Tamil Lands Sanjaya Description Tallies Tamil Work Tholkaapiyam?

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I have written articles on the relationship between Tamil/s and Sanatan Dharma. Based on references to Sanskrit,Puranas Ithihasas found in Tamil Literature of ancient times, (Five Epics, poems of Sangam period) and references in Sanskrit, Prakrit , Puranas, Ithihasas Ramayana and Mahabharata about Tamil and Tamil Kings, I have written about Vedic practices , inclusion of Tamils cultural practices in Sanatan Dharma .From these I had also mentioned about the marriage of Sri Krishna, Arjuna to Tamil princesses; Krishna had a daughter through the South Indian Princess and got her married to a Pandyan prince. Sri. Rama’ s sister, Shantha, was married to Rishyashrunga from Sringeri, Karnataka.The references are too many to be listed here. You may read some of them here.

Based on such references in Sanskrit texts, I tried to elaborate what Bharata Varsha and it’s extent.You may read some of them here.

In these posts, I have shown some of the areas mentioned in Sanskrit texts.I have also written von references to Tamil lands in Sanskrit texts. Please read  some of them here. Srimad Bhagvad purana and Skanda Purana identify Kumarikandam.

Now I am trying to explore the Tamil lands from the statements by Sanjaya in Mahabharata.

Sanjaya mentions six regions in Sakat dweepa, one of the areas mentioned as part of Earth’s landmass. They are.

  • Mahameru – Mountainous region
  • Mahakaasam- Pastoral land, where grass grows aplenty,Mullai.
  • Jaladham . Marutham.
  • Kumudhotharam,means where it rains, conducive to farming, The place water lilies,Aambal , ஆம்பல் in தமிழ், NymphaeaPubesecens.
  • Jaladhaaram- Where copious rains fall, Neydhal
  • Subrahmanya is referred to Sukumara in Sanskrit,which means handsome, good, nice Son; Tamil calls Subrahmanya as Murugan means, Exquisite, handsome. So, Sukumaaram land might indicate Mountain regions where Subrahmanya resides. In Tamil Literature, Murugan is assigned Mountains region; Vishnu as Krishna to Pastoral lands; Varuna to Sea and adjoining areas; Marutham belongs to Indra and Paalai to Kotravai, Durga.

Tamil grammar defines six landmass. Kurunji ( Mountain and surrounding areas); Mullai ( Forest and adjoining areas); Marutham( Arable land); Neydhal(Sea and adjoining areas) and Paalai( Desert).

So it is reasonable to infer Sanjaya was speaking about Tamil Lands.

The desert region called Paalai in Tamil Literature is found in Seven then panai naadu, Seven  lands of  Normal and short Palmyra trees. Palmyra trees grow in and around Deserts. These Paalai lands were further classified into nearly Desert முன் பாலை and Desert பின் பாலை.

The seven landmasses based on the list of areas ruled by Tamil Kings, Thennan , தென்னன், One who belongs to South, are as follows.

தெங்க நாடு ஏழு,மதுரை நாடு ஏழு,முன் பாலை நாடு ஏழு,பின் பாலை நாடு ஏழு,குன்ற நாடு ஏழு,குணகரை நாடு ஏழு,குறும்பனை நாடு ஏழு.

That is Thenga Nadu ( Seven in number) had Palmyra and Coconut groves; Madurai Nadu ( Seven) corresponds to Marutham ,Jaladham(;Kunakarai Nadu ( Seven) corresponds to Neydhal Sea  and adjoining areas); Kunra Nadu ( Seven) mountainous region;pin Paalai and mun Paalai might indicate dessert..

Comments for improving this line of thought welcome.

Reference. https://thamizhan-thiravidana.blogspot.com/2011/07/59-3.html?m=1

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