Samaritans Of Israel Ailas Yadavas Pauravas Of Mahabharata

After the epic battle of Mahabharata, exodus from India began .

Many tribes fled from India towards the North and West.

It has come to light that one of the tribes, Ailahs fled to the middle east and the Arabs called their God as Allah, from the Sanskrit speaking tribes Ailah.

Ailas were a part of Yadavas and Pauravs who took part in the Mahabharata battle.

And this tribe did not stop here.

Manu Is Noah Yayati Yadava Yehuda, Judaism Fom Hinduism?

Interesting that The Jews were the descendants of the Yadavas, Lord Krishna’s Clan.

Twenty two tribes left India after the Mahabharata War.
Of the 22 tribes that left the region in quick succession, the tem that preceded North met with disaster and perished.

Out of the remaining 12 a few families dropped off and settled down in regions currently known as Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt Greece and Russia.
That great exodus took place 5,743 years ago. The Passover year which the Jews commemorate provides a tally of the period elapsed from the time they left India. … One of their monarchs was Solomon.

Salary Of A Terrorist, Alqaeda HuM

Most of the Operatives of the Al Qaeda are from the poverty-stricken areas of Africa,Countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The decision makers are from , mostly, from the affluent sections of the Society.

In general the Terrorists are given free boarding and lodging facilities and Travel and operational expenses are provided by the terrorist outfits.

The organisation also takes care of the Operative’s Family, Children education and in cases of dire emergency pay up medical expenses.

These facilities are decided on a case to case to basis.

There are many terrorist out fits, Palestinians,Intifada,LTTE,IRA,Red Brigade,Baader Meinhof, Spanish terrorists and recently the Al Qaeda.

The Palestinian Authority recently disclosed that it pays $ 50, 00 to those jailed by Israel or by the other countries and a Lifetime pension of $1135 per month,this is calculated on the basis of the Operation they were involved and the number of years they spent in prison.

Hizb ul Mujahideen operatives are paid Rs 10,000 to 12,000 per month from 2011.(Boarding lodging free)