Caste Is Necessary Unavoidable Introduction.

Speaking or writing on Caste is considered as near sinful by the nouveau Intelligentsia and literati. Doing either of this attracts the label, 'Casteist Religious fanatic, Anti secular ( Till date I have not understood what this term means, it changes its hues on one's whims!) But facts must be faced. Before the dawn of Civilization, Man was living in the wilderness, at the mercy of the Elements. He ate whathe could gather from Nature. He found Animals living, seeking shelter from the elements in Caves. He drove the animals out , started living in caves. In the process he learnt to kill animals and eat them He developed implements to kill the animals. He learned that to keep himself safe from the animals and to hunt ferocious animals , he needed the help of fellow Humans. He liaised with them , started living with them,, not accommodating at first, and then learnt that he had to accommodate. During the course of this, he copulated, tried various combinations, Polyandry,Polygamy,Lesbianism and Homosexuality before finally arriving at Monogamy. At first, he formed a Group among the inmates of the Cave in which he was living, then this expanded to a Group of Caves, then a forest are and the Forest. He felt safe in Numbers, so formed a Community. Even now we do.