Real Indian History Overview Webinar 11 December 2021 1930 IST

I will be delivering a lecture Online . Real History Facts and An Overview 9 December, 2021 at 7.30 pm IST. Duration . One hour. Platform .Zoom. Free .

Harpoon Impales Brain-Patient Survives.

  'A teenager in south Florida survived being shot in the head with a fishing spear. Yasser Lopez, 16, was fishing with a friend when the weapon went off as the pair were loading equipment onto their boat. The spear entered just above his right eye and penetrated through his brain to the back of … Continue reading Harpoon Impales Brain-Patient Survives.

Google Robot Car-Video

Story: Mountain View - Automated cars are being driven down California's fabled Highway 1. Seven test cars, six modified Toyota Priuses and one Audi TT, have been driven thousands of miles without the direct control of a driver as part of a little known project led by Google. Is this legal? Google thinks so. A … Continue reading Google Robot Car-Video