Who Is Indrakshi? Answer To Covid Scare Mantras Procedure

Now , we are under siege by the surge of Covid. And more importantly by Media creating panic among people. Diseases have been known to humans from time immemorial. One reads about Plague,Spanish Flu and the like. I have read in a scientific journal recently, a Scientist records that we have not totally driven away any virus that affected us including polio, Flu, Plague. What has happened is that our bodies have learnt to live with these viruses.The possible virus, the scientist says, that we seem to have got rid of, is Smallpox Virus. Even this, he notes we are not quite sure.

So we must understand that diseases and presence of viruses is a part of the World and it is in Nature’s Scheme of things. We shall develop immunity definitely. Earlier days, it took generations for human body to develop Antibodies and build resistance.Now thanks to science, we are able to identify the cause of the disease, it’s composition and develop Vaccines . The development of Vaccine includes the step of producing the disease in your body at a level where it would only enable your body mechanism, white blood cells, to produce what is called Antigens.These are like soldiers who fight the enemy that enters your body. In the process of killing it, heat is generated. That is fever
Some one may get some other mild symptoms ascwell.This will not harm you. This only confirms that your body is fighting fit. Once the antibodies know to recognise the intruders and has sufficient Antibodies, you become immune.What this means is that , not that you are not affected by the Virus, but your body has successfully handled and killed the virus. One should also know that a healthy positive state of mind helps in the production of Antibodies.Your entering the Panic mode and your nervousness impede the development of Antibodies. So , be of Cheer and shun Covid News. I have tried to explain in layman’s language the mechanics of Vaccination process. This is to explain to people that there is nothing to be scared stiff or becoming panicky. Creating scare and panic is being efficiency done by the Media. So I request Specialists not to try to pick holes in my explanation and try to show off.Our aim is to assure people on facts. Don’t sow the seeds of Scientific uncertainty now, of all times.

Yantra to use For Indrakshi Stotra.

Now, people with a little commonsense know there is something higher in the scheme of things of which we don’t know much about and science is inadequate and groping for answers. That is the reason we find seeming uncertain information from Doctors and Scientists. They are not to be blamed. Science is a process of exploration and what is working is taken as truth.Here one relies on Causality and uniformity of Nature.These two are only assumption.I have dealt with them in my earlier articles on Science. But as to now, doctors do not have sufficient data to give a firm opinion. It is not their mistake.

But, if one were to look inwards and human history, more things had become possible and we’ve achieved by Faith.Now,

published 7 years ago

I remember ,as a child, when I had high fever,my father doing Indrakshi Japa with Vibhuth, Bhasma and applying it to my forehead.


It produced results.Those were the days when antibiotics were sparingly used, the Cure it all was penicillin.


That was prescribed for only, in the doctor’s opinion, for serious illnesses.


Indrakshi Mantra is by Lord Narayana.


This will cure all diseases and daily chanting of this will ensure a disease free Life. Indrakshi Stotra For Fever


Follow the above Link for Indrakshi Mantra. Take a little Bhasma, Vibhuti,Holy Ash in between your Right Thumb and the middle and ring finger, all three touching together.Then chant the mantra as explained in the link mentioned above. After the chanting is over, apply the Vibhuti on the forehead,Neck and Chest
This shall resolve fear, fever and build resistance. I havecaldo provided the mantra towards the close of the article.

Who is Indrakshi? Indrakshi, is an Akshi Devatha like Kamakshi and Meenakshi who bless through their vision. Her physical attributes resemble Indra (God of demigods) because of the 1000 eyes all over her body and she is a compilation of many Goddess energies. Her mantras are helpful in relieving one from different kinds of fever and skin related diseases mainly. Indrakshi stotram is always accompanied by Shiva Kavacha stotram which acts as armor and prevents from negative forces. Rishabha, the bull faced God who is the first devotee of Lord Shiva, is the Rishi who authored this hymn.
Both of these mantras will be chanted on a plateful of Vibhuti (Bhasma/Sacred Ash) in which the divine symbol of Indrakshi is drawn.


So, going by similar lines, the Indrakshi is the form of Durga

basically worshipped to cure prolonged illness, fever, contagious

diseases, small pox, chicken pox, visha and tivra jwaras etc.

Indrakshi is also called SatAkshi, Shakambari, Gauri and Durga.

Satakshi is probably the nearer and closer to Indrakshi. Because Indra

has 1000 eyes and since SatAkshi is also having 1000 eyes and with her

1000 eyes She protects Her children from diseases etc. (ref Chandi

Sapthasati). So, any doshas or yogini pratyavAya, is countered by Siva

Kavacha which acts as an armour during the parayana.

