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The Deep Web Search browser.
What is a Tor? How to preserve the anonymity?
Tor is the acronym of “The onion router”, a system implemented to enable online anonymity. Tor client software routes Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network of servers hiding user’s information eluding any activities of monitoring.
As usually happen, the project was born in military sector, sponsored the US Naval Research Laboratory and from 2004 to 2005 it was supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Actually the software is under development and maintenance of Tor Project. A user that navigate using Tor it’s difficult to trace ensuring his privacy because the data are encrypted multiple times passing through nodes, Tor relays, of the network.
Connecting to the Tor network
Imagine a typical scenario where Alice desire to be connected with Bob using the Tor network. Let’s see step by step how it is possible.
She makes an unencrypted connection to a centralized directory server containing the addresses of Tor nodes. After receiving the address list from the directory server the Tor client software will connect to a random node (the entry node), through an encrypted connection. The entry node would make an encrypted connection to a random second node which would in turn do the same to connect to a random third Tor node. The process goes on until it involves a node (exit node) connected to the destination.
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We are able to access them and the information is Indexed by Search Engines.

We can access the information by relevant queries.

This is a part of World Wide Web, www.


There is another side to the world wide web where you can not normally access the information , but is still a part of the world wide web.

This is called the Deepnet, the Invisible Web, the Undernet or the hidden Web.

Then there is the dark Internet, the computers that can no longer be reached via Internet, or with a Darknet distributed filesharing network, which could be classified as a smaller part of the Deep Web.

Mike Bergman, founder of BrightPlanet coined the phrase.

He explained searching on the Internet today can be compared to dragging a net across the surface of the ocean: a great deal may be caught in the net, but there is a wealth of information that is deep and therefore missed.

Most of the Web’s information is buried far down on dynamically generated sites, and standard search engines do not find it.

Traditional search engines cannot “see” or retrieve content in the deep Web—those pages do not exist until they are created dynamically as the result of a specific search. As of 2001, the deep Web was several orders of magnitude larger than the surface Web.

What the Deep Web is generally used for?

1.For Drug Sales.

2.For Hiring Contract Killers.

3.Seeking Contract Killers.

3.Sexual perversions.

4.Drug Trafficking, Money Transfers.

5.Child Trafficking.

6.Human Trafficking.

7.Mercenaries  recruitment and Advertisement.

8,Also being used by some Intelligence Agencies for Dark Operations.


Hiring a hitman has never been easier. Nor has purchasing cocaine or heroin, nor even viewing horrific child pornography.

Such purchases are now so easy, in fact, that they can all be done from the comfort of one’s home at the click of a button… and there’s almost nothing the police can do about it.

This worrying development of the criminal black market is down entirely to the Deep Web – a seething matrix of encrypted websites – also known as Tor – that allows users to surf beneath the everyday internet with complete anonymity.

And like The Silk Road, transactions are all made using the mysterious online currency Bitcoin. One site, whose name MailOnline has chosen not to publish, offers an assassination in the US or Canada for $10,000 and one in Europe for $12,000.

‘I do not know anything about you, you do not know anything about me,’ crows one self-styled assassin, according to The Daily Dot. ‘The desired victim will pass away. No one will ever know why or who did this. On top of that I always give my best to make it look like an accident or suicide.’

Deepweb is buried in the Internet where prohibited activities take place.
Ad in the Deep Web-Contract Killers.
Mercenaries advertise in the Deep Web.
DeepWeb advertisement by Mercenaries.


Tor – short for The onion Router – is a seething matrix of encrypted websites that allows users to surf beneath the everyday internet with complete anonymity.

It uses numerous layers of security and encryption to render users anonymous online.

Normally, file sharing and internet browsing activity can be tracked by law enforcement through each user’s unique IP address that can be traced back to an individual computer.

The Tor network on the Deep Web hides the IP address and the activity of the user.

Most of the Web’s information is buried far down on dynamically generated sites, unable to be found or seen by traditional search engines – sites or pages don’t exist until created as the result of a specific search.

An Internet search is like dragging a net across the surface of the sea – a great deal of information is caught, but a majority is deep and therefore missed.

‘I have gained endless experience(s) in this [sic] 7 years,’ he goes on. ‘It has changed me a lot. I don’t have any empathy for humans anymore.

‘This makes me the perfect professional for taking care of your problems and makes me better than other hitmen. If you pay enough I’ll do ANYTHING to the desired victim. If I say anything I mean anything.’

Many of the sites even use slogans and marketing techniques that, if it weren’t for their macabre subject matter, could be as at home on the website of a legitimate retail website.

‘The best place to put your problems is in a grave,’ boasts one.

Some even seem to offer others the chance to profit from their killing by allowing users to bet on when a victim will die by putting money in a pool. The closest guess takes home the pot.

And while many appear every inch the cold-blooded killer one would expect from a gun-for-hire, there is also apparently the odd humanitarian hitman.

‘Killing is in most cases wrong, yes,’ writes one. ‘However, as this is an inevitable direction in the technological evolution, I would rather see it in the hands of me than somebody else.’

‘By providing it cheaply and accurately I hope that more immoral alternatives won’t be profitable or trusted enough. This should primarily be a tool for retribution.’

Adding that murder should always be committed for ‘good reason’, he writes: ‘Bad reasons include doctors for performing abortions and Justin Bieber for making annoying music.

How To Surf The Deepweb.

You’ll need a browser named Tor. Open that up and get a new identity around every few minutes. The rest is up to you. I’d recommend checking out the Evil Wiki and learning about onion sites and seeing if you can find some links. That’s what I did the other night at least and found a bunch of weird shit. Like this one dude was selling “sex dolls” He cuts the legs and arms off children and abuses the shit out of them so they don’t feel pain. He pulls their teeth out so they can’t bite your you know what and so much more, so if that’s what interest you then go ahead, but honestly there isn’t really any reason to go to the “deep web”.

Has The Deep-web Closed after busting of the Silk Road by the Deep Web?

In an interesting post-mortem release by the creators of the defunct anonymous marketplaceAtlantis there is information that the former admins and users of the Silk Road are planning to resurrect the service. User RR writes: “We have SilkRoad v2.0 ready to launch and is now in its final testing stages. Our site has all the features of the original one and we have kept the same style of forum for your ease.”

The new SilkRoad will be sending out anonymous invites to former vendors and then open to the Tor-using public soon after.

The representatives of Atlantis write:

From a quick scout around I’ve counted at least 5 publicly stated projects with the said aim of replacing becoming “Silk Road 2.0″ and many many more gathering info and building alliances.
And this is what Law Enforcement is now parading as a victory? Over two years of investigation, millions of dollars spent and for what so a couple of armchair programmers can build it again in a few days while in the meantime vendors simply move to other site’s .

Users are already planning ways to keep the new site secure. This includes the creation of something called BitWasp, an “open source, anonymous bitcoin marketplace specifically built for use in conjunction with Tor or I2P via the hidden services such as .onion websites and eepsites.”


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