Jainism a Part of Hinduism?

1.Both believe in Rebirth or Transmigration of Souls. While Hinduism believes in the existence of God to act as a sort of Catalyst for the Karmas to bear Fruit. Jainism declares that Karmas by themselves yield results and Jainism does not believe in the Existence of God. 2.Both Religions in Mind/Spirit and Matter, Hinduism has One or Dual Realities, depending on whether you are an Advaitin or a Dualist and there shades in between. Matter in Hinduism is an aspect of the Reality, Brahman and is manifested as the world as a Phenomenon.. Jainism classifies things as Jiva,Soul and Ajiva, Non soul , matter. Hinduism believes that the Reality is perceived in different times and in different sizes depending on the Perceiver. Jainism states that the Jiva, Soul can not perceive the Matter per se and is limited and can not perceive things at the Absolute level.

African Religion Hinduism Similarities

I was surprised at the limited and sanitized version of Religion in Africa. The impact, the subsequent colonization and the effort of Islam and Christianity) in trying to portray the Africans more or less animals and uncivilized(Gandhi subscribed to this view), that there is great difficulty in understanding what the African Religion in its true form. There is a wanton effort to obfuscate the issue by saying and confusing the readers by stating Indigenous and traditional. The indoctrination and doctoring of the History of Religion in Africa, as in India, is to such an extent that 'Christianity is reported to have been practiced by the Africans before Christ! 1.The African Religion does not have a Text and its traditions are transmitted orally like the Vedas and does not have Missionaries to spread it. 2.They do not have a founder. 3.They do not proselytize. 4.Just as in Hinduism African Religion is not a Sunday Religion but a way of Life. 5.They have one Supreme Deity and other Deities under it, functionality wise.

Breaking Coconuts On Head Vow.

" This year locals expect to use more than 20,000 kilograms (44,092 pounds) of turnips to drive the demon away. Even though the exact origins of the festival are not known, various theories exist including the mythological punishment of Caco by Hercules. It is generally believed to symbolize the expulsion of everything bad." I was reminded of the practice of some communities,‘kurumbas’ and certain sections of the ‘24 Manai Telugu Chettiars' in Tamil Nadu. They break Coconuts on head! This practice is prevalent in Karur, Coimbatore and pats of Madurai Districts in Tamil Nadu.

Jainism Hinduism Essentials Differences

Agreement and differences with Hinduism. For example, the Karma Theory. The theory of Karma is more stringent and is not dependent on Ishvara or personal God as in Hinduism. In Jainism Karma operates independently of Iswara. Hinduism speaks of One Ultimate Reality,Non Dualism , Jainism speaks of Multiple Realities. The Reality is not one. The individual Soul is not dependent on the Universal Soul, there is no Universal Soul. There are two entities, Jiva, with Consciousness and Ajiva without Consciousness. The sentient are Jivas and the non-sentient are Ajivas.