Nine Vedas From Russia ?

Russian connection to Sanatana Dharma is complex,intriguing,interesting and merits detailed study. This is because there is evidence, I have written in detail abiut each of them, Vedas ,specifically the Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic, Indra’s City Amravathi is near Baikal,Russia, Indra’s Vaikanasa Theertha is Lake Baikal, Rig Vedic Swasthik Mandala city is fiund in Russia, Archaim,Russia contains Havan/Homa Kund, Sage Yagnyavalkya lived in Russia, Russia was called Sthree Varsha,Kingdom of Women, Lord Krishna’s son Pradhyumna built the Russian port city of Port Baijn/Barzhyn’ Siberians worship Ayur Devatas, Russian language is very much closer and many terms in Russians are pure Sanskrit, Rivers mentioned in the Vedas are found in Russia, Rama’s stepmother,Kaikeyi was born in Russia, There is Narada mountain in Russia. Arjuna went on a Pilgrimage to Russia.. Russians have their Vedas,

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