From Where Did The Brahmins Come?

One of the most controversial topics is whether the Aryans invaded India and later settled here and if so from where did they come from?

I have already posted a blog .The Myth called Aryan Invasion’

The scientific research proves that there is no Aryan Invasion at all.

I will be adding some more points to disprove this Myth and before that there are some questions to be answered ,the questions arising out of Ramayana.

Rama and the others ; hailing from the Northerner part of India and if the Ramayana is a fact,which it is( I have posts on this under Hinduism),Lord Rama and others should have been fair-skinned,

But the description of Rama is Blue Black.

This is based on the conception of Lord Vishnu as Black in color.while Lakshmi is Golden (Hiranya varnaam(Sri Suktham), Lord Shiva of Reddish Hue,Parvati of greenish hue, as per the Purana.

But based on geographical origin and the present people living in North India Rama should have been fair-skinned.

We have two options.

1.Ramayana was a fiction.

This is incorrect as the Astronomical data provided in the Ramayana and other Purana stand the test of Science.

Ramayana is a fact.

So we are left with the other option that there have been other skinned people in India before Ramayana and there has been an a mix of various groups having different racial characteristics.

Lord Rama could have been an exception as far as color is concerned.

Others in the Ramayana were not of the same hue as Rama.

Sita was fair-skinned.

Against this Ravana was not described as dark-skinned and he is the brother of Kubera who is fair-skinned and Ravana is a Brahmin though he is described as a Dravidian!

Therefore logic forces one to conclude that there were more races in India than one homogeneous Race in India which included Sri Lanka.

Again if one refers to any of the Eighteen Purana, one would find descriptions of people both black and fair-skinned.

And not all Brahmins were fair-skinned.

For example, Aurava and you can find Brahmins of Dark hue in South India.

The Indian Society expanded outwards, not from outwards.

This is why one finds remnants of Hindu Thoughts in all the continents more specifically Egypt, central America , Australia and the Middle East.

The early Indian Society was based on disposition, Varna, Brahmanas, Kshatriya , Vaishya and Sudras.

Therefore the Brahmins did not come from any where to India and were a part of India Society.

There is a school of thought which establishes that the Dravidian were living South of the Vindhya range and later they mixed with the people from the South.

Sage Viswamitra banished his sons to the South and they intermingled with the Dravidians.

Sage Apasthamba came from this mixed race and he composed the Apasthamba Sutra of the Vedas and it is being followed by the Brahmins of South India even today.

Some more objections to Aryan Invasion of India.

1) If the ‘light skinned and mostly blonde haired and blue eyed’ Aryans had really invaded India and settled here thereafter, then why are such people with pure Caucasian features rarely found in India now? If it is because of centuries of racial intermixing, then how come one can still find some quite dark skinned people in India but not central Asian/ European type ‘white’ skinned people in India? Even the light brown skinned people found in the far north of India in places like Kashmir aren’t as fair as the ‘Aryans’ are considered to be.

2) The Aryans divided themselves into 3 classes. The fourth class was the lowly ‘Shudra’ class, explained by the European historians as the Aryan conquered Dravidians’ class. By this logic, all the high castes, esp. the Brahmins had to be white/ light brown skinned and the people belonging to the ‘Shudra’ class had to be dark brown skinned. And yet, many dark skinned Brahmins and light skinned ‘Shudras‘ can easily be found in India – both in north as well as south. And upon that, inter-caste marriages, esp. high and low caste ones, are still uncommon in almost all parts of India. Another point regarding castes is that – Valmiki, the writer of the great Indian epic ‘Ramayana’, was born a Shudra, but ultimately, by attaining the Brahminical aspect of knowledge earning, spiritual understanding and noble mannerisms, became a Brahmin. ‘Ramayana’ is the story (does not matter if it was factual or myth) of a Kshtriya (Aryan) prince of North India – Lord Rama, who at the climax of the story defeats and kills the demonic king of Sri Lanka (south of India) – Ravana. Now, even though Ravana was a Brahmin (Aryan) by caste, he is considered, in the Indian spiritual folklore, as an UnArya or a non-Aryan, on account of his demonic deeds. This all suggests that caste system, originally, was not rigid, and that, ‘Aryan’ was an open, attainable socio-spiritual status.

