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Indian Whistle blower On 2 G Site To Be Taken Off isa site in Tamil and has been doing investigative pieces.

This site was the first one to break the taped conversation between Kanimozhi and Police officer Jaffer Sait:the conversation between the members

involved in the 2G Sam,Karunanidhi,SUN TV ex.CEO and others on how to adjust the receipt Rs 200 Crore received by Kalaignar TV.

I have published the Transcript of the Tapes.

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Paid Indian Print Electronic Media Details

I posted sometime back92011) on the pattern of Investment holding in India in the Media, both print and Electronic.

Be aware what you watch in Print, Digital Format and on TV is not News.
You are being presented a copy written Packaged commodity, which has no relevance to facts,

I am reproducing some information from different sources so that we can sift facts from Fiction.

Rebuttals are most welcome.

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Worst Journalists of India

There is a report on the Worst Journalists of India, 2014.

I am posting excerpts below.

Mean while,one should remember Media is also a part of the Society in which we live.

Just as they used to show in films about Judges as the ones beyond Human failings of corruption,which is not a fact as we know at least now, we , unfortunately still believe that the Journalists are as pure as driven snow and are beyond corruption and partisan views.

The fact is they are so , so are we.

Under the circumstances, I do not follow or listen to one Journalist or another.

I watch all of them, independently verify stories from different sources and arrive at a conclusion on my own.

The perception that some are worst or good is a subjective .

Let me leave it at that.

But to expect some journalist to be of the standard of say GK.Reddy, even he was biased, is too much to expect especially after Rai tapes implicating Burkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi, (Check for audio under Radia Tapes)

However I have a few impressions of some Journalists.

Arnab Goswamy, though he is overly aggressive, forms opinions for himself , wants others merely to endorse him , by and large is as independent as The channel allows him.

Karan Thapar,Arrasive to the point of repugnancy, yet he makes the people whom he interviews squirm and generally make an ass of themselves.

In the process, in both these Journalists cases, the people spill the beans.

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List of Media Journalists, Received Money From Government

Many of us naively believe that the Media is Free and we read what is News , not views in the garb of News.

To me there are four types of Journalists.

1.Who write only the Truth in Public Interest.

I am yet to see one.If any one has an idea, please let me know the details.

This species is like mythical Gold Country.

I can recall only two names which come closer to this category.

‘CHO’ Ramaswamy in Tamil, Late. Babaurao Patel of Mother India(English)

2.Those who write because of Political inclinations, like RK.Karanjia of Blitz(now defunct),DF Karaka (Current,now defunct)

3.Slight variation of the above category,

Political Papers, Card holding Members.

4.Those who write for extortion

5..Government Protagonist.

This class receives money from he Government, occasionally criticize the Government for Credibility(?) and sings praise of the Government,plant stories subtly.

Listen to Radia Tapes how the Media is manipulated by Industrialists.(Filed under Radia Tapes)

Pakistan Government has been foolish enough to have the list lying and was caught.

They had to be released by a Supreme Court Order.

I am reproducing excerpts and the List.

Indian Government is smarter, or I am dumb, I am unable to find evidence of this.


The list of the 282 journalists who received payments and gifts from the secret fund of the information ministry was made public following a Supreme Court order.

The complete list can be viewed as a PDF here, or scroll down to the bottom of this report.

The list of disbursements totals just over Rs177 million.

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