Sanskrit Tamil Devi’s Letters Synchronised Thirumoolar

These 8 groups are personified as the 8 Little Mothers, worshipped all over India. The 9th group is Lalita Herself. She is beyond language and description. It is little realised ‘that gods and goddesses do not have names, but instead are described

Tamils Ancestors Of Australian Tribes?Linguistic Phonetic Evidence.

One of these Sangams was conducted in Thenmadurai and it was located in the west of Australia and the landmass covered Indonesia as well.

The Australian Boomerang was a Tamil Weapon.

Please read my articles on thce in every Five 5000 years.

Shiva was worshiped as a Prtimary Deity in Dravida Desa even before the Sanatana Dharma.

Australian aborigines perform the Shiva’s Trinetra Dance, The Third Eye Dance even today.

DNA eveidence also links the Dravidians to Australia.

Agastya is found in New Zealand.

Agastya Star, Star Canopus has a special significance to New Zealand Tribes.

This Star is visible in the southern latitudes once in 5000 years.

There are other pointers to the fact that the Tam

How Does Devi Devotee Behave Abhirami Andhadi

God is an Experience. He can not be reasoned out. He is beyond Mind. Tamil calls Him ‘Kadavul’, one who is beyond the Mind. You can not hold the Ocean in your palms. How does one explain hunger, Pleasure, or Pain? They have to be felt. Many who have experienced  the ecstasy of God haveContinue reading “How Does Devi Devotee Behave Abhirami Andhadi”

Brother Vishnu Gifts Sister River Cauvery Flooding July August

If the approach of Hinduism to God at a personal level , by treating God as Father, Mother, Sister,Brother …..even as a Lover by Humans, it is more interesting to hear Gods engaged in Human like Relationships among themselves. This becomes exquisite when Tamil joins hands with Sanskrit and Sanatana Dharma in expressing Piety and LoveContinue reading “Brother Vishnu Gifts Sister River Cauvery Flooding July August”

Atomic Analysis Report Of Palani Dhandayuthapani Subrahmanya

1.The Idol’s face was fresh as though it was installed recently.

2.The lower portions were damaged.

3.On testing with an Atomic Analyser, i was found that the Idols was made of neither Granite, nor minerals.

4.The Sceintists were unable to determine what it is made of.

Now an abstract of the report; the web site Link is provide towards the close of the Post.