Vedas Nine? Perun Santees Russia Gave Four To India?

symbol of Ynglism, a Russian Pagan religion often classified as a Rodnover sect. Date 2 August 2013 Source Ynglist Church: Author Ynglists.image.png

The Russian connection to Sanatana Dharma is complex,intriguing,interesting and merits detailed study.

This is because there is evidence, I have written in detail abiut each of them,

Vedas ,specifically the Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic,

Indra’s City Amravathi is near Baikal,Russia,

Indra’s Vaikanasa Theertha is Lake Baikal,

Rig Vedic  Swasthik Mandala city is fiund in Russia,

Archaim,Russia contains Havan/Homa Kund,

Sage Yagnyavalkya lived in Russia,

Russia was called Sthree Varsha,Kingdom of Women,

Lord Krishna’s son Pradhyumna built the Russian port city of Port Baijn/Barzhyn’

Siberians worship Ayur Devatas,

Russian language is very much closer and many terms in Russians are pure Sanskrit,

Rivers mentioned in the Vedas are found in Russia,

Rama’s stepmother,Kaikeyi was birn in Russia,

There is Narada mountain in Russia.

Arjuna went on a Pilgrimage to Russia..

Russians have their Vedas,Perun Santees.

They are nine in number.

They seem to have been written in Gold( while Indian Vedas were transferred orally).

Russians beileve that a portion of it was given to Dravidas,people of South India,whise method of worship was different.

These Perun Santees date back to 600,000 years.

The portion given to India dates back to 40,000 years.

The similarities.

Perun Santees believe in one Reality.

There are expressed Gods out of this Reality.

The sign of Reality is Swasthika.

Their God of Thunder and Lightening ,Perun resembles Indra with his weapons.

In the classification scheme of Georges Dumézil, Perun was the god of the second function (physical and military power), a god of war, and as such, he was armed with several fantastic weapons. Perun’s lightning bolts were believed to be stones and stone arrows. According to folk beliefs, fulgurites, belemnites, and sometimes even the remains of prehistoric stone tools found in the ground are remains of these weapons. Various Slavic countries also call these deposits “Perun’s stones”, “thunderbolt stones”, “thunderbolt wedges” and “Perun’s arrow”; other unrelated names for these include “devil’s finger”, “God’s finger”, and “Mother of God finger”, and in Lithuania, “Perkun’s finger”  These thunderbolt stones were sometimes said to be transferred back to the sky by the wind after being under earth for a period of seven years. The weapons of Perun protected against bad luck, evil ,magic,disease,and – naturally enough – lightning itself.

Perun also had another type of weapon in his arsenal, as destructive as his firestone arrows, but even more unusual: mythical golden apples. While this may not seem to be much of a weapon, in many'( wiki Perun)

( )

Perun Temple seems to have an Altar resembling Navagraha.

Remains of an ancient shrine to Perun discovered in Peryn consisted of a wide circular platform centred around a statue, encircled by a trench with eight apses, which contained sacrificial altars and possibly additional statues. The overall plan of the shrine shows clear symbolism of the number nine. This is sometimes interpreted that Perun, in fact, had nine sons (or eight sons, with himself, the father, being the ninth Perun). It should also be noted that in some Slavic folk songs, nine unnamed brothers are mentioned.( wiki Perun)

According to Perun Santees Fire God is to be worshiped as one finds in Vedas, Agni worship.

And there are ample references to Mitra Varuna,Mithraism.

There is a sect,Ynglism,which is based on Perun Santees and Book of Veles.

Ynglists teach that “Yngly” (Инглия) is the primordial fiery force from which the universe is arisen. They consider the Ynglings as the noble patriarchs of the Slavs and all other Indo-European (Aryan) peoples and civilisations, the first ones to get awareness of the Yngly. They also worship Rod similarly to other Rodnovers, but consider it the archetypal god of embodied men and the god of the begotten (manifested) world.

Their sacred texts are the Slavic-Aryan Vedas (Славяно-Арийская-Веды) and the Book of Veles. Although centered in the Omsk region, in recent years the church has extended its influence throughout Russia with local communities and a massive selling of books and other media.

Ynglists teach that “Yngly” (Инглия) is the primordial fiery force from which the universe is arisen. They consider the Ynglings as the noble patriarchs of the Slavs and all other Indo-European (Aryan) peoples and civilisations, the first ones to get awareness of the Yngly. They also worship Rod similarly to other Rodnovers, but consider it the archetypal god of embodied men and the god of the begotten (manifested) world. )

Book of Veles is found to be a forgery.

Perun Santees seems to be authentic.

Slav Vedas. ,

There is a view that there is a Fifth Veda, Pranava,Veda and Lord Subrahmanya taught this to Shiva at Swamimalai and hence called Swaminathan,the Perceptor to God.

For statements made about Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma,please Google key word plus ramanan50.

8 responses to “Vedas Nine? Perun Santees Russia Gave Four To India?”

  1. Namaste Venkat ji,

    Hope you are doing great.

    Thank you for sharing this topic in detail.

