Belief Faith and Miracles

My son was telling me( he is a Believer, Agnostic and a Non believer, all rolled into one, don't ask me how, he is-I do not tell him what he should,on occasions I used to suggest him when he is that state of Mind to enquire within;he also knows the essentials of Indian Thought and knows important Sruti by … Continue reading Belief Faith and Miracles

Did The Jews Destroy Western Culture?

And , of course , not to forget Christ!

Jewish Culture was integrated by the Western Culture and , in my opinion, not other wise.

Even Christianity is for the Reformation of the Jewish practices and not out right condemnation of Judaism.

To me to state that Judaism destroyed Western Culture is akin to saying Protestantism destroyed Christianity!I have not been able to spot of a single reason for this persecution,barring the oft-repeated statements like the Jews are miserly,they stick together, they bleed others white by usury and they occupy the Highest offices wherever they go, irrespective of the nation where they live.


Man Exiled From India ‘Proved Mumbai Weeping Jesus a Fraud’

The attacks on Hinduism will go unnoticed like the instance of The DK garlanding lord Ram's photo with Chappals, Karunanidhi, the DMK President called Hindu names, asked whther Lord ram was an Engineer,Draupadi a whore, Krishna a womanizer is the Adviser to the Central Government. The Government provides security to the Mosque in Kasi Viswanath Temple where the … Continue reading Man Exiled From India ‘Proved Mumbai Weeping Jesus a Fraud’