3) How come almost all the light brown skinned people in India (considered to be the descedants of the original Aryans) belong to the cold climate locations of India like Kashmir and Himachal and the dark brown skinned (considered to be the Dravidians themselves) belong to the warm climate locations? This suggests that skin colour in India has more do do with the climate and atmosphere of a particular region in India.

4) If the Aryans were outsiders in India, then why do their spiritual-cultural-social compilation ‘The Vedas’ do not mention any outside cities, rivers and mountains? Why do they only mention the places that are found in India, as their sacred most? Why not some place in Caucasus or Iran? Why don’t the Vedas, which contain references to many battles, contain no reference to an ‘invasion’ of the land of Indus-Saraswati (India)? How come the modern descendants of Aryans in India have no recollection of their foreign origins? How come the descendants of Shudras (so called Dasas or Dasyus or Dravidians or indigenous race of India) have no recollection of an Aryan invasion of their land and their subsequent subjugation because of a defeat at the hands of the Aryans?

5) If the Dravidians’ Indus valley civilization met its end at the hands of the invading Aryans, then how come no horse remains, broken chariots and burned buildings were discovered in and around the valley.


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  1. Ramayana was a fiction.

    This is incorrect as the Astronomical data provided in the Ramayana and other Purana stand the test of Science.////

    This is no point to conclude that Ramayana wasn’t a fiction. Lol… a fable where people fly without aeroplanes, lift mountains, animals talk, bridges are built without structural engineers, a lady’s character is questioned and asked to take fire-test and a ‘blue’ skinned king meets apes down the south to defeat a dark skinned moustached villain! It’s not just a fiction but a racist and chauvinist fiction written during Sanskritization of India -> Vedic Period

    About the skin color, throw Eskimos in Equatorial region and their skin color will automatically change with generations (darker) to protect against the sun. Throw Indians in polar ice caps and their skin will automatically change with generations (lighter) to save vitamin D in body. This phenomenon is called ‘EVOLUTION’.

    And.. proving facts has more to do with ‘SCIENCE’ rather than ‘MYTHOLOGY’ (called mythology because it’s a myth… no one saw it happening, nothing proves it happened..but we all claim it happened)


    • I am not sure what you mean by Science.
      If Carbon dating, Verification of Astronomical data with software is unscientific, then only Koran is the Authority.
      God Bless.


      • Not to offend you but out of curiosity and a hint of amusement…. Did you just state that all that flying, bridges built without structural engineers, talking ape kings (who strangely seem to marry normal looking women), blue skinned human etc HAVE BEEN TESTED AND PROVEN WITH CARBON DATING? :O

        5000 years down the line Harry Potter, Kings Cross Station, London etc can also be verified and dated back to 1990s-2000s. Is that going to make Harry Potter not a fiction?

        P.S. It’s all right. You don’t have to bring a Koran here since I am not a Muslim and it makes negligible difference to me! I think Koran, Bible etc is just as flawed as Ramayana itself. We can’t help it. We are humans and we all are flawed and so are books we write.,


      • I wish you to check some of my posts under astrophysics, Indian philosophy, Hinduism with the links I have provided.


    • Dear Mr. Purushu,


      Nice argument indeed! Like, we need to produce facts before proving some thing as true, we also need to provide evidence to prove some thing as false!

      Talking monkeys and dark villain. Whoa! You just made a literary wonder, Ramayana sound like a foolish mind play! Sanathana dharma can be viewed from many angles, from the puranas, vedas, etc. So there is no one book that can provide you information on right and wrong!

      Ramayana describes an ideal world! It was from a time when dharma was the zenith and any deviation from it was considered sin… Sri Rama was a great king who ruled over Ayodhya, many thousands of years ago. Remains are very much there to prove Ramayana as a true story.

      There is a very popular game known as “Chinese Whispers”. This game is played by a huge group of people who sit in a circle formation. The first person creates a big sentence and passes on to the other person, the next person has to remember it and pass it on to the next and the final one has to reproduce the message. In most cases, what the first person said never matches with the last person’s message! Same thing happened with our ancient texts. Sanskrit is a complex language and anything said in it can have multiple meanings! Every person interprets it in a different manner.

