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Religion and Philosophy have specific responsibilities,and the responsibilties some times overlap.

Philosophy attempts to answer questions that are not attempted to be answered by other disciplines, like Science.

However the answers are not complete.

And at times one prefers to have the questions unanswered!

Because the answers are not comfortable to live with,they are scary, they defy imagination ,challsnge logic.

Like ,Death.

One who studies/ed Philosophy,ends up with not all answers,at times with more questions than before.

But he comes to know more than before,that is more than when he started.

He comes to know that knowledge is not Absolute,but Relative;

Perceptions change the Perceiver and the Perceived,;

there is nothing that is not but A Perspective;

Truth is not single dimensional;

Truth is self contradictory when perceived by different people or when perceived by an individual at diffetent times,;

Time and Space are Relative;

Causality is only a tool of the Mind;

so is the Law of Uniformity of Nature;

Reality is a Principle;

There is a mixture of Determinism and Free Will in Human Life;

Infinity is a Positive concept;

Death is a Stage of Life…

Yet Philosophy is not too sure.

Philosophy is Learned Ignorance.

Philosophy is honest.

It does not ask you to assume principles to be True nor does it say that its Axioms are not to be questioned.

It invites you to question the Axioms.

Philosophy is earnest in attempting to answer unanswerable questions, provides clarity in Thinking.

Whatever be the conclusions or Uncertainties ,One gets some idea about things as they are and above all one realizes that what one knows is negligible and things are not what they are or what they seem to be.

Now to Religion,

In my view Religion is more Personal than Philosophy.

Philosophy is abstract,more general and it is not individual specific.

While Philosophy addresses it self to Universal Generic Issues like Perception,Law of Causality, Origin of the Universe,Proof for the existence of Self,External world,Ethics…..

Religion addresses issues faced by individuals.

One may be sick,anxious about future,employment opportunities,Issues concerning children.

And one needs a shoulder to cry upon.

And one is not botheted about Logic,when one tries to find a solution for his problems.

Anxiety about future.

Fear of Death.

When one faces myriad of Pfoblems in Life,which one can not anticipate or solve,when all efforts are expended,one is left with a set of beliefs.

This could be worship of God.

Recitation of Mantra,Prayer.

It could even be gibberish.

So long it delivers results,it is valid and is accepted.

Whether what is espounded in Religion is true or pure ficton, so long as it alleviates suffering and comforts the individual ,Religion has served its purpose.

To continue the religion is the preregorative of the indovidual.

Unfortunately some Religions believe that their Religion gains respectability if it gets more followers.

This defeats the very concept of Religion.

Hence proselytizations.

Hinduism,Sanatana Dharma does not bother about the number of followers.

It expresses the experiences of those who have been on this road.

And they say they were benefitted by following it.

If one wants to follow, he/ she is welcome.

If it is not followed, no issues.

The doctor is not really upset or forces the patient to take a specific medicine which he has found useful and recommends.

The onus is on the Patient.

I have been writing on Sanatana Dharma,its practices in simple language;its presence around the world in ancient times;that the ancient concepts are , in fact,highly evolved ,modern Scientific Thoughts;

All with credible evidence ,provided with reliable sources.

Mantras that have been helpful to people, 23 women have conceived by following Shastivrata Procedure;three have beeen relieved of Insomnia;Countless have conquered fear ,anxiety.

I have been recording facts as I have found them from original sources.

To follow them,… To leave them..

It is left to individuals.

Yatha Bhaavo, Thath Bhavathi.

What One identifies with,One Gets It.

‘ Krishnarppanam:

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  1. Ramanan I have read some of your articles and highly appreciate the service you are doing by bringing out the lost facts and figures of great Indian civilization.


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