Zee TV Ridicules Modi Through Children Reprehensible

To say it is Freedom of Expression or Free Speech does not hold  water as children are not aware of what they say in the skit. Those who design the skit should be man enough to speak the points in person without hiding behind children.

Sonia Gandhi Illegal Registration As Voter Document

Sonia Gandhi,the driving force and the real President of the Congress Party voted illegally when she was not a citizen of India . Her name in the voter list document in the image here below. The Story. Illegal registration as a voter:In January 1980, Indira Gandhi returned as Prime Minister. The first thing Sonia did … Continue reading Sonia Gandhi Illegal Registration As Voter Document

Rahul Gandhi Director Backhops Ltd UK British Citizen Document Four Passports

Mr Gandhi had called himself "British" on the annual returns of a UK-based firm "Backops Limited".

Dravidian Parties Self Respect Movement A Fraud

Swami Vivekananda mediated in Kanyakumari before embarking on to USA to address the gathering in Chicago on World religions.

Rajaji was one man whom Gandhiji dreaded and respected him the, most and called him as 'My' Conscience'

Now what do we have?

A family of corrupt and loose morals, looting Public Money to the tune of lakhs of crores in 2 G and other scams,begging for a seat in the cabinet for daughter and nephew in a tottering old age in a wheel chair.

Ridiculing Hindus and their Customs, dropping the shawl before a temple before leaving home and picking it up as a mark of respect to the Deity near the home, conducting Poojas at Home.

Celebrating dead people's birth days, while ridiculing Krishna Jayanthi and Rama Navami,

Praying in front of Samadhis on every occasion, declaring often Annadurai, MGR came in my dreams last night,

Attacking Brahmins, surrounded by Brahmin Personal Physicians, Surgeons,Lawyers and CAs.

Declaring that the North is thriving and the South is being deprived, separate Tamil Nadu is the solution and that they would die rather than giving up the demand for a separate Tamil Nadu, now they have come a full Circle.

For the benefit of an entire generation , the youth and the Non Tamils I will be posting articles on this Myth of Tamilian, Dravidian, Aryan Brahmin Domination and the much touted Self Respect Movement,EVR , Annadurai,Karunanidhi with facts, especially from their lives , their works and contemporary records.

I shall present facts, the reasons for the rise of this menace, the atrocities committed by this group , their double dealings, mostly from their own sources.

These people know how to manipulate Media and only through this they came to power and to-day retain a conglomerate of Television Channels in all South Indian Languages,(Look at their Tamil Love) naming them in the Chaste language of the State.

Time people knew their History, nay their background and skullduggery.