      Many scientific advancements were not explained to us in a proper fashion and people who did not understand science interpreted it as “miracle”, which was not the case. Sage Bharadwaja developed the first ever flying machine and he had documented the procedure to build and fly a plane in his book called “Vaimanika Sastra”. A similar machine was used by Ravana known as “Pushpaka Vimana”. People did not fly but it was the machine that they used, flew!

      Another point, about Sri Hanuman taking a leap and crossing the ocean in search of Sita Mata. With evolution, the proximity would have increased and may be Lanka was nearer to India than it was earlier. So, for an ape (in that era), it may not have been difficult to cover that distance. Sri Hanuman had taken stops in between, again they were known as “Vigna” or obstacles. However, I would like to call them as stops taken by Hanumanji to rebuild energy. Like, Sri Hanuman acknowledges Mount Mainaka, fights Simhika and jumps out or Surasa’s mouth… displaying some amazing qualities like intelligence, strength and fearlessness.

      Another episode in the life of Hanuman was that he jumped to the sky to eat Sun, thinking that it was fruit. Things that were not possible few years back, are made possible today. We can talk to our loved ones from any where, irrespective of the geographical distance. If that is possible then jumping to the skies would have been possible for Hanuman. A text which came ages after the life of Sri Hanuman mentions the exact distance between Sun & Earth. That text is the great Hanuman Chalisa. For your information, the distance has been validated by Nasa too! Well Nasa is recent as compared to the Hanuman Chalisa composed by Sant Tulasidas. It goes like this :

      Jug sahasra yojan par bhanu leelyo taahi madhur fal jaanu

      Meaning: This means that Sun (Bhanu) is at a distance of Jug Sahastra Yojan
      1 Jug = 12000
      1 Sahastra= 1000
      1 Yojan = 8 Miles
      Thus 12000 X 1000 X 8 = 96,000,000 miles
      I mile = 1.6 kms
      This further implies that distance is
      96,000,000 * 1.6 kms = 153,600,000 Kms

      Well, ancient texts were not hoax after all…

      Ram Setu was not a miracle performed by Nal & Neel (sons of Vishwakarma) but a geological wonder. Nal & Neel either threw dead corals or pumice that would float on water! They were geologists of their time.

      The weapons used in the Ramayana & Mahabharata were complex missiles that were possessed by Sri Ram & even Ravana. Two powerful men, with access to some complex missiles went on war, yet they did not destroy the whole of nation, like we do today. Both were great rulers, people with great intellect. But, unfortunately, for Ravana he committed a sin which he should not have and that led him to his death!

      Ashoka vatika (where Sita mata was held captive) is still present in Lanka. Panchavati, where Sri Ram, Lakshman and Sita mata resided during their exile is a tourist attraction near Nashik, Maharashtra. Rameswaram is said to be a popular destination where Sri Ram prayed to Lord Shiva…

      Positive thoughts can be drawn from Sun god, for sure! Sandhya vandana is one such act that is performed by people to draw energies from the universe. Aditya Hrudayam, a hymn taught to Sri Ram by Sage Agastya is popularly known to heal one’s soul. This was nothing but a technique to convert energies from the universe to positive ones. Well this science was known to Sage Agastya, way before the modern law of conservation of energy.

      Law of conservation of energy states: “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change from one form to another”. This is the same science applied while performing Sandhya Vandana and also the trick behind the chanting of Aditya Hrudayam. People say that, with positive thoughts drawn from Sun god, Sri Ram was able to overcome his fears & was able to win over adharma!

      Well, only point behind writing such a big comment is to make people understand that our ancient scriptures are not just hoax. Let us take a step forward to learn our ancient scriptures the way they are, rather than reading interpretations by people who do not understand the crux…

      Note: This comment is not to offend any one. Hoping that this message is taken in a positive way. Glory to Sri Ram!


    • You are denying the obvious fact because you are too scared to face the truth that you descent from these vanaras and rakhshasa and aryas. THere is no pure race in the world anymore.Infact it is good that way.Our Gene pool is healthy only because we chose to mix it up.Kindly wake up now.


