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Ramanis blog completes Eight years today.

The blog has crossed Ten Million Readers and has 8049 Subscribers.

Let me first thank the readers for this.

And many readers have been with me since 2009!

As I have repeatedly said in my articles, I am not a scholar, but one with curiosity.

As I come by interesting topics, I share them and I write .

What have I achieved?

I am quite happy that Sixteen have conceived and delivered healthy children by following the procedure listed out in my article How to observe Shasti Vrata for begetting children.

One Girl did not have issues for 12 years and doctors have declared that she can not conceive and another had three abortions and was advised she can not beget children.

And most of them invited me for child’s naming ceremony.

This shows the Faith these children have and the potency of the Vrata and Mantras.

More than twenty six people have followed the Mantra for Autism and visited thed Shiva Temple.

Twenty three have reported marked improvement.

One from the US has reported that the Doctors are surprised at the improvement.

And there is an incident where one gentleman ,who had been suffering from Insomnia for Fifteen years started having regular sleep after following the Mantra suggested.

There are also communications from people who have been relieved of many ailments and problems.

One gentleman from Cochin who had Paralysis was having problems despite treatment and he became normal in terms of mobility after following procedure recommended.

He met me ,along with his wife,at Cochin Railway Station and spent about two hours with me.

What more can I ask for?

At my stage in Life, what gives me immense pleasure is that I have been a tool to alleviate suffering.

And their good will ensure my happiness and welfare of  my children and grandchildren.

At the academic level,Eight Doctorates have been obtained by French Students who have relied heavily on my blog and quoted them in their papers.

US Congress has quoted Ramanis blog in Congressional Hearing while discussing Indian Family values.

These, I record, to remind me my responsibility in providing authentic information and  I request readers  to point out errors in my articles and  suggest Topics.

This blog made Tedtalks to invite me .

Ramanan Tedtalk.image.
Ramanan Tedtalk Coimbatore.

And there I have gained more friends who are specialists in their profession.

Many of them are from abroad.

And they are in touch.

A Canadian international entertainer spent time with me,he is about 35,he has some personal issues,seeking advice on his personal issues.

At the end he hugged me saying that he saw in me his father.

What else do I need?

Selected articles of Ramanis blog were translated in Tamil bi weekly Tamizhaka Arasiyal, a leading one at that,and published for 159 episodes and it received wide interest.

This is significant in the sense that, because of the Dravidian parties Sanatana Dharma is ridiculed there.

And my researches on Tamils evoked interest among Tamil Academics.

All the happy I am, as I have been branded as Anti Tamil, an Arya and called as ‘Bangalore Brahmin Dog’ in ‘Tamil’ sites.

There is demand from readers that I publish my articles as a book.

I concur.

I have material for about four books, in differnet heads.

This costs money.

At the last check one book costs about Rs.30,000/.

I do not want my children to undertake this,well placed though they  are,as they are supporting me in the best possible way in terms of comfort and time and I do not want to burden them further.

I am sure Goddess Abhirami shall take care of this, if She desires so.

While on this, I would like to thank those who have sent in donations through my article ‘ Click to Donate’.

As to what I shall write is left to Her.

Thank you All.


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