Tamil Lands Sanjaya Description Tallies Tamil Work Tholkaapiyam?

The desert region called Paalai in Tamil Literature is found in Seven then panai naadu, Seven  lands of  Normal and short Palmyra trees. Palmyra trees grow in and around Deserts. These Paalai lands were further classified into nearly Desert முன் பாலை and Desert பின் பாலை

Madurai 155 Trillion Years Old? Puzzling Evidence.

Based on Tectonic shift, Archeology and related evidence Ihad ,earlier,arrived at  a figure of 230 million years for Lemuria of which Madurai was a part. It was Then Madurai then. Because of tectonic shift, it had moved to it's present location. The present information in this article is Mind blogging. It is easy to dispose it off as Non sense.

Manu Dynasties Saptha Rishi Star Visitations Study Part I

Though Manu is reported to have sprung from Vivaswan,Surya,Sun, and recorded as first Human, Offspring of Saptha Rishis are shown as progenitors of Human race.For example Daksha.Saptha Rishis change for each Manvantara.

Lemuria Tamils Live in Mount Sastha California Twin of Thiruvannamalai? Researcher Missing

Based on research,it transpires that people do live in towns inside Mount Sastha.

One of the explorers,who had been going there often was missing!

His reports are available.

Three Hundred Million Years Pranava Veda Fifth of Nine Vedas Aindhiram Tamil?

And the Texts quoted from Pranav's Veda seem to be more on Vaasthu,that is rules of architecture.

The Pranava Veda texts also speak of Temple construction.

Vedas do not speak of Temple Worship nor do they mention public Worship.

Iswara Pranidhana concept was introduced by Patanjali in his