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‘A vermin’ called Bhaktvatsalm former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, speaking of DK,DMK.

Sangam Poem Thirumurukaatruppadai
Thirumurukaatruppadai by Nakkirar, a Brahmin

They have destroyed the Cultural ethos of Tamil Nady by fake Tamilism’.

No one can quote a tamil Literature of standing  from this group of power seekers and anarchist avaricious breed, Annadurai and Karunanishi’s work included.

While one wrote a Book ‘Kamba Rasam(essence of Poet Kamban), on the Ramayana where the his main argument is.Sita has stayed in Ravana’s place for 11 months, How is it she remained unmolested?.

Karunanidhi is such a soft porn writer, who turned the ancient Tamil Grammar book Tolkaapiyam as a near sex book with illustrations!

This Book when launched when Karunanidhi was in power made a record sales, the cinch is that the book was thrust on his party men who are illiterate.

Thees self- styled Tamil protectors have been spewing venom at Brahmins in particular, Hindus in general.

For them Ramzan fasting is good for health and spirituality while Ekadasi is a Fraud.

When Rama Sethu issue came out Karunanidhi asked’Is Rama an Engineering,If so where did he get his degree from?

But these people attend Christmas party and facilitate Christians.

one of their main planks to attack Brahmins is to portray Brahmins as the enemies of Tamil out to destroy Tamil.

Look at the List of the destroyers of Tamil.

A sample List of Brahmins who contributed to Sangam Literature.

Agasthyar ,who received Tamil language from Shiva

Tolkappiyar (Thruna dumagni), who wrote grammar after Agaththiyam became obsolete.

Amur Gowthaman Sathevanar (Sahadevan)

Kadiyalur uruththiran Kannanar ( Rudra Aksha)

Kodimangalam Vathula (Gothra) Narsenthan

Sellur Kosikan (Kausika Gothra) kannanar

Madurai Teacher Nalanthuvan

Madurai Ilam kausikanar

Madurai Kanakkayanar

Nakkiran,son of Madurai Kanakkayanar

Madurai gownian (Kaundinya Gothra) daththnar


Uraiyur enicheri mudamosi

Perunkundrur Perungkausikan

Kumattur kannan



Vadamavannakkan damodaran

Vembathur kumaran


Kapilar-Paranar, Kallada-Mamulanar are always treated as pairs.

Books by Brahmin poets

Tolkappiyam (Pre Cankam period)

Kurinji pattu (lines 261)

Thiru murugatruppadai (lines 317)

Pattinap palai (Lines 301)

Perumpanatrup padai (Lines 500)

Malaipadukadam (lines 583)

Nedunal vadai (lines 188)

Six out of Ten Idylls sung by Brahmins

Pathitrup pathu (all except one)

Ainkurunuru (Kapilar’s 100)

Brahmin’s contribution adds up to 10,000 lines, nearly one third of the Cankam literature. The man who went from village to village to collect all these manuscripts was Mr U V Swaminatha Iyer, a Brahmin. We would have lost most of the Tamil treasures without his hard work.

Post Cankam Brahmin Writers

Thiru Gnana Sambandhar


Manikka Vasagar



Madura kavi alvar

Tondaradippodi alvar



(Though Adi Shankara and Dandi are from the South they did wrote only in Sanskrit)

Parimel Azkar: Though ten scholars wrote commentaries on the most famous Tamil ethics Tirukkural, Parimel Azakar’s was the best and most popular.

Nachinarkiniyar: The greatest commentator of Tamil literature. What Adi Sankara did for Upanishads, Brahmasutra, Bagavad Gita and Vishnu Sahasranama, Nachinarkiniyar did for Tamil literature. He wrote and wrote and never stopped. Without his commentaries we wouldn’t understand the Tamil poems at all. He was a voracious reader and a prolific writer.

Senavaraiyar: He wrote commentary on Tolkappiyam.

Acknowledgement .

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