirumurukaatruppadaibelongs to Tamil Sangam Literature.It was writtn by Nakkeerar about 20,000 yeras ago.This comes under Pathinenkeezh kanakku, an anthlogy of Eighteen poetic works.This is On Murugan, aka Subrahmanya.It talks about the greatness f Murugan,His Compassion,His victory over Soorapadma.It italks about the Six speacial abodes of Murugan Called Aarupadai Veedu.They are Tirupparankundram, near Madurai,Pazhani,Thiruchendur,Swamymalai,Pazhamudhir Solai, near Madurai( all in Tamil Nadu) and Thiruthani, Andhra Pradesh

Cholas from Chandra Vamsa Lunar Dynasty as Well

Rama Coronation

Turvasu was the fifteenth king in Chandra Vamsa.Thurvasu  of Lunar Dynasty was a contemporary of Dundhumara of Solar Dynasty

Introduction Thirumurukaatruppadai Translation English

Tamil Sangam Literature speaks of God in detail.SangaTamil Kings Cher, Chozha and Pandya Kings nurtured Tamil Language.Pandyas held three Tamil Poets Conclave called Tamil Sangam.They were three.I will be translating the Thirumurukaatuppadai in English.

Presence of Hinduism Around the Ancient World

It is not a View but a Way of Life, as Dr.Radhakrishnan, put it.

In the journey of Sanatana Dharma, I have ascertained the following facts.

Sanatana Dharma is older than what the dates have been assigned now( 5000 BC for Rig Veda)
It was the Religion of the world.
It spread throughout the world.
Rama , Krishna, Vikramadhitya ruled the world.
Krishna’s son built a city in Russia.
Rig veda was composed in Russia.
Russia had an all women Kingdom called Sthreevarsha.
Russia had a city of Swastika……

First Middle East Empire Rama’s Empire

Two Ancient Empires of Mespotamia are Sumerian and Akkadian.These two coexisted, some opine Akkadians preceded Sumerians. These two empires were preceded by Ubaid Period belonging to Lower Paleolithic or New Stone Age.Artifacts recovered from the city of Ur had a chapel dedicated To Rama.who is mentioned in Sumerian Kingslist.

Bhagavad Gita In Egyptian Pyramid NOW With Private Collector?

# During my visit to UK in April 2019, I visited the Museum to check the information contained in this article.

I was informed by the curator that the artifact was returned to the private collector.

The curator informed me that he could not divulge information about the collector.

In Leeds Musuem, I saw a Third Century BC Vishnu Panchaloka Idol.

The curator was reluctant to share additional information except the date.

I received information as comment from a reader as to where the tomb is.

The comment.

MAY 24, 2016 AT 23:52 EDIT
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Mr. Ramani,
Its Pyramid 2 in Egypt but the tablet was immediately taken to British Museum and no photographs can be found online)

Vedic Gods Mitra Varuna Sumerian Treaty

The Mitanni name for chariot warriors was maryanna or marijannina, a form of the Indo-Iranian term marya meaning ‘young man,” used in the Rig Veda when referring to the celestial warriors assembled around the Vedic deity Indra.The Mitanni were famed charioteers. They are reported to have spearheaded the development of the light war chariot with wheels that used spokes rather than solid wood wheels like those used by the Sumerians.

Sumerian Ancestors Hindus

The Mitanni Empire covered what is now known as Iraq, Turkey Syria, Lebanon,Egypt and included Italy.

They were the ancestors of these people.

Mitanni were the ancestors of the Egyptians as well.

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Pharaoh Vaishnava

Mittani are the ancient people in Mesopotamia.

They were the ancestors of the Egyptians.

Look at the Sanatana Dharma connection.

Mitanni (/mɪˈtæni/; Hittite cuneiform KUR URUMi-ta-an-ni; also Mittani Mi-it-ta-ni) or Hanigalbat (Assyrian Hanigalbat, Khanigalbatcuneiform Ḫa-ni-gal-bat) or Naharin in ancient Egyptian texts was a Hurrian-speaking state in northern Syria and southeast Anatoliafrom ca. 1500 BC–1300 BC. Founded by an Indo-Aryan ruling class governing a predominantly Hurrian population, Mitanni came to be a regional power after the Hittite destruction of Amorite[1] Babylon and a series of ineffectual Assyrian kings created a power vacuum in Mesopotamia.

The Mittanni was in northern Mesopotamia , roughly from 1500-1300 BC.

At its height the empire extended from Kirkuk (ancient Arrapha) and the Zagros Mountains in the east through Assyria to the Mediterranean Sea in the west.

Mittani Kings, but the Egyptian Pharaohs have also have been known to have a major Indic influence.

Vedic Practices in Islam Podcast

Kaaba doors open at Pradosha Time, between 4. 30 and 5. 30 PM.

1.The perambulation in the anti clock wise direction around the Kaaba is the Hindu practice of perambulating Shiva in the anti clockwise direction direction during pradosha, the sacred day to worship Shiva.

2.Shiva Linga,after Abhisheka(bathing the Deity, is dried by slightly applying Silk Cloth .
3. In Hinduism deities are to be worshiped by wearing unstitched cloth, Dhoti.

The Muslim garment worn in Kaaba is without stitches.

