Tamils Ancestors Of Australian Tribes?Linguistic Phonetic Evidence.

I have writeen about the Tamils’connection to Australia and how Lemuria could have relevance to it.

The landmass of Lemuria encompassed Australia aswell.

The Dravidians, meaning people from the south were the people who inhabited these areas.


The MU people were in the periphery of Lemuria,some consider  that to be different landmass and they were a part of Tamils.

The Tamil Classics speak of Tamil Poets’Conclave, there were three in number,called Tamil Sangam in ancient times.

One of these Sangams was conducted in Thenmadurai and it was located in the west of Australia and the landmass covered Indonesia as well.

The Australian Boomerang was a Tamil Weapon.

Please read my articles on thce in every Five 5000 years.

Shiva was worshiped as a Prtimary Deity in Dravida Desa even before the Sanatana Dharma.

Australian aborigines perform the Shiva’s Trinetra Dance, The Third Eye Dance even today.

DNA eveidence also links the Dravidians to Australia.

Agastya is found in New Zealand.

Agastya Star, Star Canopus has a special significance to New Zealand Tribes.

This Star is visible in the southern latitudes once in 5000 years.

There are other pointers to the fact that the Tamils were the ancestors of Australian tribes.

One such is  linguistic and phonetic study.

I am quoting excerpts from a research paper below which strengthens the case that the Tamils were the ancestors of the Australian tribes.

I shall advance arguments further from the evidence of Nishada Kindoms of India shortly.

Perhaps most similar to Australian languages are the Dravidian languages of southern India. Tamil, for example, has five places of articulation in a single series of stops, paralleled by a series of nasals, and no fricatives (thus approaching the Australian proportion of sonorants to obstruents of 70% to 30%). Approaching the question from the opposite direction: according to the latest WHO data on the prevalence of chronic otitis media (Acuin 2004:14ff), Aboriginal Australians have the highest prevalence in the world – 10-54%, according to Coates & al (2002), up to 36% with perforations of the eardrum. They are followed – at some distance – by the Tamil of southern India (7.8%, down from previous estimates of 16-34%) to develop.
– Andrew Butcher
Genetic Evidence for Australian Aboriginals were Dravidians
The experiments were regarding the early coastal migration of human beings to Australia . Because, according to our theory, the first time man migrated from Africa was to Australia . India proved a critical turning point for us as genetic testing of isolated Indian populations produces a key genetic marker [one of the genetic changes] linking India as a crossroad for the journey of man to both Australia and Central Asia. So we were looking in the south of India because most Indian scientists said that the oldest population in India stayed in south India . And we found out in our experiments that these people were Dravidians.
Reference and citation.
Spencer Wells, Phd

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