Vedas Nine? Perun Santees Russia Gave Four To India?

symbol of Ynglism, a Russian Pagan religion often classified as a Rodnover sect. Date 2 August 2013 Source Ynglist Church: Author Ynglists.

These Perun Santees date back to 600,000 years.

The portion given to India dates back to 40,000 years.

The similarities.

Perun Santees believe in one Reality.

There are expressed Gods out of this Reality.

The sign of Reality is Swasthika.

‘  I have never seen anything of the kind.” Vladimir Putin. ON Krishna’s Sons City Por-Bazhyn, Siberia

Por-Bazhyn surrounded by water

Russian president Vladimir Putin visited the mysterious island with Prince Albert of Monaco and said that:

 “I have been to many places, I have seen many things, but I have never seen anything of the kind.”

Russia had been the Home of Sanatana Dharma.

The Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic.

Russia has a Veda ,’Santees,’

It was also called ,

‘The Book of Veles considered to be the Russian Vedas’

Sanskrit Inscription Olkhon Island Baikal Lake Russia.

The image above is Shaman rock and cape Burhan on Olkhon Island, Baikal Lake, Russia. I had written in my earlier article that there is a Sanskrit Inscription in Baikal area. As the article was about Krishna’s palace in Por-Byzhyn,I did not detail on the inscription. There is a Sanskrit inscription in Rock Shaman. ‘ Cape… Continue reading Sanskrit Inscription Olkhon Island Baikal Lake Russia.

China Urals Mongolia Arctic Aurora Borealis Sugreeva Geography

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights.

Accurate Geographical reference was provided by Sugreeva to his Vanara Army for the Search of Sita.

Here I present from the Valmiki Ramayana, the places described by Sugreeva as lying in the North of Kailash and modern Names of these places.

I shall post on details of the search for Sita in other directions.