‘As the pilgrim proceeds towards Mecca he is asked to shave his head and beard and to don special sacred attire that consists of two seamless sheets of white cloth. One is to be worn round the waist and the other over the shoulders. Both these rites are remnants of the old Vedic practice of entering Hindu temples clean- and with holy seamless white sheets.’

Donations Welcome

Donations WelcomeI have not accepted advertisements because I am a little conservative in accepting ads as my personal views on the type of ads to appear in my site, which I know ,will not be acceptable to the advertisers. And I would be constrained in my writing. Though I am not a very influential Blogger,I…… Continue reading Donations Welcome

Hinduism In Ancient World Documented, Practices

Human migration.

I shall be Podcasting as well. This would enable people to get the information in less time. In these Podcasts, I will be explaining the presence of Hinduism throughout the world and Hinduism practices from original texts. For more information, you may, visit this, site Ramani’s blog will continue .Podcast is an additional platform I shall be using.

Sangam Classic Describes Brahmins Performing Murugan Yagnya Swamymalai

,who had spent Forty eight years in Learning and practicing a Life of Austerity and good character,waer Nine threaded Upaveeda( Three in a pair into three,total nine.One for Brahmacharya, One for Gruhastha and one In lieu of Uttareeya, Angavastra

Get Rid Of Negative Energy Amogha Siva Kavacha

I have come across A Siva Mantra ,called Amogha Siva Kavacham , addressed to Shiva. This mantra is to be recited once a day, preferably in the morning, for forty five days.Begin on a Shukla Paksha( Waxing of the Moon) Chaturthi, Panchami,Shasti or Sapthami.

Vairamuthu Fake Quote Reference Andal Deva Dasi Video

Andal, Srivilliputtur

,What they know in Tamizh is a few catchy phrases from Tamil Literature learnt at college, if they had reached that stage at all, without going deep into the subject of Tamil. As to their knowledge of Hinduism……..Nunniyanool pala Karpinum…Thirukkural,

Varnas Caste Tamil Lexicon 16 Century Agrees With Vedic Concept

பசுக்காத்தல்(* Protecting Cows, Wealth), பொருளீட்டல்( Acquisition of Wealth), பயிரிடல்( Trilling), புராணாதிகளையோதல்(Studying Puranas and Ithihasas), ஈதல்(Philanthropy ), அந்தணா

முதலியோர்க்கு அநுகூலமாகிய தொழில் செய்தல்( Engage in Works that would help others including Brahmins)

* Protecting Cows indicates protection of weak people, including Cows(Among animals)

How Tamils Celebrated Indra Festival Silappadikaaram

The Chief of Devas, Indra holds a special place in Tamil Classics. He was included as One of the Primary Deities assigned to each region(there were five geographical regions in Tamilzhakam, according to Sangam Classics), others being Cheyon(son of Siva, Murugan,Maayon(Vishnu) Varuna, and Kotravai(Durga).Special importance was given to Indra and every year a Festival was…… Continue reading How Tamils Celebrated Indra Festival Silappadikaaram

Tamil Sangam Literature On Ramayana Dhanushkodi

Rama coronation

Sita threw away her Jewels as a Marker for those who would tray to trace her. The Monkeys(who later would search and Find Sita), picked up the jewel and wore them , without knowing which Jewel to wear where

Manu Dynasties Saptha Rishi Star Visitations Study Part I

Ancient Tamil Kingdoms

Though Manu is reported to have sprung from Vivaswan,Surya,Sun, and recorded as first Human, Offspring of Saptha Rishis are shown as progenitors of Human race.For example Daksha.Saptha Rishis change for each Manvantara.

Chozha Manu Dynasty List Tamil Confirms Purana Ikshvaku Genealogy

Chozha genealogy tallies with Matsya Purana,Vishnu Purana.

The Order of Kings is not followed in Tamil.

Marici is the father of Kasyapa.Tamil says it is the other way around,which is incorrect.

However, Names of other Kings tally.

Surya,Sun is mentioned in Tamil as well as the First of the Dynasty, Kasyapa and Marici being Rishis.

Tamil conveys the purport of Sisumara Chakra aspect of Surya, by calling Sun as ‘ one who drives a chariot with one Wheel.

Tamil also calls Sun as one who rules lands within all Boundaries, implying that Sun covers the whole land.

Marici is known for his truthfulness. Tamil also records this by calling him as ‘Mythakka Mayaru Kaatchiyon.

Manu is correctly called as the son of Surya,Sun.

Tamil adds one information  that Manu dispensed Justice to a Cow.

Why Special Honour To Indra Among Ancient Tamil Kings

There is also a view that Poompuhar,Kaverippommpattinam,the harbour of Chozhas was submerged because of failure to celebrate Indira festival.

Ikshvaku Dynasty Ended 1634 BC By Mahapadma Nanda

Last king Sumitra was killed by Mahapadma Nanda in 1634 BCE.
Chanakya was contemporary to this Mahapadma Nanda (Dhana Nanda), who placed Mahapadmananda’s protege Chandragupta, son of Mahapadma Nanda by his wife ‘Mura‘ on the throne of his father..

Dravidian Roots of Sri Rama

The Aryan Invasion Theory floated by the British to divide and rule India through paid missionaries like Max Mueller, who under the garb of translating ancient texts of India, sowed the seeds of Divisive tendencies, is long dead and and buried. The new Archeological finds in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere have provided evidence to…… Continue reading Dravidian Roots of Sri Rama