Indian Media Promotes LGBT especially Lesbianism

There is a cry that the media in India do not support LGBT, and especially Lesbianism.


I find this to be not correct.

Shannon and Seema Indian Lesbian Wedding.Image.
Indian Lesbian Wedding.Shannon and Seema


Media in India, apart from supporting the LGBT behaviour, actual equates it with Love , glamorize , and promote it.


Regional TV channels and Magazines have started glorifying this, with real life stories and Struggle of these people.


This is cost of being educated and being liberated.


I am under the mistaken impression that Education is to elevate Human beings and separate them from ……..


When, as rejoinder people stat retorting the Human values like natural Behavior( The ask you define Natural Behavior!), loyalty,Marriage as Sacred,


Honesty, commitment, , well they have decided to give a decent burial for Value system(What are values?), that’s it.


‘I am lucky to have found her’


“Since Sex is difficult to legislate,Love is the Casualty”


(I am under the false impression that Sex is a part of Love and not the other way around!)


‘We don’t let other people’s opinions affect us’


My maid has a clue about it”


Sonal and Jaanu( Femina issue dated February 19, 1014, page 52)


Sheer and Chris.


” We are more concerned  about our jobs. We don’t know how Top Management will react” Page 54.


The same coverage for Men who happened to be Gay. page 56)


“It is entirely possible that this very original suggestion may find takers among MPs and religious figures agitated by the Delhi High Court’s judgement to de-criminalise gay sex between consenting adults over the age of 21. That the private conduct of two responsible adults should not be the business of the state — unless it jeopardises national security and public health or constitutes a fraud — has long been recognised as a tenet of personal freedom. Carnal relations involving the same sex may well be against the laws of nature and, therefore, ‘unnatural’. But there is nothing in the act that corresponds to the common sense definition of criminality. If voluntary gay sex is deemed criminal, the law may as well attach the tag of criminality to adultery — a move that could result in considerable discomfiture to some of those who are most indignant about the High Court decision.”

-Swapan Das Gupta.


Indian Lesbian Wedding.


See more at I have been anticipating this wedding for years now! Shannon & Seema are special to me and I am honored that they chose me to be their wedding photographer. I flew into Los Angeles a few hours before the wedding festivities began. I was greeted by a house full of friends, family and a lot of laughter. It was going to be an exciting day. Beautiful Indian culture, stunning brides & style for miles! Couldn’t ask for more. I have photographed Indian weddings before and I have photographed gay and lesbian weddings before, but never have I ever shot an Indian lesbian wedding. WOW. My heart! There was so much love that consumed the SmogShoppe that evening. Friends and family came pouring in with smiles, hugs and tears… these two are clearly loved and in love. I am writing this blog a month after the wedding and I am proud to say that so much progress has been made in our country with the Supreme Court striking down #DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8 in California! Love wins. ALWAYS. Congrats Shannon & Seema. Love you guys!


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2 thoughts on “Indian Media Promotes LGBT especially Lesbianism

  1. Some people are born with immature or diff sex organs and that is okay but this is mental illness to be LGBT but india and media are followers if west thinking that is development . That is taking u turn towards worse than animalism. Many west people are realizing Hinduism and scriptures and coming east are surprised to see east following a leader that is looking to find a leader in east.


  2. I wish Supreme Court in India decriminalises LGBT. They have the same rights as you & me have.


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