Ram Temples Before 4025 BC Thirukkoilur Srirangam Tirupati

Rama.As the date of birth of Poigai Azhwar is 4025 BC,these temples should have existed before
4025 BC

Pandyas Chandra Vamsa Royal Emblem Fish By Pururavas

Pururavas introduced the dynasty’s emblem – a pair of fish, and shared his throne and taxes with Indra.

Six Thousand Year Temple with Rama Chennai Parthasarathi Perumal

Poigai Azhwar is dated at 4205 BC. The Thiruvaklikkeni temple about which Peyazhwar sung, should therefore be older than Fifth Century BC.

1300 Year Old Ram Rajiv Lochan Temple Rajim Chattisgarh

The temple of Rama at Rajim, Chattisgarh ,Rajiv Lochan Temple belongs to 7th Century AD as evidenced in the temple inscriptions.

Oldest Rama Temple 5500 Years Old Rams Chapel Iraq

Amidst the ruins of Ur, he unearthed a Ram-chapel but totally missed its relevance in world history