Pandyas Chandra Vamsa Royal Emblem Fish By Pururavas

Pururavas introduced the dynasty’s emblem – a pair of fish, and shared his throne and taxes with Indra.

Makara Sankranti as Indira Vizha Tamil Epics Detail

It is worth noting that the 28 days correspond to 28 days of Margazhi month in Tamil and one extra day in Marghazhi was used in preparation for the Pongal,Indira Vizha Festiy.This is exactly the Makara Sankranti day,and this was celebrated by ancient Tamils with pom

Sangam Classic Describes Brahmins Performing Murugan Yagnya Swamymalai

,who had spent Forty eight years in Learning and practicing a Life of Austerity and good character,waer Nine threaded Upaveeda( Three in a pair into three,total nine.One for Brahmacharya, One for Gruhastha and one In lieu of Uttareeya, Angavastra

Andal, Srivilliputtur.jpg

Vairamuthu Fake Quote Reference Andal Deva Dasi Video

,What they know in Tamizh is a few catchy phrases from Tamil Literature learnt at college, if they had reached that stage at all, without going deep into the subject of Tamil. As to their knowledge of Hinduism……..Nunniyanool pala Karpinum…Thirukkural,