Indian Media Promotes LGBT especially Lesbianism

'I am lucky to have found her' "Since Sex is difficult to legislate,Love is the Casualty" 'We don't let other people's opinions affect us' My maid has a clue about it" Sonal and Jaanu( Femina issue dated February 19, 1014, page 52) Sheer and Chris. " We are more concerned about our jobs. We don't know how Top Management will react" Page 54. The same coverage for Men who happened to be Gay. page 56)

Dreaming, Wakefulness A Thin Line

This is all the maximum explanation Science could provide biologically on Sleeping?Slumber apart from making loud noises about the Brain needing rest, the body recharging during sleep. Psychologists as usual try everything under the sun for explaining away Sleep. Sigmund Freud says it is the repressed desires expressing themselves , Jung states it is the Human personality asserting itself in Sleep. Behaviorist say, well, it is Behavior! But the main question has not been answered. What happens during Sleep and what is dreaming and deep sleep? Buddhist Schools speak of the Etheric body, Astral Body.. Rene Descartes the Great Rationalist( Philosophical term , not to be confused with the self-styled rationalist jokers like Karunanidhi and Kamal Hassan) proves the Existence of God the External World and Mind. While describing the process of enquiry he says he can not trust his senses for they are not always right. He can not others words as the truth for he does not know whether they can be relied upon. As he goes on in this vein he exclaims, " Am I awake or Dreaming, May be It Real world I was experiencing when I was dreaming and this world might be a Dream.

Grandparents Choose Grandchildren’s Sex

The bond between the Grandparent and Grand children is unique. While certain naughty behaviour from sons and daughters were frowned upon, are overlooked in the case of Grandparents. It is well-known that Grandchildren bond better with their Grand parents. They have more liberty with their grandparents,share their intimate details with them, which the would not share with even their parents. I have seen that Grandchildren ,in general, share physiological emotional and mental characteristics f Grand parents. Tamil language calls he Grandchildren as 'peran', 'The one who establishes Grandparents' name.(பேரன்) Now it transpires that Mammals choose the Sex of their grand children, a Study reveals!