How To Make Fun of Brahmins in Public Demo by Tamil Nadu Ex CM

I had been to Delhi recently to attend the marriage of my friend’s daughter. He lives in NOIDA. He is a family friend.

The marriage was well attended with dignitaries from Delhi,UP,Bengal, Punjab and other states including from Maharashtra.

They were under the impression that Karunanidhi was a gentleman, learned scholar and a man who was/ is really secular,unlike others, wl respected Hinduism and Brahmins.

I have outlined the shenanigans of Karunanidhi to them and they were shocked.

They are not aware of the Brahmin bashing,Upaveeda cutting,Tuft cutting in public by the DMK and their ater ego,( or is it the other way).

The ridiculing of Hindu Puranas,Sri Rama,Sri Krishna,Draupadi,,list is endless.

I am posting a series of articles on the DMK, DK ,EVR,Annadurai , their speeches,facts against India,Elam,Temples,Ithihasa Puran and Hindu way of LifeNot to forget their agenda of division,half baked Knowledge of Tamil, Public posturing of Hatred for Hindi,Indians from North India and their love of the British.All the articles will be with authentic sources from public domains,mainly from DMK ,DK group publications.

The material is provided by Sri Trisakthi Sunderraman,my close friend,a media professional, political commentator,film producer and distributor and an actor. He is a corporate lawyer.

I am merely collating the information and writing for the benefit of Indians who are not living in Tamil Nadu.

In the featured image, you can see Karunanidhi former CM of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin, present CM of Tamil Nadu. 2 G Fame A Raja can also be seen.


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