Make The Brahmins Shiver-Karunanidhi. You are Shivering.

Kanimozhi with Rajapakshe
Kanimozhi and Rajapakshe.

Karunanidhi, the self-appointed Dravidian Leader of Dravidians(?) and Leader Of Tamils( who sat through the killing of Tamils in Sri Lanks and whose daughter Kanimozhi hobnobbed with Rajapakshe in SriLanka and accepted bouquets and gifts from him ),having been made to bite the dust in the Tamil Nadu hustings,unable to stem the war of acrimony and struggle to capture his party by his sons and besieged by 2 G scam has been trying vigorously to capture the imagination of the voters.

His Party’s Self-determination for Tamil Nadu and a separate Statehood  has been given a decent burial and he can not revive it now for fear of the party being banned.

He is a chap who went on to bury The Constitution of India(that’s what he said, while burning a copy of the Constitution)  only to declare later in the Court that he had burned a piece of paper and not the Constitution!

He is a guy who laid down on Rail Track knowing pretty well that there are no Trains that will pass through then.

He is the moral authority on Kannagi who has a Wife and ‘Thunaivi’ openly

Nor can he cry hoarse on the domination of North over South by shouting ‘வடக்கு வாழ்கிறது ,தெற்கு தேய்கிறது ‘ as his son’s post as a Central Minister and the fate of his Daughter Kanimozhi and great-nephew  Dayanidhi Maran hinges on Sonia Gandhi‘s whims; he had to wait on wheel chair to get postings for his relatives at the Centre,wait for hours to meet Sonia Gandhi.

What of his much touted ‘Self Respect?’

His call for demanding Devikulam and Peermedu from Kerala for Tamil Nadu in the wake of Mullai Periyar Dam issue had no takers.

Nor can he talk about Hindi as he is  at the feet of Hindi.

So his favorite whipping  boy is Brahmins(that his statements that he is against Brahminism and not against Brahmins is another comedy).

Brahmins do not beg for Reservations nor do they call other Communities names.

They do not harass SC/ST.

Take the Statistics of SC/ST harassment cases-how many Brahmins were involved?

When DMK came to power late Bhaktavatsalam,former CM of Tamil Nadu, stated that vermin has infested Tamil Nadu, which has come true and Tamil Nadu has not been able to get rid of these thugs, who find opportunity in every thing to steal from the Public.

Brahmins never retaliated for it is not in their blood.

They quietly slipped away from Tamil Nadu to other States and Countries.

Will Karunanidhi  divulge the names of his Doctors, Lawyers and other Professionals whom he goes to for advice?

I know personally a couple of Doctors , Lawyers and Accountants who are Brahmins with whom Karunanidhi consults.

What is Karunanidhi’s contribution to Tamil Literature as compared to Nakkerar(not porn tabloid Nakkeran), Agasthiyar, Tholkappiyar,Uruthinkannanaar,Kapilar,Gnana Sambandar,Periyazhvaar,and a host of others from the Sangam period to Bharathi,U.Ve.Saminatha Iyer,Ki,Va.Jagannathan?

Karunanidhi can write street Prose which sounds nice to the ears but does not  stand the scrutiny of Tamil Grammar, convert Tholkaapiyam, a great Work, into soft porn in Tholkappiyappoonga.

He has not so far replied to mistakes pointed out in his Tholkaapiyappoonga in a Book , which incidentally was not written by a Brahmin

To day nobody bothers about castes, ask any youngster,he will ask you’what’.

If Tamil Magazines/Papers praise him then they are’நடு நிலை ஏடுகள் ; other wise they are’மவுண்ட் ரோடு மஹா விஷ்ணு, பார்ப்பன ஏடுகள்’

Disgusting creature worthy to be ignored.

I write this piece only to high light his non sense and double speak.

This author does not believe in divisions in the Society as portrayed by Karunanidhi nor is he against those who do nor happen to be Brahmins.

In the strictest sense of Hinduism there is no Brahmin today.

(Why cant the Government take action against him for inciting violence and breeding enmity between Communities amounting to Law and Order problem?

Make Brahmins shiver, says Karunanidhi.
பார்ப்பனக் கூட்டம் நடுங்க வேண்டும்

8 responses to “Make The Brahmins Shiver-Karunanidhi. You are Shivering.”

  1. Find the attitude of a said leader at the age of 90 plus. This is our fate we should not blame him alone we should have given some thing strong when he cut the hair and sacred thread of brahmins some time back and now still you talk about the old it is useless. why cant he talk about other caste people also if he is a proper human ? or else why should he show this kind of attitude by commenting on castes ?


  2. தேவடியாளுக்கு பிறந்த தேவடியாள் மகனே, அம்பட்ட நாயே, எவ்வளவு திமிருடா உனக்கு, எவ்வளவு தைரியம்டா உனக்கு, பாப்பாத்தியோட மூத்திரத்த குடிச்சு கூட இன்னும் கொழுப்பு அடங்கலடா உனக்கு, செத்த பிறகாவது திருந்திவியா பார்ப்போம்,,,


    • பார்ப்பனர்களுக்கு எதிராக பேசும் இந்த கருநாகம் கருணாநிதி, கிறித்தவர்கள் மற்றும் முஸ்லிம்களுக்கு எதிராக இதே போல் அறிக்கை விட்டால், இந்த கருணாநிதி ஒரு அப்பனுக்கு பிறந்தவன் என்று தமிழக மக்கள் ஒத்துக்கொள்வார்கள்,, தில்லு இருக்கா இந்த மு க (முடிச்சவுக்கி கருமாந்தர) கருணாநிதிக்கு?????


  3. He himself along with his whole family and the entire clan (including Ramdoss,Vaikko, Vijayakanth,) will slwoly loose their identity and will go out of circulation


  4. whenever there is a charge on him immtly he hides himself that he is from a lower caste, same thing was followed by dayanidhi maran when he was charged for 2g scam, hr said some RSS person’s wish is taking place, and i know how to handle it, this was said immyly when he came out of Mks house after a long discussion with him.


  5. In the strictest sense of Hinduism there is no Brahmin today: One should agree with this statement. Because If (Hinduism which was Brahminism before 1841 -1871 actually on census by British) it is not suited for your soft work ( no manual work, no agricultural field work, no industrial hard work) you will shift to some other religion. It is known since beginning, when Agasthiyar entered Tamil land in 6th century and Brahmin culture started in Tamil Land. You people have worked under Muslim rulers, Hindu rulers and British as tax collectors, Ministers, advisers of Judges through Gentoo code.

    When more AC room doctors who got the qualification in Indian money and settled in US and Europe for Dollars, crossed sea (Samundar) which is prohibited by Vedas and Smruthis, then you lost the Hinduism. For this purpose I was told that Ramanujam (the maths wizard) who visited Professor Hardy in Cambridge in 1913 for recognition of his maths he was excluded from caste for crossing the sea.

    Naturally, there can be no more Brahmins in Hinduism.
    I have to appreciate your bold truth.


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