Shadow World Of Arms 2 Communist Countries End User Certificates.

The Importing Country places on an order on the Exporting Country/a Manufacturer in that Country. The order is scrutinized by the Defense and Foreign Department of the Exporting Country and if found in order , then the order is through. But nothing is perfect in the world. We have Separatists like Batista, LTTE (till recently) and a host of local out fits who wage wars against States. The Exporters are lured by the money and they sell. And though there are no communist Regimes now, save China, USSR, North Korea and a few others. They sell still for ideology. Then we do have individuals, Loosely linked terrorists and Terrorist out fits. The want to buy. The Arms manufacturing countries lured by the money and taking into account their Geo- political calculations sell Arms to these people. They can not sell these direct . To fill in the void came Arms Dealers.

Shadow World Of Arms 1 Major Suppliers Reasons

At the practical level, as the investment is huge for these Industries and you can not afford to keep them idle, they are continued to be manufactured. But the requirement for the Country's consumption is limited. Continuous production implies additional investments, that too ,on a large-scale is required. So the countries that manufacture Arms, export, though paying lip service to" Ban of Arms exports'. Main Arms Suppliers are :US,Canada,Britain,France,Italy,West Germany(with certain banned manufactures under 1954 Paris Treaty,Sweden,Switzerland, Spain,Belgium, Israel and South Africa. Of these Western nations, Sweden and Switzerland are neutral Countries, bu still they make finest Weapons. Israel and South Africa, unsure of their stand in the world of Importing Arms because of their peculiar political situations , have their own Industries. The other countries are linked by NATO Treaty. The mutual export and Import is not a problem for them. Smaller countries requiring import from any of these countries have to get cleared by the War Office and the foreign Office of the respective countries they want to import from. Major West European Suppliers.

France Forces Mexico Free Kidnapper, Power Rules

Or the refusal of Denmark to extradite Kim Davy who is the main accused in the Purulia Arms drop case. Or the deal of the IMF President of French origin, Strauss Kahn, who was released from the US, after concerted diplomatic pressure and slandering the victim. Or the refusal of the US o hand David Headley who was involved the bombing case in India and The USs refusal to extradite him to India. Power and Money, these run the World!

Pope Calls For Illuminati New World Order !

It is shocking to find the Pope calling for new Word Order ,using these words as used by The Illuminati to usher in a New Era where the Church will call the shots. He wants a New World band as well. Both these entities are not supposed to be Super Powers. They would be a┬ácongregation┬áthat … Continue reading Pope Calls For Illuminati New World Order !

Voice Against Israel’s Aggression Is Not Anti Semitism

Israel seems to believe that their sufferings entitle them to indulge in the crimes they have accused of others! To avenge the sufferings, as it were, the Israelis have a made People with out motherland(Palestinians) , who(Arabs) were the people throughout the History of the persecution of the Jews were the most tolerant in comparison. The common belief that the Jews are/were Lily white is erroneous. If they were why is it they were singled out by nearly all the cultures? Referring to Mythologies might soothe their conscience.