Older Than Ayodhya Rama Temple Ninth Century AD Kothanda Rama Temple Aditya Chola

he current date of Ayodhya Ram temple is around 12 century.This date is incorrect and it can be dated much earlier. Obfuscation about Ayodhya Ram temple date abounds. I shall be writing about the Ayodhya Ram temple and it’s antiquity

Makara Sankranti as Indira Vizha Tamil Epics Detail

It is worth noting that the 28 days correspond to 28 days of Margazhi month in Tamil and one extra day in Marghazhi was used in preparation for the Pongal,Indira Vizha Festiy.This is exactly the Makara Sankranti day,and this was celebrated by ancient Tamils with pom

Christ In Rig Veda Devatarchana Mantra? Nonsense


I had rebutted all this point by point with evidence.What shocked me today, on Christmas of 2020,an advertisement in the Deccan herald by a Christian missionary group, quoting Rig Vedic Devatharchana,as having  been foretold Christ and Christianity.

Shiva Kala Aradhana Pooja Kasi December 19 Live Rudrabhishek


A dedicated group from US is organising Pooja, Rudrabhishek at Kasi Viswanatha temple regularly.They also organise,as a part of it,programmes that bespeak of our culture and religion,in the form of performing arts and lectures by eminent people on Sanatan

Thirumurukaatruppadai Background

Thirumurukaatruppadaibelongs to Tamil Sangam Literature.It was writtn by Nakkeerar about 20,000 yeras ago.This comes under Pathinenkeezh kanakku, an anthlogy of Eighteen poetic works.This is On Murugan, aka Subrahmanya.It talks about the greatness f Murugan,His Compassion,His victory over Soorapadma.It italks about the Six speacial abodes of Murugan Called Aarupadai Veedu.They are Tirupparankundram, near Madurai,Pazhani,Thiruchendur,Swamymalai,Pazhamudhir Solai, near Madurai( all in Tamil Nadu) and Thiruthani, Andhra Pradesh