Did The Jews Destroy Western Culture?

I have often been intrigued by the hounding of the Jews throughout History by all Races, Nations.


My feeling is that not all of them could be the aggressors and that all of them were wrong.


I have not been able to spot of a single reason for this persecution,barring the oft-repeated statements like the Jews are miserly,they stick together, they bleed others white by usury and they occupy the Highest offices wherever they go, irrespective of the nation where they live.

Did the Jews destroy Western Culture?

Take a look ,for example at US.

List of Politicians of Jewish origin.


Former cabinet Members.

  • Henry Kissinger (R-Secretary of State: 1973-1977)
  • Arthur Goldberg (D-Secretary of Labor: 1961-1962) also Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Oscar Straus (politician) (R-Secretary of Commerce and Labor: 1906-1909)
  • Henry Morgenthau, Jr. (D-Secretary of Treasury: 1934-1945)
  • Abraham Ribicoff (D-Secretary of HEW (HHS): 1961-1962)
  • Wilbur J. Cohen (D-Secretary of HEW (HHS): 1968-1969)
  • Edward H. Levi (R-Attorney General: 1975-1977)
  • Harold Brown (D-Secretary of Defense: 1977-1981)
  • W. Michael Blumenthal (D-Secretary of Treasury: 1977-1979)
  • Neil Goldschmidt (D-Secretary of Transportation: 1979-1981)
  • Philip Klutznick (D-Secretary of Commerce: 1980-1981)
  • Robert Reich (D-Secretary of Labor: 1993-1997)
  • Robert Rubin (D-Secretary of Treasury: 1995-1999)
  • Dan Glickman (D-Secretary of Agriculture: 1995-2001)
  • Mickey Kantor (D-Secretary of Commerce: 1996-1997, US Trade Representative: 1993-1996)
  • Lawrence Summers (D-Secretary of Treasury: 1999-2001)
  • Michael Chertoff (R-Secretary of HS: 2005-2009)
  • Michael Mukasey (R-Attorney General: 2007-2009)
  •  Not to forget Abraham Lincoln and Roosevelt
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_American_politicians

You also have world Class entertainers.


And , of course , not to forget Christ!

Jewish Culture was integrated by the Western Culture and , in my opinion, not other wise.

Even Christianity is for the Reformation of the Jewish practices and not out right condemnation of Judaism.

To me to state that Judaism destroyed Western Culture is akin to saying Protestantism destroyed Christianity!

But Historical evidence points out to the persecution of Jews more than the persecution of the West by The Jews.

The Judaic Destruction of Western Culture
The Judaic Destruction of Western Culture

Persecution of The Jews by all Races.

“In the Middle Ages Antisemitism in Europe was religious. Though not part of Roman Catholic dogma, many Christians, including members of the clergy, have held the Jewish people collectively responsible for killing Jesus, a practice originated by Melito of Sardis. As stated in the Boston College Guide to Passion Plays, “Over the course of time, Christians began to accept… that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for killing Jesus. According to this interpretation, both the Jews present at Jesus Christ’s death and the Jewish people collectively and for all time, have committed the sin of deicide, or God-killing. For 1900 years of Christian-Jewish history, the charge of deicide has led to hatred, violence against and murder of Jews in Europe and America.”[3]

During the High Middle Ages in Europe there was full-scale persecution in many places, with blood libels, expulsions, forced conversions and massacres. An underlying source of prejudice against Jews in Europe was religious. Jews were frequently massacred and exiled from various European countries. The persecution hit its first peak during the Crusades. In the First Crusade (1096) flourishing communities on the Rhine and the Danube were utterly destroyed; see German Crusade, 1096. In the Second Crusade (1147) the Jews in France were subject to frequent massacres. The Jews were also subjected to attacks by the Shepherds’ Crusades of 1251 and 1320. The Crusades were followed by expulsions, including in, 1290, the banishing of all English Jews; in 1396, 100,000 Jews were expelled from France; and, in 1421 thousands were expelled from Austria. Many of the expelled Jews fled to Poland.[4]

As the Black Death epidemics devastated Europe in the mid-14th century, annihilating more than a half of the population, Jews were taken as scapegoats. Rumors spread that they caused the disease by deliberately poisoning wells. Hundreds of Jewish communities were destroyed by violence in the Black Death persecutions. Although Pope Clement VI tried to protect them by the July 6, 1348 papal bull and another 1348 bull, several months later, 900 Jews were burnt alive in Strasbourg, where the plague hadn’t yet affected the city.[5]

Jews in India faced no persecution from Hindus from the time they migrated to India, but they were subjugated by Christian missionaries during the Goa Inquisition from the year 1552. Portuguese invaders in the South India committed massive atrocities on South Indian Jewry in the 17th Century.[6]


I chanced upon one Video and a News Article on the subject, but I remain unconvinced that the Jews destroyed the Western Culture.

In case you have any information, please share.

Jews destroyed Western Culture.

“Divorce replaces marriage, abortion replaces birth, the home acquires a mere utilitarian function, and the family becomes the battleground of individual strife.

Promoting the erotic-as-its-own-end, Jewish Hollywood deliberately undermines the propagation of the White race, scorns its history, and crushes its destiny.

The disintegrated victims shorn of their organic and historic connections with the great super-personal content of Life, become unfruitful, lose both their will to power and theirwill to propagate.

Following in this wake of Judaic wreckage, the White Christian victims lack the ability to believe in or to follow anything noble and future-reaching.

The Jew has attained his goal in destroying Western culture while at the same time he remains embodied in an organism immune from his destructive programme.

Could another “organism” with its own self-preserving aims and boundaries surface to oppose Judaic rule?

Militarism is emerging as a potent political and economic force in the West. Could the military be the Western world’s last hope in overturning the power of the Jew?…



4 thoughts on “Did The Jews Destroy Western Culture?

  1. The peon Jews are just the ones that catch it in the pogroms, the Bankers at the Federal Reserve and Goldman-Sachs are more the subject, and the racist Rabbis and the genocidal Israelis. If I had a soul it would be troubled, fortunately I’m a gentile and the Talmud says I don’t.


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