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How To Discern A University College

When I was entering college, about fifty years back, the popular Course was B.Com and the most coveted job was in a Bank, which can be had by writing the Bank Entrance Examination.

Then came Engineering, B.E. mania when people rushed to Engineering colleges, even if child does not it or the parents could not afford it.

In the mad rush all other courses were left behind.

The came the IT wave.

Every one was rushing to IT courses to such an extent even an unqualified Coaching Centre was minting money.

Now the things have come to a full circle.

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Training For Competitive Examinations India Abroad.

Leaving aside the issue whether leaving abroad for good,it is an accepted fact that children leave for pursuing Higher studies. And I have noticed that such students once they leave for Higher Education, it is certain that they would find employment there and eventually settle down there. Considering the present trend,it is time that parents be prepared to accept this as

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Searching For a Job Then and Now

I have been posting, though intermittently on Education and employment opportunities. Might be that I am moving only in such circles, I find that people get employed without hassles when compared to my days. We used to hunt for jobs furiously,looking at newspapers for vacancies,asking people to put in a word for an interview. We were not sure as to

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