Twenty Four Rishis Of Gayatri One For Each Syllable

Now, who are the Rishis of the Gayatri Mantra and the Chief Rishi who released the Gayatri Mantra? The Rishi who revealed the Gayatri Mantra is Sage Visvamitra. The Rishis, according the Nyasa we recite for the Gaytri are seven in number.. They are, Atri, Bhrigu,

Vedas on Consciousness

The activity of the Brain is Mind,(Science) Activity of the ind is Intellect, activity of the Intellect is Chitta(Indian Philosophy). Mind is like a CPU , it receives sensations /Data. No factual or judgemental pronunciations are made. The Judgemental portion or the factual certification is made by Buddhi(Intellect). How does Buddhi pass judgements or values to an even or sensations. It is by the directions of the Chitta, Consciousness. Consciousness in an attribute of Reality. It is the Subject in the process of Cognition.

Manu On Vanaprastha Asrama Present Day

Sanyasa, when one relinquishes everything and contemplates on the Self, Reality. When does one know when he has reached the stage of Vanaprastha? "“When a householder sees his skin wrinkled and his hair white, and sees the birth of his grandsons, then he may resort to the forest …. either committing his wife to his sons or accompanied by her” Grahathastu Yada Pasyadi Vali palitam atmanah , Apatasyaiva Capatyam tatdarnyam samasrayet .Manu 6.2 What one is expected to do?

Atlantis People Descendants Of Shiva Ganesha Muruga

Manu's descendants also spread towards the north and north-east through Iran, Russia and went as far as the Arctic. The Rig Veda is reported to have been complied in the Arctic. 2.References found in the Hindu Texts indicate that the people who left by the Arabian sea through the middle east mingled with the local people in those area and so were treated as Milechas by the Sarasvati Valley people. There seems to have been a constant war going on between these two Groups and those in the region of the Atlantis were referred to as Asuras, the powerful. 3.Asuras are different from the Rakshasas who lived in the southern part of thepresent India from SriLanka down wards, eastwards. Ravana is one such Rakshasa. This is mentioned in Tamil Literature while speaking about Lemuria Continent. The Vedic and Purana texts refer them as Southerners, Dravida. 4.There have also been a clashes between the Lemurians and the Atlantis people. This again is mentioned n the Puranas as the clash between the Asuras and Rakshasas. 5.In the Ramayana Sugreeva was asked to search for Sita in Peru and the Nazca lines are the Trishula Marks of Shiva.