      • As to Darwinian Theory it is full of holes,Pleas read y post on this,Arya theory has been thrahsed.please refer y posts on this.Regds


  2. You need to do some research before posting articles like this because you’re giving many people incorrect information. Your interpretation of Aryan is that of the 1940’s Aryan. The original Aryan was just a light skinned person from Europe. They were not necessarily blonde hair blue eyes people. They likely had dark hair as well, not blonde. The Aryans were simply an ancient group of Indo Europpean people who came down from Europe and invaded places such as the Middle East, Greece, India, probably Asia, and possibly Italy as well. DNA studies can prove this. The internet is a wonderful tool. Use it!


      • Y DNA haplo R1a1a is not from South India just because it is found in some tribals in south india like chenchu.Their percentage is too low to be true.However you could say it is from Dravida region because Gujrat is situated in south of the Vindhya ranges.


  3. If you research the history of Albinos you will see that the so called “aryans” did not invade India, that is not until about 6000 years ago, where they went BACK as white people. They originated there as genetic defective offspring of the Dravidians who are Melanos(black) some 60,000 years ago where the first Albinos appeared. This is the origin of the Albinos(white) peoples of the Earth.
    Good luck.


  4. I do not think there ever was a Dravidian race. It is a term coined by the British and later popularized by the Dravidian parties in south.
    In my view, the races down south from tamil nadu to srilanka was the Rakshasa race, who used to eat human flesh. The mongoloids of Bhutan and North East were called Pishachas. South west and kerala region was inhabited by Vanaras, ape like people, still developing into homo sapiens. Kishkindha is in modern day Karnataka.
    The Aryas were a mixed race people of the haplo J2a Iranians, G2a Georgians and R1a central asians.Cyrus the great claims to be one of them. Dasyus are the mixed breed indian people, Arya+Rakshasa+Vanara+pishachas


    • Dravida was a cultural practises, and one of them was burning the dead people. ACtually, the real high lords or war chief were dravidas. My guess is that they were some druid people. Looks like sub continent have always been invaded by superior race people, since time immeorial.

      Also, aryans gave high lord status to dravida also. These people were bards or poets, fortune tellers and even used to fight wars.

      Rahul dravid does not have any dravidian features. He has more gracile indic features.


    • //In my view, the races down south from tamil nadu to srilanka was the Rakshasa race, who used to eat human flesh//

      lol, south india, actually there was no India. This india is a british map.

      It was only in malabar regions that Lord Parashurama brought lot of brahmans with him. This was vindyachal mountain.

      Later on, during the times of kadambas, lot of north indians were called, brahmins for scholar works, while scythians for farming, and other military activities.

      Many scythians like rashtrakutas etc also established their kingdoms.

      South Indians are largely admixture of scythians and brachids.


      • You are we to your views. Scythians etc are from Dravidas and not the other way around. Have written on this. More to follow. Kindly present your theory in an article so that I can publish it with comments. Disjointed comments may not help readers. Regards


  5. Well I believe that Aryan invasion was true to certain extent. I am a young girl hails from Punjabi Brahmin family (Bhardwaj). Recently I moved to USA and started working in IT company. Now being Indian, everyone in my office asked me ” Are you from Armenia?” . I know Aryans are actually from Armenia and then little from Persia. I am always so interested to know who were my ancestors . Well my father facial features are very similar to Persian men and also Armenian . He is more fairer then me lol. And my mom facial features are very similar to Persian women with fair complexion. And both hails from Brahmin family . My grandparents from both sides were from Pakistan , only after 1947 they came to India. I must believe that after aryas invasion , they all get mixed with rest of the population. I believe it’s not the color which distinguish us between Aryan and Dravidian. It’s also the features. Some of my friends are very fair Indians but their features doesn’t match with real aryans , I mean the Armenians . From my theory, there were wheatish color tone people living in India from thousands of years ago and after that Aryans came to India. I saw many fair people from UP but their features are not similar to Aryans at all( of course they got this fair tone from aryan people.. cross breed lol) Now In my case our families were never entered India before independence and they have less chances of getting mixed up with real indian people at that time and also they were orthodox so they all get married in btw brahmins only. So my genetic is quite still intact with real aryan genes.


