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A Word With My Readers

I have been receiving emails that I Publish some of my thoughts on some of the Subjects I have been writing about, I have been receiving requests from ,I presume to be students, that I publish a book on English Grammar, as they have read my posts on  English Grammar, The post on Degrees of Comparison is quite popular. And

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Best Science Fiction Books.

  “There’s a reason it’s the global top selling science fiction book of all time.” – NibblyPig If you have a chance, track down the excellent full cast audiobook (unabridged!) released in 2007. It’s more like a radio play than a traditional audiobook, and highly enjoyable.   “I really love the cool combination of humor, philosophy, and sheer nuttiness of

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Essentials of Indian Philosophy, Review.

However, one understands the basics of Indian Philosophy and its systems and characteristics.

It deals extensively with the Six Systems of Indian Philosophy ,Sankhya,Yoga,Nyayaya Vasisehika, Purva Mimamsa and Uttara Mimamsa(Vedanta)

It also deals with the Nastika Systems ,Buddhism and Jainism.

This was a recommended text for Graduates in 1967( when I studied Philosophy).

I still read this Book often.

For those who want an introduction to Indian Philosophy.

The Book is without any bias or any philosophical leaning and reports texts as they are.

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The Dogs Of War, Corporate Greed.

  Frederick Forsyth is an Author who believes in Details, like Tom Clancy. Whether it is The Day of the Jackalor The Dogs of War.   This book is more about the machinations of the Corporate which can even go to the extent of toppling a Government.   Forsyth makes this plausible and makes one wonder how many Governments have

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