    Regards, Atul


  2. beg to disagree here, this region and religious movement is new and quite different form Vedic culture.
    Hitler perverted the word Arya, no where in Veda, Ramayana , Mahabharata it is written that Arya means a tribe or a race, even wife of Nobel king Dasratha, name Kaikaiye, is called Anarya , for her deed through out the book, while Vibhishan, Hanuman, Rich Raj is called Aray, and Ravan is called both Arya and Anarya for his deeds and miss deeds.
    if you read various Indian scriptures you will know that there were only 3 Veda at first furthermore 4th veda is later addition to Sanathandharm, even Buddha said that there were only three Veda and Ramayana also only talks about tree Veda. If you read Ramayana by valmiki line by line , you would have known this.
    Many documents has been forged by west in propaganda claim the legacy of Indians or Vedic culture.
    I do agree with many of your views, but some of them are not acceptable at all. You say Ramayan, mahabrat or Vedas are fact in many of your articles and tried to probe some of the anomalies on the basis of Gondwanaland and Pangaea.
    Let’s consider this theory, Gondwanaland land existed till 175 Million years ago.
    Ramayan happened in Treta started 2,163,300 years ago., by the time Ramayan happened and Ram was born Gondwana land disintegrated . Hence your theory is off by at least 170 Million years.
    I do think like you, i have thought about that and discussed with mom but I myself refuted the theory on the basis of current scientific geological data. What do you say about this ?
    When there was Pangaea, there was thethyas sea, and there was no Himalayas , and no Tibetan plateau. Collision of Indian Plate with Eurasian Plate caused Himalaya and Tibetan plateau.
    At least 45 Million years before Ram was bore, Sub Continent merge with Eurasian plate, Sri lanka is on Sub continent plate, hence the distance in between Sri Lanka and India will remain more or less same and will not change drastically.
    I know time is cyclic in Hinduism, but it is very much linear, what is extend of yuga is Given in term of Human age, which is given in term of time taken for sun to rise and set.
    I can add more scientific anomaly regarding various mountains represented in Ramayana and their height, Feel free to refute me on the Basis of Scientific Documents and Research . No on the basis of “Kutark” just to justify yourself.
    I too like to glorify my culture but not on the basis of Fallacy.
    In past Max muller had agenda, not today, almost all Indo European theories place the culture in around 4000 BC and there are multiple hypothesis, some place in central Asia, some in Modern Ukraine. While one theory place Sanskrit in India.
    I will agree that North around arctic is regarded as holy place , but is not regarded as place where Veda was compiled, at least not In Ramayana or Mahabharata or Puranas.
    Modern Scripts of India is based of Brahmi script which is Different from Seals of Harrapa and Mohan Jo Daro.
    I also would like to say why do you say Dravidian all the time ? Modern Genetic research shows that, Population of India is mixed and date goes well beyond the date given by west for Aryan Migration and Culture of Harrapa and Mohan Jo Daro. This data is published in very reputed journals like Cell and NCBI.
    Some of your article is mere speculation without any scientific backing of any kind and is in the land of Chauvinism, especially when you talk about American Continent. Please do not claim something as yours, unless you can show strong correlation to it.
    You can say Europe had same culture or religion as we have in India 2000 years ago , before Christians started to kill pagans, you can say the same for Iran , Iraq but not for America, there is not direct land connection , nor they speak any language which is closer to any of the Indo European or Dravidian languages. Their native languages were linguistically different, nor does any scripture talks about them .


    • Kindly read all my articles especially regarding Time Anamoly.Also the article The Fraud called Aryan invasion theory Max Mueller fraud and more. Regards.


      • I have read your articles, hence I decided to comment, I said I agree with many points, but few anomaly I do not agree, because to prove them correct, one will need to completely ignore modern science and theories, even after that there will be many anomalies.

        For instance , presence of Maynak Mountain in between Sri Lanka and India. , Mountain which floats in air.
        100 yojan tall mountain. , you my be verify if you wish , yudhkand surg 39 shloka 18.
        100 Yojan will be atleast 330 Km or it can be 1100 Km, but the Distance is under 100 Km from India.
        and there is no mountain on earth whose peak is at 100 yojan..

        Aryan Invasion theory or even migration theory , as per research data from NCBI and Harvard and Cell does not hold firmly as Given date is around 3000 BC and genetic research data says that there in no major Emigration from west before around 3000 BC rather , there is emigration from east to west .

        Aryan Invasion theory was staged to rule India and Convert into Christianity and missionaries are converting people by hook or by crook .



      • Thank you. I am researching into the mountain you have mentioned. Shall revert once I have authentic material. Regards.


  3. Sve je sve I Sam SMO Sve…. Everything is one organisam…
    Vladarr je bio SRB
    Nazalost izgubio je moc ukrstajuci se zemljanima.
    Potomci Velikog SRB..A
    Tesla,Pupin,Mileva MaricAnsajn¡ IvanovicMendelev, Milankovic iIgor Maric (Et Rashkian,SrbRashkian,P Rashkian, Russian.
    Sam Samoga Sebe Spoznaj


    • Following is the translation of the comment which is in Croatian.( Google translate)
      Everything is everything I AM Everything …. Everything is one I organize … The ruler was a Serb Unfortunately, he lost power by crossing the earth. Descendants of the Great SRB..A Tesla, Pupin, Mileva MaricAnsajn¡ IvanovicMendelev, Milankovic iIgor Maric (Et Rashkian, SrbRashkian, P Rashkian, Russian. Know Yourself Brar.
      I am trying to piece it together.
      Will someone help?
      Am trying to find out SRB.


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