Cheaters,Cheated Neeya Naana Vijay TV Finer Points

There are three classes in the category of the people cheated, or rather who succumbed to cheating for none can cheat you without your active participation.

1.Those who woke up after losing a fortune,like the one in the show who had lost over 35 lakhs over a period of ten years entering into any scheme that was offered from Gold Quest to plantations!

2.The second is the group that suspects that they are being cheated, made a quick check (anticipated and covered by the Scamaster), convinced them selves that they are smarter than the Scamster and went on losing!

Companies That Made Money By Wars I

Who benefits from Wars?

Do people of either country or the Countries that participate in a War?

Do the Nations Profit by War?


The Business interests.


“Some people fight for Idealism and Ninety nine out of hundred ae being conned.

So are the people back home who cheer for war.

We are always Right and they are always wrong.

In Washington and Beijing,London and Moscow.

People are being conned.

Those GIs in Vietnam,do you think they die for Life,liberty,and the pursuit of Happiness