    • There is no point of bringing caste brahmin now. It is dead. Majority of brahmins don’t even resemble Parashurama, Dronacharya or Ashwathamma. These old races are extinct.
      My real ancestors were giants or daityas, and I am raksha gana. My varna is shudra as per horoscope, but I am olive skinned. LOL

      //I saw many fair people from UP but their features are not similar to Aryans at all( of course they got this fair tone from aryan people.. cross breed lol) Now In my case our families were never entered India before independence and they have less chances of getting mixed up with real indian people at that time and also they were orthodox so they all get married in btw brahmins only.//

      UP people have some mountain admixture in them, they are known as mountain indics, but they have some sharp features, like gracile noses etc. I don’t see brahmins of UP, rajasthan etc with sharp features also, they have more desi looks.

      The only way to identify brahmins would be, how much in breeding is present. But, in the past 30 years, with the globalisation, the varna brahman has taken a back seat. I mean, how many brahmins today have long skulls, like nord indics? Very very rare.


      • //I don’t see brahmins of UP, rajasthan etc with sharp features also, they have more desi looks.//

        Not UP, but gujrat.
        I know, punjabi brahmins, the real ones were aryans, once.


    • //From my theory, there were wheatish color tone people living in India from thousands of years ago and after that Aryans came to India//

      Skin color is not a parameter for aryan. It is the feature.

      //ow In my case our families were never entered India before independence and they have less chances of getting mixed up with real indian people at that time and also they were orthodox so they all get married in btw brahmins only. //

      At least, I am happy that inbreeding has made you to be race conscious. 30 years back ,we were inbreds, but with the ‘caste’ based brahmin marriages, the damage has happened, as my cousins ended up marrying local karnataka people, marathi people and even a scythian jatt, the indo scythian.

      I checked their skulls, and they have some mixture in them, like rough edges on face, and eyes are not smooth etc etc.

      Eventually, genetics wins over caste and religions and nationalism too!!!!


    • I saw the report. 1.Foreign to which Nation that existed at the time of Varvasrama dharma?2.That Brahmins reted caste is a Myth.Please refer my posts.3.Please check the latest reports on DNA research.Check my posts on this.
      Any way I shall be writing on the repeated attempts t disinformation by self styled Researchers.


  6. The comment given by Mela Khem is the most enlightened assessment. Every ethnic group carries the degenerative trait of Albinism. The phenomenon of Albinism originated from Africa as a result of ancient humans interbreeding too closely to their bloodlines; hence, kin folk. Their off springs or descendants inherited the degenerative trait, albinism. Albinos have one chromosome missing which distinguishes them from healthy humans. Some people have brown skin and show the traits only in their hair or eyes, such as red hair, green or blue eyes. Like, Aborigines of Australia or indigenous people of Papua New Guinea. Other people have full symptoms of Albinism such as, blonde or red hair, green, gray and blue eyes and white skin. Such as, European White “Caucasians” have full blown albinism as a result of thousands of years of interbreeding in isolation.

    Albinos have been discriminated against and caste out of their societies since the dawn of human evolution. Black Africans have caste them out in fear that they possess demonic and immoral souls; a curse upon them by God from some for practicing ADULTERATION and INCESS! Yes, even some Black Africans practiced immoral and sinful acts.

    Now, we really need to think about it. White European historians and geneticists have giving us clues to their origins. For example, all European languages are Indo-European? German> Celtic>Latin (Italian) >Greek.>Turkic>Indo-European(Iranian)>Indian. These European languages are Indo? Why? It’s quite simple: White Europeans migrated to Europe thousands of years ago as Albino Dravidians. The Albino Dravidians were “caste off” and hurled into Northern India because they were seen as unholy, demonic, evil, tainted, unclean, immoral. Because of the hostile social conditions and harsh hot climate on Indian Sub Continent Dravidian Albinos slowly migrated to lands that they could escape persecution and cooler shaded lands in northern India (Vindhya Range) to escape. I believe the ancient Albino Dravidians formed isolated social groups and roamed Northern India and spred into territory they would later call the Land of Aryans, Prehistoric Persia, now Iran. These Aryans/Iranians (Albino Dravidians) later went south and raided, enslaved, murdered and created the evil caste system, “racism” centered around their genetically diseased and corrupted culture and religion; hence the rise of the Brahmins an Hinduism. Ancient Iranians (Aryans) have twisted the real truth and have caste a nasty spell onto the rich, civilized an ingenious culture established along the Indus River Valley of Ancient India and through much of the world as we know today.

