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First Computer Created Recipe Indian Turmeric Paella

Cooking involves Creativity of the highest order.

I have often remarked to my children about the dishes we eat.

Human beings have to first eliminate what is not poisonous.

Choose what is tasty,then what is Healthy.

Find the various ingredients.

Arrive at mixture that is both tasty and nutritious.

Imagine how many Mann Years are needed to arrive at the complex dishes Indian Cuisine offers!

Now the Computer designed recipe is out.

One of the first, which is acknowledged is a Dish involving Turmeric and Spices Combination ‘Indian Turmeric Paella.

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Dim Sum,Indian Versions Upma Kozhukkattai,Kuzhapputtu

Dim Sum is a famous dish in Hongkong , China and Southeast Asia in general.

It has both vegetarian and non vegetarian versions.

Top Chefs feel that it is slowly dying down due to the entry of Fast Foods of the West.

Some feel that it is popular than ever and it is a Dish not easy to prepare.

We in India, down South India have delightful Vegetarian Equivalent of Dim Sum.

Upma Kozhukkattai:..


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Organize Your Kitchen, Cooking

In India Meals are not ‘rustled up’ or assembled in jiffy by by adding some packaged foods, at least in the traditional Homes.

An Organised Kitchen would make even the most elaborate preparation can take only the cooking time if the kitchen and the ingredients are well organized.

In Indian Homes, especially in the South, we have a five partitioned container called ‘அஞ்சறைப்பெட்டி ‘ ,meaning Five partitioned Container.

They contain Pepper, Mustard , Fengureek ,Cumin ,pigeon-pea(துவரம் பருப்பு ).

Depending on usage these might vary.

No Indian cooking can be done with out these ingredients.

Keep this and other ingredients like Red Chilies, Bengal Gram ,Salt , Chilli powder,Asafoetida and Tamarind.

And keep the cooking utensils handy .

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All About Idli,Origin,Recipe ,The South Indian Breakfast

‘Idli (and the process of steaming) was known in India by as early as 700 CE. The process of steaming was influenced from Indonesia subsequently between 800-1200 CE, giving rise to the modern-day Idli.(Wiki) This famous south Indian Delicacy has attracted a lot of controversy. There is a serious contention between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as to who can lay claim to the invention

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