Milk You Drink Toxic Great Milk Conspiracy.

New Zealand researchers claimed that A1 milk contains beta-caesin which is harmful for human beings and leads to diseases like diabetes, cancer and a weakening of the immune system. The results of the NDRI research also indicated that A1 milk that is served to infants and old age people damages the immune system. AK Srivastava, Director, NDRI, Karnal, tells Indiaopines, “In India, the experiment conducted six months ago on animals indicated that A1 milk caused immunity problems. But as of now we have to wait further for a credible source..

Children Growth Nutrients

It is better to have a balanced diet including Protein.

In our daily Life we may not get a much protein as much as required because of our changed food habits.

Natural Protein food.


How To Clean Polluted Vegetables Waxed Fruits

Now what we have wax quoted Apples, oil polished vegetables that are inviting.

Not to speak of the pesticides used to grow them.

All these are highly toxic and can harm you, landing you with infections to Kidney problems.

How to clean the vegetables and fruits we buy thus?

1.Wash the vegetables and fruits with 2 7 Salt Water solution.This removes residues of pesticide.

2.To remove tough remains, use hot water, or steam.