Nine Vedas From Russia ?

One response to “Nine Vedas From Russia ?”

  1. Sir… I can guarnatee you that tommorow,you will Definatly said that Santan Dharma Originate from the West(Europe) and not from the East…
    sir Rig veda is all about Saraswati Civilisation… which clearly states that Rig Veda originate from saraswati River and not from Artic.,.
    he Drahyus(Druids) Prefered Colder Climate when Saraswati River Dries due to Techtonic Plate shift..
    These Russian Vedas are all KGB espinonage Traps, to Prove that Aryan came from Europe and not from India…
    As Aryan Invasion Theory Failed,all thx to Internet so now the West are Changing their Strategy…
    There is no Proofs that Sanatan Dharma Borned in Russia or Europe


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