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Radia 2 G Tapes Trigger Corporate IT Involvement Probe

I have written some posts,about 80, filed under Radia Tapes,Karunanidhi providing a detailed analysis of the 2 G scam and the other criminality involved.

It has taken years for the Supreme Court of India to realize that there has been sleaze all around.

The Corruption, manipulation and absolute misuse of Government machinery by the Corporate Houses is mind-boggling confirming the fact that the country is for the taking by the moneyed, aided by the Bureaucrats and politicians.

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2G Links of those involved,Audio-Nutshell.TRAI says’no auction?’

 TRAI  declares now that it has never recommended neither auction or increase in the entry fee of  Telecom Spectrum between 2007 and 2009. It also states that ‘it is not possible to “predict with certainty” the precise value of spectrum that could have been earned from the auction of telecom waves.’ So does it imply TRAI has approved of  Raja‘s policies?

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2 G Scam-Kalaignar TV return of ‘Loan’ opens Pandora’s Box’

The inward flow to Kalaignar TV is from DB Realty-Kusegaon vegetables-Cineyug-Kalaignar TV. Return of the ‘Loan’ is still more curious. Note the amount retained by each company while transferring to the other company. Why are they retained? Again Anjugam pictures, if I recall, is an old( about 35 years) company of Karunanidhi Company which produced films,now more or less extinct. Why is

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