Why and What Do I Blog?

I started Blogging in August 2009.

My knowledge of Computer and Internet was and still is sketchy.

In fact my son who is a Senior Business Manager in an IT multinational tried to teach me.

Well.. I could not understand any thing.

I just waned to write.

There are two types of people around me,one that states that my opinions/advice is good and they welcome it, they are a minority)

Majority felt/feel that I offer my opinions on every thing under the Sun whether it is Right or Wrong,Correct or Incorrect.

In Life, I have found that  offering opinions is unwelcome, whether it is sought for or otherwise.

The opinion seeker wants his/her opinion/views, confirmed.

If your opinion is different, unnecessary argument ensues.

I wanted to deal with the problem my way.

Start Blogging.

Nobody can hurt you, for they are not near  you for one, and for another, people tend to accept views /opinions of others who are not close to them.

(For abusive comments,I keep quiet).

Some times I am surprised that people accept my views and do ask my opinions.

Secondly I wanted to be heard.

Whether some one likes or not doesn’t matter.

Gregariousness and being heard is a basic instinct.

Many a Relationship breaks for want of hearing and listening.

What do I blog?

It comes under three categories.

Information I feel is useful to others.

They are linked straightaway to the information,possibly with a couple of reputed links.

Second,I blog on a Story on any subject about which I have some  idea, with my comments.

Thirdly I write on a subject/topic I feel I am proficient( for example Time,Health issues,parenting,Relationships,Indian Philosophy,Hinduism,Christianity,Religion) .

( even this post has Links)

Another point is that I do not know what I am going to write.

I write as the subject appeals to me.

I also contribute comments to Standard Magazines/Newspapers/Journals.

Some times I Blog them with the original story.

The purpose is to share what I feel.

In fact I do not prepare a draft, edit and publish.

I just write  and publish,  at times forget to spell check.

My  brother’s daughter tells me that my writing is forceful and language bordering on violence( in expressing my opinions-she should know ,she was a Professor of Sociology):yet she likes it.

And my copy is raw.

The same view was expressed my by son and many of my friends.

One of my Readers  suggested that my comments  must be longer.

I do not write more than what comes to my mind on the spur of the moment, no deliberation.

Well,I am what I am .

I want to thank Readers and Subscribers and Commenters  on the day of my reaching One lakh Hits.

To top it all,I enjoy blogging .

That’s enough for me.

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