Best Probiotic For Gut , Immunity Recepie Saar Theertham, Nutritionists

This water is called Saar Theertham, Essence of Rice and Water.This used to be consumed daily in Our homes daily.We eat the rice, which we have kept aside from the water with Pickles preferably,Tender mango,மாவடு. This is called Pazhaya Saatham,Old cooked Rice.

Gandhari Curse To Shakuni Afghanistan ?

Krishna pays a left handed compliment to Sakuni when Krishna went to Duryodhana's court, before Mahabharata war, to avert it.Krishna even calls Sakuni as Maama,Uncle, saying that they are partners in the scheme of things. Only that Sakuni did not realise that.

Gangaikonda Chozhapuram Temple Architectural Marvel

Mantra For Offering Food To Crows.

The offering of food to Crows , is not limited to Sraddha days. Food has to be offered to Crows daily. Food has to be offered to Deities daily. Freshly cooked food is to be offered. There are different views on whether one can offer the food offered to Deities, Naivedya, can be offered to Crows as Crows represent Pitrus

Kings List of India from Mahabharata till Gupta dynasty

Chandragupta Maurya 1500BC Megasthanes Chandragupta 302 BC William Jones Fraud

Chandragupt Maurya was not ambitious of conquering the other states of India and he did not receive foreign ambassadors because there were only trade relations of India with the foreign countries in those days (1500’s BC) not political relations. So his kingdom was much smaller as compared to the kingdom of Chandragupt Vijayaditya of Gupt dynasty. Chandragupt Vijayaditya, who was the son of Ghatotkach Gupt of Shreegupt Family, was made the