    Note, the ancient Proto Indians were Black-Aboriginal type people who had migrated into Southern India from Eastern Africa tens of thousands of years ago.

    Remember, white skin is not a normal genetic trait in the human species. Instead, it is a mutation from brown skin humans. A genetic phenomenon possibly by accident through thousand of years of interbreeding in isolation.

    Peace, love and quest onward for knowledge…and the truth.



  7. I have read in many books of history that all the humans used to live in Africa and then they migrated to different parts of the world. Then according to it everyone should be dark skinned ?? My ancestors were from Italy and my family have both light skinned mad dark skinned. Your looks and height are also determined by the region , climate, food and many more factors at the time of your birth. I have many friends who were light skinned but now they have become little or wheatish.
    One of my friend had green eyes but now it’s dark brown. It was a shock for me, but then I find out that it’s not necessary that a person having blue or green eyes can not necessarily be permanent. It can change from blue to green, green to grey, grey to hazel.


  8. Ramayan is a fiction. What is there in the name of ramayan actually was some old story of indo european civilization. This is more accurate story of the nordic civilization, which was penned down in german and norse languages.

    There is no point of bringing 5000 year old civilization. In fact, majority of indians are scythians admixed with brachids, though, the aryan invasion people were not blue eyed blond haired people. These white genetics are due to cro magnon influence. But the aryans who came towards indus valley were asiatic alpine, and they have olive skin.


    • tamil is not a Dravidian language it is southern india language n Dravidian is not a tamil word neither sanskrit its an english word which was firstly used by ROBERT CaADWELL.
      The sanskrit n tamil varnamala only have 3 types of word:-
      (Dravin/dravid/द्रविड):-it stands for wealth any valuable possession,a mountain,a common name kept for babies in hindu society,a common sir title found in marathi bhraman community thus they also belong to the dravida region of india.
      (Dravinam/द्रविनम):-dravinam is a sanskrit word which stands for wealth.
      ।।तमेव माता च पिता तुमेव।।
      ।।त्वमेव व विध्या च “द्रविड्म” तुमेव।।
      In this stanza dravinam word is used for praying for wealth to lord ganesha who is a symbol of wealth in hindu society.
      Thus; dravin n dravinam words do not stands for any caste or relegion
      (Dravida/द्रविदा):-dravida is a sanskrit word which means a south part of any land areas(bhu-bhag) region.
      Thus; the dravida word represent the geographical identity of south india.
      It is also believed that this concept was firstly coined by jagat guru aadishankara who was a great hindu saint n vedic philosopher{504 B.C}.
      2:-BAY OF BENGAL
      Now lets come to the language
      Well when any one asks me what’s the language of madras presidency {tamil nadu}.
      Then it’s definitely tamil. Tamil Is a language born from 60%Bhramhi lipi n 40%of devnagri lipi which date back according to historians 2500 years ago.
      But according to me n holy vedic sanatana dharma books tamil it is dated back to 5000 years back n the holy purans of vedic dharma claims that lord shiva is a creator of tamil language.
      The devnagri lipis time period is 1 arab 96 crore 5lakhs 114 thousand years according to Yuga’s n the chaturyugis which contains 1000 years each.
      Kaliyuga life spam is 4 lakhs 32 thousand years.
      From which 5000 years have been passed.
      {And from 1000, 451 chaturyugis have been passed away}.
      So,it means that tamil language has been created in the last stage of dwapar yuga n the stating time period of Kaliyuga.
      Many of the great vedic sanatani texts such as the great history of treta yuga ramayana also have many verses in bhramhi lipi also.
      The time period of ramayan is 9 lakhs years
      {In treta yuga}
      So that means sanskrit is the most oldest language in world n till the end of dwapar yuga n the starting time period of Kaliyuga sanskrit was the greatest of all lipis n after end of dwapar yuga tamil taken birth 5000 years ago.
      From southern part of india many people’s n historians have accepted that tamil language was firstly being used in sri lanka then from their it has spread in the southern part of india.
      But everyone need to understand that sanskrit n tamil are just a language not a culture. Cultures are being made from dharma granthas for ex:-vedas,18 darshan upnishads, history books such as ramayan n mahabharat some pure purans{history books}not crypted puranas.