The objective of the Siva Kavacha is also in line with Indrakshi stavah as it compliments Indrakshi Stava

Siva Kavacha and application of mantric bhasma with Indrakshi is practiced.


Arogyatha Matha Indrakshi Sthothram

Asya Indrakshi Sthothra Maha Mandrasya,
Sasi Purandara Rishi, Anushtup Chanda
Indrakshi Durga Devatha, Lakshmi Beejam,
Bhuvaneswari Shakthi, Bhavani Keelagam,
Mama Indrakshi Prasad Sidhyarthe Jape Viniyoga

Indrakshyai Angushtabhyam Nama
Mahalakshmyai Tharjaneebhyam Nama
Maheswaryai Madhyamabhyam Nama
Kathyayinyai Kanishtikabhyam Nama
Koumaryai Kara Thala Kara Prushtabhyam Nama

Indrakshyai Hrudayaya Nama
Mahalashmyai Sirase Swaha
Maheswaryai Shikhaya Vashat
Ambujakshyai Kavachaya Hum
Kathyayinyai Nethra Thrayaya Vaushat
Kaumaryai Asthraya Phat
Bhoorbhu Vaswarom Ithi Dig Bandha


Nethraanam Dasapi Sathai Parivrutham,
Athyugra Sarmaambharam,
Hemaabham Mahathim
Vilambhitha Sikam, Ammuktha Kesanwitham,
Kanda Manditha Pada Padma Yugalam,
Nagendra Kumbha Sthaneem
Indrakshim Parichindayami,
Manasa Kalbhoktha Siddhi Pradham

Indarkshim Dwibhujam Devim Peetha Vasthra Dwayanvitham,
Vama Hasthe Vajradaraam Dakshane Navara Pradham
Indrakshi Noumi Yuvathim Nanalankara Bhooshitham,
Prasanna Vadanam Poshaam Aamsaro Gava Sevitham

Indraana Poorvada Padhu, Agneyaam Thadeswari
Koumari Dakshine Padhu, Nairruthyam Pathu Parvathi,
Varahi Paschime Pathu, Vayavye Naarasimhyabhi,
Udeechyam Kaala Rathri, Maam Isanyam Sarva Sakthaa,
Bhirvayu Oordhwam Sa, Pathu Padhwatho Vaishnavi Thada
Evam Dasa Dhiso Raksheth Sarvadha Bhuvaneswari


Indrakshi Naama Saa Devi Devaiathas Samudhahrudha,
Gouri, Sakambhari Devi Durga Naama Neethi Visrutha
Nithyananda, Nirahara, Nishkalayai Namosthude,
Kathyayani Mahadevi Chandrakanda Mahathapa

Savithri Saa Cha Gayatri Brahmani Brhama Vadini,
Narayani, Bhadra Kali, Rudrani, Krisha Pingala
Agni Jwala Roudra Mukhi Kaala Rathri, Thapaswini,
Meghaswana Sahasraksi, Vikaarangi, Jadodhari

Mahodari Mukthakesi , Gora Roopa, Mahabala,
Ajithabhadradhananda, Roga Harthreem Shiva Priya
Bhavani, Paravathi, Durga, Haimavathi, Ambika, Shiva,
Shiva Bhavani Rudrani Sankaradha Sareerini

Iravatha Gajarooda Vajrahastha Varapradha,
Tripadha Basmapraharana Trishira Rakthalochana
Nithya Sakalakalyani Sarvaiswarya Pradhayini,
Dakshayani Padmahastha Bharathi Sarva Mangala

Durjati, Vikati Gori, Asthangi, Narabhojini,
Bramari Kanchi Kamakshi Kwanan Manikhya Noopuraa
Shivaa Shiva Roopa Shiva Shakthi Parayani,
Mrutyunjayi Mahamayi Sarva Roga Nivarini

Indri Devi Sda Kaalam Santhim Aasu Karothu Me

Indrakshi Gayathri

Basmayudhaya Vidmahe
Raktha Nethraya Deemahi,
Thanno Jwarahara Prachoidayath

Om Iym Hrim Srim Kleem Kloom Indrakshyai Nama,
Om Namo Bhagawathi, Indrakshi, Mahalakshmi,
Sarva Jana Sammohini, Kalarathri, Narasimhi,
Sarva Shathru samharini, Anale, Abhaye, Ajithe
Aparajithe, Mahasimhavahini, Mahishasura Mardhani,
Hana Hana, Mardhaya Mardhaya, Maaraya Maaraya,
Soshaya Soshaya Dhahaya Dhahaya,
Maha Grahan Samhara Samhara

