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Philosophy attempts to answer questions that are not attempted to be answered by other disciplines, like Science.

However the answers are not complete.

And at times one prefers to have the questions unanswered!

One Verse All Ism of Philosophy. Murugan

Philosophy is Leaned ignorance.

After studying endless texts, finally no one is able say anything about Ontology,Cosmos,Birth ,Death,Rebirth,Why some are the way they are,why things

are the way they are,how one perceives,.....the list ind less for the Inquisitive.

Verily Socrates said,

'To now is to Know that you Know Nothing.

I do not know what even Nothing is!

There are many' isms' in Philosophy.


Objective Idealism,



Muruga Worship Origin and Space Time Cosmology

While there are two views on Skanda being the same as Murugan, what is indisputable is the fact that the worship of Skanda/Muruga was very much in

vogue during the Sanatana Dharma, Vedic Times.

Ancient slokas like the Vishnu Sahasranama refers to Lord Skanda.

'Skandas Skandataro Guhano Vaayuvaahana:'

The mantra of Lord Gannesha refers to Ganesha as he elder brother of Muruga.

'Skanda Poorvaja:

The worship of Skanda was considered as important and Adi Shankaracharya, while classifying the Vedic Gods and Worship into the Systems, Shanmathas,calls the worship of Muruga as Kaumaram.

The etymology is very interesting.

Kaumara means of Youth, from Kumara.

Here Kumara indicates the son, the son of the One who is eternal and Unborn, that is Shiva,

Existence Reality About

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