Scythians Central Asia From India Tamils?

IT was a place where Siddhas lived.

Siddhas are unique to Tamil Culture.

They were realized Souls.

Shiva is regarded as the First Siddha, Adi Siddha.

Agastya, Bhogar and Panini ere his chief disciples.

Agastya along with Shiva is believed to have founded Tamil Language.

Tamil is still spoken in its rudimentary form in the North Western province of present Pakistan

Atlantis White Island, Of White Skinned?

There are scholars who maintain that Atlantis was first mentioned by Plato.

But references to the area designated as Atlantis are found in many cultures.

Atlantis was given its name by the Greeks after Atlas.

But early Greek legends indicate Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism connection.

Balarama, Krishna legends have found and there is a view that the Pillars of Hercules was made in honor of Lord Krishna.

Delhi,Indraprastha Built by Builder From Atlantis

Modern Delhi ,( portion of it) was called Indraprastha .

It was built by Maya.

Maya was from Sakadweepa.

Saka Dweepa was Atlantis.

More on Atlantis to follow.

Earth as Seven Islands.