Essentials of Indian Philosophy, Review.

Book by Professor Hiriyanna.
Essentials of Indian Philosophy.

Indian Philosophy is an Ocean.

To make this appear simple is a feat and Professor Hiriyanna achieves this.

He rightly observes that this book is an Introduction and one must read in detail.

However, one understands the basics of Indian Philosophy and its systems and characteristics.

It deals extensively with the Six Systems of Indian Philosophy ,Sankhya,Yoga,Nyayaya Vasisehika, Purva Mimamsa and Uttara Mimamsa(Vedanta)

It also deals with the Nastika Systems ,Buddhism and Jainism.

This was a recommended text for Graduates in 1967( when I studied Philosophy).

I still read this Book often.

For those who want an introduction to Indian Philosophy.

The Book is without any bias or any philosophical leaning and reports texts as they are.


2 responses to “Essentials of Indian Philosophy, Review.”

  1. jainism is Nireeswara and not nastika. Jainism believes in eternity of soul, karma being the cause for cycle of births and deaths. Jainism believes in heaven and hell. Jainism believes this universe to be eternal in one form or other.


    • Sorry,I should have made this point in the blog ,but I slipped.
      In Indian Philosophy,Astika means a ‘System which believes in the authority of the Vedas’
      In this respect Jainism is not Astika.That’s all,there is no other connotation.
      Thank u,


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