Samvatsara Jwara, Jwaralabha Jwara,
Sarva Jwara, Sarvanga Jwaraan,
Nasaya Nasaya, Hara Hara, Hana Hana,
Dhaha Dhaha, Pasa Pasa, Thadaya Thadaya,
Aakarshaya Aakarshaya, Vidwweshaya Vidweshaya,
Sthambhaya Sthambhaya, Mohaya Mohaya,
Uchadaya Uchadaya Hum Phat Swaha

OM Hrim Om Namo Bhagawathi,
Trilokya Lakshmi, Sarva Jana Vasangari,
Sarva Dushta Graha Sthambini, Kamkali,
Kamaroopini, Kalaroopini, Ghora Roopini,
Para Manthra, Para Yanthra Prabhedhini,
Prathipada Vidwamsini, Parapaladuraga Vimardini,
Sathru Karaschedini, Sathru Mamsa Bhakshini,
Sakala Dushta Jwara Nivarini, Bhoota Pretha Pisacha
Brahma Rakshasa Yaksha Yamadhootha,
Saakini, Dakini, Kamini, Sthambhini, Mohini,
Vasankari, Kukshiroga, Siro Roga, Nethra Roga,
Kshata Apasmara, Kushtaathi Maharoga Nivarini,
Mama Sarva Rogam Nasaya Nasaya
Hraam Hram, Hrum Hraim Hara Hoom Phat Swaha

Om Namo Bhagawathi,
Maheswari, Maha Chinthamani, Durge,
Sakala Siddeshwari, Sakala Jana Mano Harini,
Kaala Kaalarathra Maha Gora Rupe,
Prathivada Viswaroopini, Madhu Soodhani,
Maha Vishnu Roopini, Siras Shoola,
Kati Soola, Anga Soola, Parswa Soola,
Nethra Soola, Karna Soola, Paksha Soola,
Pandu Roga, Kamiladeena,
Samhara Samhara Nasaya Nasaya.

Vaishnavi Brahmastrena, Vishnu Chakrena,
Rudra Soolena, Yama Dhandena, Varuna Pasena,
Vasava Vajrena, Sarvan Areen Panchaya Panchaya,
Rajayashma, Kshaya Roga, Thapa Jwara Nivarini,
Mama Sarva Jwaram Nasya Nasaya


Narayana Uvacha,

Etayir Nama Sathai, Divya Sthutha Chakrena Dheematha,
Ayur Arogyam Iswaryam Apamruthyu Bhayapaham

Kshaya Apasmara Kushtadhi Thapa Jwara Nivaranam,
Chora Vyagra Bhayam, Thathra Seetha Jwara Nivaranam

Sathamavrthayed Yasthu Muchyua Devyathi Bandhanath,
Avarthayan Sahasrathu Labhathe Vanchitham Phalam
Ethath Stothram Maha Punyam Japed Ayush Vardanam,
Vinasaya Cha Roganam Apmruthyu Haraya

Ashta Thorbhi Samayuktho Nana Yudha Visaradhe,
Bhootha Pretha Pisasehemyo Roga Rathi Mukahi Rabu,
Nagebhya Visha Yanthrebhya Abhicharai Maheswari,
Raksha Maam, Raksha Maam Nithyam Prathyaham Poojitha Maya

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha Sadhake,
Sarnye Thryambike Devi Narayani Namosthuthe

Sree Indrakshi Sthothram Sampoornam.

For High Fever , especially in Infants and small children recite the Inrdakshi Gayatri quoted below for 108 times, keeping your fingers in a Vibhuthi, Bhasma..

Apply this Bhasma on the forehead.

Continue this till the child is cured of fever.

Keep the Bhasma in the Yantra shown in the Image.

This can be drawn with RiceFlour.

Indrakshi Gayathri

Basmayudhaya Vidmahe
Raktha Nethraya Deemahi,
Thanno Jwarahara Prachoidayath

3 responses to “Who Is Indrakshi? Answer To Covid Scare Mantras Procedure”

  1. Dear Sir, I am much pleased on your recommending Indrakshi Sthava for alleviating all health related troubles. I have been reciting (of course, what I have been taught seems to be a simpler version) this for long, after my Mother wanted me to include this in the daily prayer and I have no doubt that it keeps me well. I wish all who come across this should make it a point to follow the Sthothra on daily basis in their own interest. Thanks a lot and with respectful regards.


  2. Dear Sir,

    Very much pleased to see your mail, especially at this season, on the importance of Indrakshi Sthothra. May all those who read this benefit from it.

    Respectful regards.



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