Recovery of True Hinduism, Acharya Maulana

And look at the pathetic attempt by secular historians who quote Acharya Maulana! Who gave the gentleman the title of Acharya? It needs minimum twelve years to study Vedas under a Guru, that too, the disciple leaving home and staying with Guru. Reading some texts on Hinduism or of Hinduism does not make one an Acharya. Can one become a Maulana by reading Islamic Texts?

Kaaba Ground Floor Plan Vedic Evidence Of Vishnu Temple Complex

Though the present evidence suggests that the Black Stone worshipped in Kaaba is a Shiva Kings,new evidence suggests that there could have been a huge Temple Complex,where now stands a truncated Kaaba.

This temple housed many Deities.

Lord Vishnu seems to have been another Primary Deity along with Shiva.

The ground floorplan of Mecca is after the Vedic Principle of Temple Construction.

Description of Idol Worshipped in Kaaba Travels In Arabia 1829 Latest Video

The Worship of Many God's, Polytheism was practiced.

The Religious concepts were from Sumeria,Sassanian empire,Iran and from Greece.

All these were derived from Santana Dharma.

I have written on the influence of Santana Dharma on all these civilisations from whom the Pre Islamic Deities were derived.