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Data Stealing Market What They Share About You

When I posted an article about NSA spying and overhearing about 540 Millions Conversations a month, at the back of my mind was the thought, if this were true, there should be people/companies making money out of this.

Yes, I found this out from Pando.-Link provided at the close of this post.
The people who over hear or steal our information, from land Lines, Cell phones, Internet, either by way of advertising solicitations, Tele-calling or simple phishing, they sell this information.

Even giants like Google and Facebook do sell, though they do not admit it in so many words.

Some companies who collect this information call themselves Data Brokers.

They sell this information.

The market? $150 billions.

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Cable TV Decline Google Facebook Rise

Though the figures are not alarming, it shows a clear pattern of preference to Online TV watching, provided by Google and Facebook.

One reason is the cost of the local cable.

Another is the technology.

The unlimited channels available Online can not be matched by Cable TV.

The quality of the videos are so fine that they can not be matched by the Cable TV.

On the concern side is also the fact that Smart TVs spy on you.

So are the internet sites.

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Deep Web,The Dark Side Of Internet Details

Deepnet , the other Internet

All of us know Internet.

We are able to access them and the information is Indexed by Search Engines.

We can access the information by relevant queries.

This is a part of World Wide Web, www.

There is another side to the world wide web where you can not normally access the information , but is still a part of the world wide web.

This is called the Deepnet, the Invisible Web, the Undernet or the hidden Web.

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