Tamil Sangam Rajendra Chola Epigraphs On Kaarthigai Deepam

This practice of lighting for Karthikai deepam has been in vogue from Tamil Sangam period.This is recorded ,among others,in Akananaanuru,Kalavazhi Naarpathu, Thevaram ( reference here is Kaarthigai in Kapaleswara temple Chennai).Seevaka Chintamani , one of the five epics in Tamil, speaks of this practice.Of note is that this work Seevaka Chintamani is oriented towards Jain Philosophy.

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We have Veda as Sapda pramana, that is a source of Knowledge, Sound meaning testimony. Sapda,Nadha precedes everything in the Universe. All things, Matter which comprise the Universe is in Perpetual Motion.And this is proved and attested by the Theory of Expanding Universe. The philosophical question whether Sound ) Vibration preceded Motion or

Halal Jaggery For Sabarimala. Details

Jaggery used in Sabarimala.Sack

Adminstration of Hindu temples must remember that it is not merely money that matters in running of temples,though it is necessary,but the sentiments and practices of the Temples and Hindu Agama are followed strictly.We have evidences of Hindu Temple lands being leased out to non Hindus,this is quite glaring in Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple.Halal practice must not be used for any ingredient used for Naivedya, not only for Sabarimala but for all Hindu Deities.This is against Sastras.

Rajendra Chola Built Hospital Surgery Vedic School Thirumukkoodal Temple

Thirumukkoodal Temple inscriptions.

Thirumukkoodal temple dedicated to Sri Vishnu  as Thirumukkoodal Appan,Sri Venkateswara is an example of how Chola and later Pallava Kings maintained Vedic School and hospital for the people.The hospital had Fifteen beds and surgeries were performed. People were treated for diseases and epigraphs list the diseases and cures. Specially treated Cow Urine was used to treat internal piles.