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Find Out,Slave Or Slave Owner Database

Now Britons can find out if their Ancestors were slave owners  by accessing database where details are listed for compensation was paid to the ‘Owners‘ for losing their ‘possessions!” Recently there was a huge uproar in India when James Cameron, the British PM refused to apologize for Jalianwallabagh massacre. I posted a blog observing that if the British were to embark on

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February Black History Month US,Are Blacks Accepted?

The US is a Nation consisting of all Races, Ethnic Groups Cultures, an amalgam of Humanity driven by the desire to succeed.

Though the US has done well in terms of integration,the did crimination towards the Blacks,Hispanics remain, at least ain the mental level.

These Communities somehow for no reason I can fathom,seem to have a high range of Crime rate vis-a-vis the other Communities.

( Is my information right on this?I write this based on information gleaned from the US people )

Is it because they resent the success of the Caucasian in terms of Economic growth?

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