Zero Energy Universe Theory Quantum Agrees With Vedas Hinduism

Traditional Physics has various Theories ,all of them incomplete .

Quantum Theory seems to have arrived at a Theory that validates Universality of AllTheories and the answer to the question of Constant Motion of the Universe and its dissolution.

Aided by Particle Physics,the answer t o the question as to out of what the Universe was made and what remains ,has been arrived at.

This is the Zero Energy UniverseTheory.

‘The zero-energy universe hypothesis proposes that the total amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero: its amount of positive energy in the form of matter is exactly canceled out by its negative energy in the form of gravity.

Pascual Jordan first suggested that since the positive energy of a star’

Quantum,Tantric Practices,Pentagram and Satan Worship Videos

Advanced Theory of Quantum Gravity Model bears striking resemblances to Occultism,Tantric Practices and even Satan Worship practices Pentagram forms essential part in all these practices; so does it in Quantum. Please watch the videos and for reference on Tantric practices look up ‘Shakti and Shakta’ by Sir .John Woodroffe. As to logical sequencing the Saptha…… Continue reading Quantum,Tantric Practices,Pentagram and Satan Worship Videos

Fascinating World Of Quantum.

      Grab a mug and slosh the morning coffee around and around and a spinning vortex appears. The swirling rings, with their eddies and choppy waves, obey the laws of classical turbulence, which engineers and applied physicists routinely invoke to study how air flows over an airplane wing or how blood flows through…… Continue reading Fascinating World Of Quantum.

Make a particle accelerator with tape.

When you peel off a strip of Scotch tape, you’re holding a tiny particle accelerator. Think of this during the upcoming holiday season. As you wrap present after present, you’re simultaneously creating an electric field powerful enough to accelerate any free electrons hovering around. Under the right conditions, this can coax the electrons into spewing…… Continue reading Make a particle accelerator with tape.