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It is not often when I come across an educational portal that is all encompassing ,covers the Educational needs of students from around the world,hobbies.

One needs excellent resources at one’s disposal,Teachers,Texts,career counseling…

Parents do have a part in the process of learning. When teachers and parents join together for education, the result can be nothing but excellent.Am providing some links for reference.

Twinkl in Sheffield, UK, is one of the largest creators of educational resources in the world, with over 8,00,000 resources on their site.. Trusted by schools and educators the world over, it has a million subscribers!

Twinkl Membership for Schools

Twinkl support communities @
Create your own resources @

Made by teachers, perfect for parents. Visit our Parents’ Hub

For Students from India.

‘Twinkl provides a comprehensive range of Indian Teaching resources to help you compile lesson plans and conduct curriculum-accurate assessments. Our planning and assessment teaching resources cover every stage of development, including ECCE (Pre-school, Class 1 and 2) and Preparatory age groups (Class 3 to 5)

‘Welcome to the world’s largest digital publisher of teaching resources! More than 12,000 schools in the world chose us to help teachers and students thrive. Browse by curriculum and find more than 650,000 teaching resources: interactive presentations, worksheets, display materials and interactive games to bring digital innovation to your classroom, and much, much more!:

For the rest of the world

‘We have thousands of materials to help you teach all areas of the National Curriculum. Choose a subject to browse resources by the National Curriculum aims’

It is not often that what you write is recognised by an educational portal.

I have been writing Ramanisblog from August 2009, on Indian history, Sanatana Dharma around the world,and its impact on world civilizations. The blog is quoted extensively by students from abroad for their doctorates in Ancient History, Hinduism, and Scientific concepts in Sanatana Dharma. And the blog is quoted on many books and websites.

I am happy about this.

Now an educational portal has lauded the blog as an important blog on Indian history.

Ramani’s blog has been up and running since 2009, and the beauty of this blog and what it sets apart is that a lot of the writing is inspired by Mr. Ramanan’s own learnings and experiences, which shows as he talks about spirituality, diet and lifestyle, Hindu customs and much more, all in the context of Indian history. This is why he’s been rightly included in our top Indian history blogs list.


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