Half World Wealth With 85 People Beware Of Cataclysm.

One would this group in the malls, where they spend money recklessly, paying at least 200 % more for the same product that can be bought very economically outside. Whom do you find at these Malls as Sales girls and Salesmen? People of the same class whom on engages for work at Home. These boys and girls are of the same age group that buys things flaunting their money in a vulgar fashion. These use a Five hundred Rupee or a Thousand Rupee note very carelessly and often leave this at Home around every place. Leave alone the issue of tempting these needy into stealing, are these people aware the resentment they are building in the people who are working for them? This, on a Macro Scale is being witnessed in the Society, Government,Media. The Government aided by Media is obsessed with stock market and Gold Prices and you find extensive coverage of this news next only to Rapes ans Scams in the Media. There seems to be no reporting on the issues of the poor or their grievances. I have heard, with out their knowledge, the way these less fortunate look at these things. Without going into specifics, can say that they are seething with anger at these people, the system.

Rupee And Exchange Rate

Here money you actually have has not increased. What happens is that you get money from some one who has spare(because his Wants are less than yours) and on a large-scale the artificial money is high when compared to the produce available. So the city gets things from the next city or where the produce is available. The hitch is they are also running into the same confusion of artificial money there. This cycle goes on. This is exactly what is happening to the World Economy now. Another point to note is that when you buy from the others as a produce, it has to be valued. Barter system did not have this problem. You wanted something which you do not have ,another man has and has no need of it when you ask him. The question of Money and valuation does not arise. Thanks to Money Value system, some Value has to be fixed as Values of products vary. Some joker said God is the standard and fixed it as a medium of exchange.

“Keynes Gay” Ferguson Apology Why

Harvard History Professor Niall Ferguson tendered an unconditional Apology for his remark at a conference in California on Thursday about John Maynard Keynes that the economist John Maynard Keynes did not care about society's future because he was gay and had no children. Be that as it may, it is a fact that Keynes was a Homosexual. He had no children. There can be no objection to stating the facts. His Economic Theories, as I have remarked in various posts, have wreaked havoc, take for instance, Argentina, Ireland,Greece. The other countries' woes have not been publicized. His Capitalistic outlook can be gleaned from,Precisely the reason why the World is going through Economic upheavals by following this non sense. Ferguson, as a professor of History, has passed an opinion most of them facts, excepting the part about,' people with no children having no vision of welfare of the Society" I see no point in objecting to the statement of Ferguson...