Skyfall Bond With a Difference, Review.

Bond's Fiftieth Film on Show. In Skyfall, you have more of HUmint, less ELINT, Less Gadget, more Traditional Brawn, less flippancy and more serious avatar of James Bond. Running a specific character oriented film is serious business, that too an imaginary one whose world we are not aware of, which no-no doubt exists. The maker of Bond probably thought that it was time to change with the times. But would the change inexorably affect Bond's unique demand? The question is tough to answer. The Makers of Skyfall seem to have latched on to a relevant theme that is being debated in the Intelligence Community, though it is not Publicly debated. What role do Human Intelligence has to day with Electronic Intelligence with so much advancement in technology? A Group , which is in the majority in the US prefer is the ELINT(electronic Intelligence,with the slowly easing out Human Intelligence (HUMINT) UK prefers Human intelligence. I side with the UK.

Gravity, Film Review,For The Discerning,

Yet,Gravity does just that 'conceptualizing beyond the Human Mind and execution beyond technology, that is Human Creativity plus technology. One is overwhelmed while rating the film, rate it the best for Photography,Special Effects. Editing, Music,Script,Dialogues Acting,Direction,or the Best film of all times in this Genre. A crew aboard a Mission craft are left stranded in Space because of malfunction and the escape routes are blocked by falling man-made Satellite debris, which cuts off all communications, How the issue is resolved forms the story. As I have indicated in my earlier post before viewing the film, one does know how to react when lost in Space when you get disoriented.