      This is the original n the 1250 years old map of india which is representing the great akhand bharatvarhsa n aryavarth.
      Aryavarth means the land of honour the land of honourable n great people’s in society.
      ।।कृपवन्तो विश्वआर्यम।।
      आर्यव्रत:-अर्थआत श्रेष्ठ एव उच्यत्म कोटी राष्ट्र।
      After a long study n re-search I have understand that the word arya is not belonging to any caste or clan this word stands for honour in society.
      From hinduism till buddhism from sanskrit till pali mai n tamil the word arya only stands for honour in a society.
      {Some Sub-titles are written to in hinglish hope anyone don’t mind that}
      Arya ka aarth kresth vyakti ya mahila hota hai is shabd ka prayog kisi samananiya jan ya nagrik ko dea jaata hai.
      For example:-ithihaas mai kai aaise mahan log huen hai society mai jinhe arya shabd ka honour mila hai aur pracheen kaal mai maae aapne putron ko arya putra keh kar sambodhit kea karti thi.
      Bhagwan ram ko bhi 9 lakh saal purav is title se sammanit kra gaya tha.
      Shri krishna ko bhi arya putra keh kar unki maa devki sambodhit karti thi,same for arjun
      Sughreev n bali ji ki mata ji bhi aapne putron ko arya ki upadhi dekar sambodhit kra karti thi.
      Ashoka the great ko bhi log arya putra keh kar sambodhit kea the.
      Kyuki arya ki upadhi paane waala mahan ev 3eeno Gudo
      Par niyantran rakhte hai.
      Arya (Sanskrit, also ārya; Pāli: ariya) is a term frequently used in Buddhism that can be translated as “noble”, “not ordinary”, “valuable”, “precious”,[a] “pure”,[2] etc. Arya in the sense of “noble” or “exalted” is frequently used in Buddhist texts to designate a spiritual warrior or hero.
      Translations of
      not ordinary
      preciousPaliariyaSanskritarya, āryaTibetanའཕགས་པ་
      (Wylie: phags pa;
      THL: pakpa)Glossary of Buddhism.
      Arya is a Sanskrit word that used to be used to show respect to others. This is one of the first origins of the word before it started to be given as a name. In the beginning it was frequently used as a male name, but that has been shifting over the decades and it has become a more popular girls name instead. Arya with a long final vowel ‘a’ is the feminine form of the name, and a name of the Goddess Parvati
      Language In Local Arya means noble person
      Bengali আর্যা Honored; Noble Boy/girl
      Kannada ಆರ್ಯಾ Honored; Noble Boy/girl
      Marathi आर्य Honored; Noble Boy/girl
      Gujrati આર્યા Honored; Noble Boy/girl
      Malayalam ആര്യാ Honored; Noble Boy
      Telugu ఆర్యా Honored; Noble Boy/girl
      Tamil ஆர்யா Honored; Noble Boy/girl
      Punjabi ਆਰ੍ਯਾ Honored; Noble Boy/girl

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      • Tamil and Sanatana dharma go together.Yes. Dravidian means only south. Aryan invasion is a myth.Please read my articles on Dravidian,Tamils


  9. There already was a book by british historians for scythian origin of dravidian languages

    And on brahmans, there were two type of people, one were nord indids, who will have large skull or horse faced, these were mostly the high lords, land lords, and law makers. The others like vishwamitra were gracile indics, thin frames. These were mostly administrators or kshatriya. REst, the indian kings were mostly scythians and dravidians also. Dravidas are not tribal people.

    Brahman was a racial classification, and not a caste. Caste based elitism came during gupta empire. There’s no mention of brahmins in vedas also. The closest which comes to it is bhranth, which means high or elevated.


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